Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…




Shadows are created from words that are untold,

As spirits pour out from souls with mold!

Into the ocean, rivers ooze!

They have no remorse for leaving blues;

Or no fear for where they may end;

Or trepidation if they find a friend.

Like the current of waves, they spread;

Like a bridge, where souls and hearts evade.

They meet in a circle and bond-

With one another in a pattern with no sound.

In the intricacies of communication way-

To reach across the gap to pray!

Feelings are exchanged, fingers touch;

Thoughts connect in tradition’s such!

Like elders, stories are told;

And passed on to younger spirits, the bold!

With their imagination straining, so visible-

To envision the next passing phrase, so notable!

We speak to them, yes, our word-

That are told, cut like sword;

And becomes shadows like raindrop;

Or even thousand drop of diamonds in a cup;

Or a sea, unknown!

Unknown to others as the rainbow is shown!

The forgotten stories become-

But the feelings remain calm-

With us for our lifetime!

As words become shadows of our rhyme!! …




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… When I stumble into oblivion mist

And slip into a dreamy beast

I always see HER, this apparition there!

Is she a Goddess or an angels with her wear?

… Ah, in HER paradise I don’t exist

Though SHE marches into mine like a beast!

This impregnable fortress divide me

From this GODDESS, or angel of divine, roaming free!

… SHE turns away, not knowing my kind

And leaves HER heartache behind.

Beneath HER feet, my love is like dust!

Can I ease my tormented mind with this high cost?

… I’ll be hovering in HER shadows of years

Waiting patiently for HER call with tears.

I can destroy this impregnable fortress!

I can tear down every wall come my way, while in high stress!! …








… Oh, in the wind, to build castle of sand

Through trackless time, invisible footprints stand

But they vanish before our eyes.

In our mind, they never die…

… We weave our thoughts with gossamer threads

Then pick daisies when warm sunshine spreads!

Sometimes we dream yesterday’s dream

To savor wine of tomorrow, sweet yet extreme…


… Are daydreams reality of tomorrow?

Does reality of today’s simple dream swell?

Is either reality or necessary… created?

Are they truly, in a way fascinated?

… To our souls’ realistic prison, don’t look

Or to whatever open mind’s outlook

Without restraining fetter’s stray

Enjoying color of life’s prism everyday…

… Get rid of your shackles, earthbound

Let closed eyes open to see things around.

Wander around the world’s many wonders

Come now, yes, journey with me in thunders!! …








… Lord, will you give me a merry heart,

For those I love, for me to go through this plight?

… The road is too long, I know.

Is beset with fears and woe;

Grievous things and pain!

How great is my longing for laughter again!

I long a smile that says, “I love you;

“You’ll be alright, this can’t be true!”


… Throughout these trying test,

And years ahead, Lord, I’ve been blest.

Teach me to view clearly this new life;

And learn to have compassion not strife!

… Grant me Lord the grace  of a merry heart,

For those I love, for suffering world, take away my plight!! …




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Snow is here, it covers my withdrawal!

Must I rest or let my wounds heal in this brawl?

There are shades of white, black, and gray here!

No longer I seek the color of peace but fear.

My fingers are branches, my arms, the tree.

What they will never grasp, they reach with glee.

I wonder from shadow to shadow in vain,

For I seek an illusion, once I thought it would remain.


What a barren landscape, no footprints are seen.

No cheering, no greeting, no echoes, nothing serene.

On this abstract scene, the moon cast its glow;

The only visitor can’t be restrained is snow!

The solace and silence apperaing.

Intruders fend off by numbing cold and pain, wearing;

For things are welcomed in this wintery soul, praising !! …







… Love sweeps away the blow!

It brings out our best with glow!

Gently, lovingly, we flow!

… Love sweeps away the real time,

To show us when the bells chime;

And mostly, creates our rhyme…

… Love sweeps away the hate and pain,

When we control our emotions in our brain!

Love shows us death is insane;

And it shows us life will remain…


… Love sweeps away the old;

And reveals the new either is warm or cold;

And unveils the bad with scold;

And it cleanses the falsely teach-

Of love and shows us each-

Not to become too late,

before each of us finds a mate!

… Loves sweeps away the sand-

Out of our eyes and-

Out of shores of sea,

But doesn’t remove the pain that isn’t free,

Even though at times it may heal;

But mostly it hurts, so much to deal!


… Love sweeps away the sorrow;

And shows us the joy of tomorrow;

And removes its shameful cover-

To reveal at times to a lover;

That love is forever the cover-

Of pain as well as cure and hurt;

And healing spread on planet earth!

And finally love sweeps away and show,

The false time to us in which we grow;

And lives to show us real love,

Real times, unmeasurable and above!

Because Christ Lord is born with love!! …




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… Stood before the night!

Said forbidding your pride.

To hide from would be emotion!

Laughing with devotion!

… My soul was full of woe;

I traced a smile for a frown;

And hid a bleeding, torn heart-

Behind the act of  a clown!


… When my limbs was trembling and weak,

I could go to lofty mountain grandeur!

I danced and sang without fear-

My burden gladly bearing breeze!

… I was acting, you besieged me;

That my laughter was just a tool-

To hide a heart etched with sorrow-

Behind the mask of a fool, shout of acclamation!! …