Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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A day in pain,

A day in rain,

A day of tears,

A day of fears!

All I have kept away!

None waiting for this day,

To come, except that special one gone away…

… Telling her you miss-

Of her gone away without a kiss.

To feel the joy that is true.

To hope she never forgets you.

Yes, the time of our last,

For the future endures the past…

… Not forgetting that you have come;

Leaving times and changes some!

You hold that special love in heart,

From the beginning of the end to start!

Wipe your tears!

It is not time for fears!

It is time to be glad-

For rejoicing, not to be sad.

Now, I miss you still;

Your heart knows that I will!! …




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You came into my life,

Like a whisper of the wind’s strife!

Not really with an end;

And seemingly it will ascend…

… You blew across my face-

A touch of coolness in that place.

Then no concept was there-

To savor you with dare…

… Momentous air as a breeze-

With heat of desert to seize.

I felt your kisses on the sand;

And the journeys of your hand…


… Now your warm air flows,

Over this body of mine, it glows!

Preparing my place,

A unity with grace…

… When the tempest finally known,

I’ll bring a blessed calm to me alone!

My wind, I will remember you;

And know your wondrous balm id true!! …



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Ellie belfiglio


Shimmering ripples dance in the pond.
Stirred by a gentle breeze around.
Streams of gleaming sunlight shine their beams.
So alluring as if you can see the God’s dreams.
Across the pond’s bank a bird scurries off to play,
With its friends and a squirrel that comes to stay.
The sky, blue with cloud, grass, tall and green;
What a wondrous show is created in this scene!
You almost feel God’s hand at your side.
A small, blue bird perched on a bench like a bride.
Sings a song of cherished secret and praise-
That only a few will hear, as its sweet voice will daze.
A calm ambiance, that is all about;
But something stirs deep within your heart.
Upon a tiny bud gazes your eyes,
Glistening drops of dew exhale as sighs.
It’s a new life, the petals so soft and bright,
Waiting impatiently closed until time is…

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Where do we go from here?

We have nothing to wear!

Since we undressed our mind,

Yet our feeling still bind!

Out of cloud’s hurt-

Hindering the unity of birth!

Within the scope of reunion on earth!


Our love was from our heart;

But my intellect said of plight!

If questioned this form of art,

Which entangled itself in my heart!

The shelf of dust and rust-

Was the fault of lust!

Within our love’s nest-

That has settled like rest,

Hovering overhead as best!! …



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The months, bone-fingers lure!

Slowly reaches to wrap around the core!

Closes its grasp, yet grasping for life…

Grandeur of hidden notion’s strife!

Takes its toll on each blade of despair.

Grass sways left and right with its wear!

Black! whirlpools, gently, patiently pulls and scare!


From its sleep, explosion of fear tear,

Clashing castles with dire dare!

Fro and to-

Till one true-

Or some who evades…

Succeeds, then invades…


The sweet spring showers-

Of April cleanse flowers;

And the grime from air!

Now spring forth is aware!

Time without an end!

Life inspired and blend.

Perhaps! the eyes of future gaze-

Into past to see rays!

Winter slowly does creep,

To its conclusion and does sleep!

Shedding its seeds deep!! …



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The heat that absorbed from light-

Feels cold, why am I black?

At times, I am warm and feel white;

Then I send the reflective of light back!

… Often in the stillness of night,

I’m cold, freezing, all above!

How can I take this blight?

But dawn comes, let’s itself known…


… Sometimes the lights impart!

Feeling warm so as my soul sweat!

Just before sweat floods my heart,

Sun starts to set!

… Some nights I burn, I’m in fire;

Like a kindled light when souls tie!

Light’s source is blazed in desire.

The aura seems never die…

… Midday comes, I feel the shroud,

Then the warming light does retreat!

Yet my life turns into the cloud;

And blocks out light and heat!! …



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