Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…


Colors of the wind


The rainstorm and the rivers are my brothers!

The Heron and the Otter are my friends.

And we all are connected to each other…

In a circle, in a hoop that never ends…

How high will the sycamore grow?

If you cut it sown, then you’ll never know!

And you’ll never hear the wolf cry!

For whether we are white or copper skinned;

We need to sing with all the voices of mountains!

We need to paint with all the colors of wind!

You can own the earth still!

All you’ll own is earth until-

you can paint with all the colors of wins!! …




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I Found Myself


My pen pours out the words of feelings;

That seem to not stop flowing!

An endless stream,

Slowly tricking or,

Gushing in!


Love begins as a reason for living.

It is one of many dreams.

As love fades,

I find other struggles,

To sustain me.

Along with endless emotions-

that persist,

I found myself!! …




The Me In Me


“Who are you?” A friend once asked.

Sad as it was, I had no reply;

Because the me in me was afraid to-

discover  the me in me that refused-

to be…

“Who am I?” Ask the ones who probably know best!

Mom, because she “raised me”, dad, because he

“Made me”, Husband, because he “changed me”!

I am mother- yes- absolutely, all- consuming,

Unequivocally, so fulfilled, but incomplete in that-

role alone!

“who am I?” As sad as it is, I have-

no reply, because the me in me that-

doesn’t know how to be free!! …




A glow Of Beauty


A crystalized limb hangs low on a barren tree,

Yet the moonlight reflects a glow of beauty.

The ever present wind now becomes the enemy.

The limb cries of itself seems unjust.

How can one so fragile withstand such opposition?

I must hold on to hope, for the darkness will pass;

And the morning sun will provide me strength.

Be patient, and the clouds will make way to a new tomorrow.

The limb continues to sway;

Only now notices the warmth of its enemy.

Its weight has lessened, its spirit never broke;

And the limbs hang high again,

Against the sunlight,

Reflecting a glow of beauty!! …




What to Do?


Sad, lonely, felling blue.

So depressed, you don’t know what to do!

Hunger, tears, and many,

Many beers, overnight you live in fear.

Sick, yet always living.

In pain, it’s like being crushed by a crane!

Thoughts, memories, to much to remember;

On a very rainy night in September!

So gather around/ So the body can be crown,

Everyone’s quiet, there is no sound.

After the quiet emotions,

you and yourself walk on the-

ocean. The ocean is so-

high, he wants to die…

His footsteps are-

all they remember the night,

He died in late September.




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Darkness, velvet smooth, all encompassing.

Setting softly a warm blanket of blackness,

Quiet, softly, soothing, peaceful with its unvoiced words.

Filling the air with thoughts yet unknown…

Floating, feather light on a sea of air!

Body weightless, drifting gently.

Light, faintly shining then brightening slowly.

Warm, gently illuminating…

Shadows flickering images, dancing obscurely against the mind’s wall.

Hazy, features yet unclear.

Love flowing strongly, senses tingling.

Boldly shown, yet shyly held.

Emotions raging rampant, fully felt, fiery red, warming the soul.

Realization sparkling clear, refreshingly sweet.

Knowing, yet unsure of what it knows.

Shadows swiftly fading, images yet unseen.

Darkness creeping in, light melting away.

Unknown loves, dreams not yet dreamed.

Unfelt emotions, lives not yet lived.

Fading, wafting away, back into the future!! …



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Mystic Night


Bright salt sky,

Sails the rooftop of-

shops and cars and fluorescent ice-cream.

In and out and in they mill;

The keeper are quiet;

Yet respondent to vacant,

smiling wonderer.

Photos and frats, water colors,

Bleeding oil pine shingles.

Glass ball floats attract, but do not connect.

The rigging litters!! …



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“Restore Calm”



Quiet fire glows in the cave.

Rain drips and falls off the rock.

A cold drip down my neck.

“Light, I need the flashlight” I hear.

Swearing angry words follow.

You… CALL ME! These nasty things.

When you are the one who has failed!

Why? Why destroy my calm?

Do you like to fight and cause a problem?

Stay at your side and fight!

I will not argue any longer.

It is cold, it is wet.

I am going back,

Breathe slowly,

Restore calm!! …



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“Specks of Dust Below


I see the eagle soaring,

In the sky.

Gracefully flying through,

The clouds.

Clouds that seem to say,


The eagle looks down,

Into the valley.

His eyes piercing the layers-

of mist!

What he sees is dirty,

And frightening.

So he soars higher;

And higher,

Until he can touch-

The sky!

Forgetting the specks of dust below!! …



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“Abundant Trap”


I slept the sound of water laps;

Amidst the doldrums,

Of life’s abundant traps.

Out of no where,

You came to see;

And woke me,

From despondence’s nap.

Breathing hope in the cloth, you kiss.

I find direction,

Escape from all of this.

Without you there-

on my side.

I would have died;

Drifting in that loneliness!! …