Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…


Getaway Raves


Crashing waves;

My getaway raves;

Deep blue sea;

Green seaweed looks like a tree!

My world of underground,

Holding treasures around.

As I walk on the sand,

Feeling to escape, but I stand.

Pulling at my legs, the wave.

Wants to play, but I am not brave.

In my thoughts the tides roll,

As I stand with my soul.

The currents shift,

To the bottom, me, they lift,

To a dark pool of hope.

I don’t see tomorrow, I am on a rope!! …




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Ellie belfiglio


… I wake up, my hand plastered to the bed.

My nails tear through the sheet of red.

My eyes like a hawk, wide open with fear,

Glued to ceiling like a wallpaper near!

Suddenly a black panther jumps into me;

And vanishes at once behind a tree.

Not expected, I see a lot of sand;

While I lie in  a pool on the bed next to my hand…

… Dreaming to be in a jungle, yet running for my life.

Trees reaching out, branches cutting me like knife.

Trying to untangle me from branches, I turn.

The leaves suffocate me, don’t let me return.

Twigs scratches my legs, oh, how they hurt.

I come to a dead-end on the dirt.

The black panther awaits my sigh.

I see grace in his eye…

… I wake up in a cold sweat;

Moisture drips from my face with threat;

Like water…

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Wondrous balm


You came to my life,

like a whisper of wind.

Not really with an end;

and seemingly it will ascend…

You blew across my face,

a touch of coolness that pleased.

Then no concept was there,

to savor you with dare.

Momentous air as breeze,

with heat of desert to seize.

I left your kisses on that sand;

and the journeys we made on that land.

Now your warm air flows,

over this body of mine.

Preparing my place,

aunty with grace.

When the tempest is finally known,

It’ll bring a blessed calm to me.

My wind, I will remember you;

and know your wondrous balm is true!! …




Rejoice, don’t be sad

For you mom that disappearing in a very fast base. you don’t even know who I am anymore. I always love you and miss you…


A day in pain

A day in rain

A day of fears!

All I have kept away

None waiting for this day

tTo come except that special gone away!

Telling her you miss

of she gone away with no kiss.

To feel that joy that is true!

To hope she never forgets you.

Yes, the time of our last

For the future endures the past!!

Not forgetting that you have come;

Leaving times and changes some.

You hold that special love in heart

From the beginning of end to start.

Wipe your fears.

It’s not time for fears.

It is time to be glad

For rejoicing not to be so sad.

Now I miss you still

You heart knows that I will!! …



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Descending shadows


The time that is night,

I fear the most that fright.

Something forbidding is there,

In the descending shadows in air,

Compounds my trepidation so much,

Of other empty night of such.

Must I preoccupy my mind,

Through the motion kind?

Passage of time is near-

of that which appear.

I realize that although-

emptiness envelope me though.

It’s really me,

Knowing my heart is free!! …