Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…


“Painting Rainbows”


The harsh voices,

And breaking plates,

Are a cacophony-

of misunderstanding and pain!

But the girl no longer hears them.

She is busy Painting rainbows;

And clouds with silver linings.

In the corner of her mind,

That refuses to believe,

That love can fade,

As simply as the stars appear to-

in the light of day!! …



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“Drunken Revelation”


Congealed autumn air in a sunken park;

Silhouettes emerge under a silent speckled sky!

Cigarette smoke and rebel youth souls,

Searching for inspiration, they assemble.

Birthing profound redundancies!

Hatched the Night he emerges.

Tangled mass over glazed eyes;

Intoxicated with knowledge,

He is Sage of the dew-kissed grass!

Ceded kindness beckons a visit from an-

unwanted stranger.

Feeling fear replaced by melody of wisdom.

Slurred verses from Catcher in the Rye!

Intimate words seduce the soul…

“All killers know poetry!”

Then let us fall victim!

Thriving each drunken revelation!

Share your fancies, ignite our dreams!

Out of one shadow and into another;

The phantom is gone, but the spirit remains!! …



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“Fusing as One”


Without thought it is so easy!

Single syllable words- three of them.

Like a nuclear meltdown, my brain ceases to function!

Feelings alien in nature consume my being.

Throwing me into cosmic sphere!

This unnatural blend of excitement and fear,

Leaves me with a melancholy sadness.

What dreadful meaning lurks behind these words?

Causing this menacing havoc within me.

Leaving my very existence threatened.

In calm, I let my mind wonder to the images of your face.

Our eyes lock fusing us together as one!

Flesh awakening with a touch-electrifying.

Senses take over where words are forgotten!

Now, while we are apart and I try to command,

My lips to say the words, I am mute.


Do I dear the words will tumble clumsily from my mouth,

That I will be soared for my lack of eloquence?

Or perhaps words will erase the luminance of this force between us?

Dare I chance?? …



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“Magnificent Panoply”


Who would hold one night in deep regard,

Should climb a balsam scented trail?

And make a bed of pine boughs at its ending!

And watch the curling of the campfire smoke,

Straight up in the traffic of stars,

Should know the ageless stillness of a mountain night;

To feel a oneness with the furry things,

That roam soft footed close beside,

To watch a swift light could so close above!

We reach to touch it with our finger tips;

To scan a sky inhabited by stars,

With the mind’s conjecturing!

A star falls here, another there!

We lose the counting of them finally.

To watch and wait for what time’s calendar will stage this night.

I learned moon, this frenzied game,

Os searching out the stuff of stars…

How many million light years from the sun?

For us it is enough… just now!

To feel included in this magnificent panoply!! …




“Mother and Sons”

For My Adult Sons

Amma magan Paintings nice

One little kiss, a peck on the cheek,

Seems to be small payment from mother to son.

But without these affections the son withers,

Away from the love given none other!

And into his life, he takes this reminder,

Of the love that was lost in his life.

He takes it to heart, to body and soul;

And teaches his own offsprings to be more like him.

But of the love he lost, how can it be replaced,

Now that he is out of shadows?

Of his mother’s dark shadow that dances above him,

He learns to love again, but this time different!

Its much deeper love that he’s looking for…

The kind of love he feels that was missed!

A peck on the cheek and one small kiss!! …



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Cobbled Streets


Foredoomed walked cobbled streets!

Rubbing off on passers spreading ill blood.

Locking arms with strangers, their hymn,

Of hate faintly creeps through chapel doors.

Melting the noble priests golden crucifix;

Closing the innocent child’s eyes to the-

drop of blood spelt…

Even songs falls making no sound.

Young maiden doest thou shudder;

Belle tourney unadorned with spite!

Passion fills thy veins!

“Impunity?!” Laughs carnage, none is!

There here, saints lose fait, shrink from hope.

Compassion an enchantment of misdoubt,

Carried in letters of relic engravers.

Old hag doest thou cry out!?

Death fills thy veins.

Relic is thy hope!! …




“Bout the Trees, The moon”

For my sons…


The sun shines on your lovely face;

Reflecting all your warmth, your grace.

You smile at me, what do you think;

As I wave from our kitchen sink?

Do you hope I’ll come out soon,

To tell you “Bout the trees, the moon”?

A stick for me? A stone, too?

“What a surprise, how nice of you!”

You’ve gone again, birds flew by.

There’ll be more, my sons, don’t cry.

Our world will never seem too cold.

Within smiles like yours, my grown up sons!! …




The Alien


Must I walk with aimless feet,

Remain unknown to all I meet?

Is there no place in this land,

When I can touch another’s hand?

Thoughts and dreams, ideas all sublime!

Tip-toe yet my unresisting mind.

Like nuns with little candles,

Leaving blue and aching tracts of brain-sparks!

With their rough, unfinished sandals…

I am all the poets and musicians,

To whom no one ever stops and listens.

Am a multitude of balladeers,

Singing songs that no one hears.

I am an artist’s subtle charcoal line,

Destroyed by an unperceptive time…

But still I walk with aimless feet,

Remain unknown to all I meet;

For there is no place within this land,

Where I can touch another’s hand!! …



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Maze of Nameless


Adrift in seas of loneliness and hurt,

Her coat of armor shone like a flame.

As she glided through the maze of nameless,

Inquiring face, body feeling bare.

Emerging out of smoky shadows,

He approached with words of admiration,

Unmercifully chipping groves in her,

Steely flesh with every declaration!

Intense and knowing eyes invaded her soul,

Acknowledging the beauty dwelling within.

His gentle hands, outstretched and pleading,

Were taken gratefully to hungry skin.

A melted pool of misery lay drowned,

Where she had lost and finally found!! …



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Captured- Grasped


Silent whispers,

Heard only in stillness!

Gentle forces,

Whose power weakens the strong;

How complete its character,

Yet how simple is its beauty!!

For hours, it moves on;

Unobserved to the busy crowds;

But the green giants appreciate its gentle core;

Their bodies laugh at its humor;

The weeping willow cries for its joy…

The racing cages cut its freedom;

Its only wish is safety;

Safety from wheels and engines;

And objects that want a part of its independence!!

Its beauty can’t be captured!

Its freedom can’t be grasped…

It eagerly bestows youth to the old!

It cheerfully gives joy to the mourners!

It lovingly brings out the beauty to the ordinary!! …