Cry, cry you child in the corner of the room.

It’s coming, it’s coming, with it find them soon.

Cry, cry for the love, the hurt, the pain.

It’s coming, it’s coming, but the child knows its name.

Cry, cry for the child, the blame, the shame.

It’s running, it’s running, just call it a game.

Cry, cry for the child, knowing the price.

It’s running, it’s running, as if just rolled the dice.

How to wish for rainbow, wish for stars.

It can take them away, can leave them with scars…

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Cry, cry you child, in the corner of the room.

It’s staying, it’s staying, how long will it loom?

Cry, cry for the love, the hurt, the pain.

It’s staying, it’s staying, the child takes the blame.

Cry, cry for the child, knowing the fate.

It’s leaving, it’s leaving, we find out too late.

Cry, cry for the child, the feeling, the loss.

It’s leaving, it’s leaving but a child, such a cost.

Wish for a rainbow, wish for a star;

As it takes them away and leaves with no scars!! …






I am a tree that is uprooted;

And placed in another spot to grow.

The new earth is fresh and rich;

But my life is just not the same.

I am left to grow awhile, only to be-

uprooted again for somewhere else.

With each change, just a little further away,

I grow all the more a stranger…


Each time the tree moves,

Tries to pull it together,

Until only a miracle can branch it out again.

The changes…

They do their duties…

Blooming in spring, shading in summer,

Shedding in fall, standing bare in winter.

There are names in my trunk!

There are places and people and heart with an arrow!

There are long last memories;

Forgotten with each move!! …






The distortion you feel,

interfering in a place-

that is not yours-

as an outcast to all surroundings,

you’re nothing and as time passes;

And night falls,

you break down a little each day.

Soon you will be nothing;

completely vanish.

Your presence is not even known-

as existing…

how do you feel today. alone

So who’s to say that they’d remember you.

Time will pass and you’ll be left behind-

for the sacrifice.

It is for the better,

yet you feel-

as if you’ve already been to hell.

you’ll feel pain;

and sorrow too.

But they eventually go away;

and the blood drips in your eyes-

are just tears of happiness.

Do you think?

Are you sure?

Or so you think!! …






Darkest night on stormy sea ravaged,

raped and left to bleed.

A sea of tears, fathoms deep,

fed forever by eyes that weep.

Grabbing, clutching, chasing dawn,

confusion, madness, fear all around.


A little trace of light, the faintest beam,

beckoning softly as if a dream.

Cutting the darkest night,

offering hope and strength to fight.

Calming, soothing, urging on,

promising peaceful days beyond.


Battles rages…

Long and fierce nature wounds.

heart is pierced, agony gnaws,

like a dog with a bone.

No comfort on the sea alone;

but through it all, the light remains.


Burning brighter until it flames;

blazing its way straight into the heart.

Healing, warning, mending the parts-

together anew in the warmth of the glow.

Lifted and carried, the sea far below,

never again to drown in the tears.

The flame burns inside, years after years!! …




“A MAN!!”

Ellie Belfiglio


Can you hear me

When I call your name?

I always hear you.

I hear your faint whispers

When the rain falls.

You were a man!

You were a strong man!

You were a wise man!

You were a blind man!

Can you feel me

When I seek your hand?


I can feel it, yet

I don’t touch it;

Or see it.

You were a man!

You were a strong man!

You were a wise man!

You were a blind man!

You hurt the one’s that loved;

And loved the one’s that hurt!

You cause love by pain;

And pain by love!

Because you were a man!! …




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… My thirsty heart, fill up the glass,

by magical drink from a distant home.

My crude drink with its fiery touch-

has reddened the eyes of the world…

… Full of enthusiasm-

the horizon’s boundary-

acquired a new life-

by the spirit of that drink.

Life of cold and dark submerged in despair.

Why not get a new look-

by the brightness of that life…


… By that irresistible magnetism-

make me drunk.

By the naked flame of the desert-

bake my existence.

Insert in my limbs of every joint,

inject in my blood-

all the bounty of life.

Reflecting the dazzling light of yours,

may a storm drew to call the light!! …






… In you-

I see the deep ocean-

behind the darkness of your eyes.

I see the the brightness of the sun-

at its highest point.

I see the radiance of the stars-

in the darkest night.

I see all behind the darkness of your eyes…


… In you-

I see the freedom of your soul.

I see your longing for true love.

I see the generous heart slowly opening;

and then closes in fear of that love.

I see all behind the darkness of your eyes…


… In you-

I see my heart entwined with yours!

My soul reaches the depth of yours.

I see my adoring glance reflect in your eyes;

and I wish you see yours in mine…

… But what sadness…


in me-

you don’t see the me in you;

and I, you in me!! …

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