When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…


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Congealed autumn air in a sunken park.

Silhouettes emerge under a silent specked sky!

… Cigarette smoke and rebel youth soul

Searching for inspiration they assemble.

Birthing profound redundancies…

Hatched of the Night HE emerges…

Tangled mass over glazed eyes!

Intoxicated with knowledge!

HE is SAGE of the dew-kissed grass…


Ceded kindness beckons a visit from an

Unwanted stranger!

Feeling fear replaced by melody of wisdom.

Slurred verses from Cather in the Rye,

Intimate words seduce the soul…

“All killers know poetry!”

Then let us fall victim.

Thriving on each drunken revelation,

Share your fancies- Ignite our dreams…

Out of one shadow and into another,

The phantom is gone, but the spirit remains!! …



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Without thought it is so easy!

Single syllable words- Three of them

Like a nuclear meltdown, my brain ceases to function!

Feeling alien in nature consumes my brain

Throwing me into cosmic sphere!

This unnatural blend of excitement and fear

Leaves me with a melancholy sadness!

What dreadful meaning lurks behind these words?

Causing this menacing havoc within me.

Leaving very existence threatened!

In calm, I let my mind wonder to the images of your face.

Our eyes lock fusing together as one…


… Flesh awakening with a touch, electrifying!

Senses take over where words are forgotten!

Now, while we’re apart and I try to command

My lips to say the words, I am mute!


Do I fear the words will tumble clumsily from my mouth

That I will be soared for my lack of eloquence?

Or, perhaps words will erase the luminance of this force between?

Dare I chance?? …



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The harsh voices

And broken plates

Are a cacophony

Of misunderstanding and pain!

But the girl no longer hears them!

She is busy painting rainbows

And clouds with silver linings

In the corner of her mind

That refuses to believe

That love can fade

As simply as the stars appear

In the light of day!! …



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I slept to the sound of water laps

Amidst the doldrums

Of life’s abundant traps!

Out of no where

You came to see

And woke me

From despondence’s nap!

Breathing hope in the cloth you kiss

I found direction

To escape from all of these

Without you there

At my side!

I would have died

Drifting in that loneliness!! …



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It’s been a while that my life began to shed.

I see the fluffy clouds change color to red.

My wings grew, yet they were sick.

How will I grow them back? I am weak!

I want to get strong, like the days I fled;

And went to unknown places, my wings I spread!

Places I went, no evil can enter;

To enjoy the breeze, right, left, or center!

Then I ask myself why am I here?

And I tell my mind to stay clear;

Because I think about what my mother said:

“You will see the clouds that no more are red!”

I see love returns to my poetry page.

It’s my mother and her urge.

Should I share this love before I go?

And glare at the light that getting low?

The light leaves my mother and makes her gray;

Who understands for my journey, I bought a…

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The eagle soaring

… In the sky

Gracefully flying through

… The clouds!

Clouds that seem to say

… Good-bye!

… The eagle looks down

… into the valley

His eyes piercing the layers

… Of mist!

He sees only dirty

… And frightening…

… So he soars higher

…. And higher

Until he can touch

… The sky

Forgetting the specks of

… Dust below!! …



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… Darkness, velvet smooth, all encompassing!

Settling softly, a warm blanket of blackness.

Quiet, softly, soothing, peaceful with unvoiced words.

Filling the air with thoughts yet unknown…

… Floating, feather light, on a sea of air!

Body weightless, drifting gently-

Light, faintly shinning, then brightening slowly.

Warm, gently, illuminating…


… Shadows, flickering image, dancing obscurely against the mind’ wall.

Hazy, features yet unclear!

Love, flowing strongly, senses tingling-

Boldly shown, yet shyly held…

… Emotions, raging rampant, fully felt- Fiery red, warming the soul.

Realization, sparkling clear, refreshingly sweet!

Knowing, yet unsure of what it knows…


… Shadows, swiftly fading, images yet unseen!

Darkness creeping in, light melting away.

Unknown loves, dreams not yet dreamed.

Unfeeling emotions, lives not yet lived…

… Fading, wafting away, back into the future!! …



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