My lord? she asks. He speaks: I cherish you,

Dear queen. No other man has ever known-

a wife so noble, so steadfast, brave, and true!

And yet, I played a part, was not alone,

but strove an equal there with Gods and men,

in actions bards will sing through all the years!

I need to share such special hours again.

The great queen speaks, her cheeks are wet with tears.


And what of me? I prayed that ZEUS might spare.

Your life, might save our island kingdom too.

And so he has. Would you once more then dare-

to test his patience? Is not rest your due?

My love, he says, ’tis ZEUS who bids me go,

to sail into the sunrise, past those straits-

that guard our little island sea, and know-

I have no choice, we answer to our fates.

But Gods deal fairly when they don’t destroy!

Who knows? Out there may be another TROY!! …






… My magnanimous eye

dip into the subconscious realm

of terrified impunity!

Finding there

a dash of humility

wasted on your smile…


… Sea-sailing for sanguine verisimilitude

when weathering storm arise

to take my breath and

scatter emotions like marbles,

flattering on the glass-top table of my heart

as you laugh…


… the cuckoo sounds

alarmed to find the time

for alacritous honesty

long gone…

… I walk to find

no string attached;

and walk on, humbled

for playing your game!! …







Ellie Belfiglio


… With love we’re born though~ maternal in its glow!

So guided with passion’s show~ what beneath I now bestow!

My hands sometimes pretend~ our generation transcend,

Evolving together, friend~ in this time that we spend…

… Each dawn’s new tale~ our children unveil.

Creation unfold detail~ upon our forebear’s trail.

Pass on to the future’s aid~ One’s parentage as laid;

Instilling vitality which stayed~ generation that we made…


… Relative  will part with bye~ admits life’s aging sky!

Progressing us so high~ in one’s younger eye!

Sunset we witness serene~ in this evolution kin-

Shall live eternal in the scene~ in our hearts bred within…

… The last of my elders stray~ Deceased to this day.

I rise with sky’s display~ see their passage will convey.

Dazzling Displays of Aurora Borealis Dance Across the Night Sky!!

Cherish my love with delight~ I shall hold the night!

Enlightening youth and sight~ in all its might…

… Bare not these nights known~…

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Ellie Belfiglio

women sad artwork 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_44

I know I lost my memories somewhere!

Unformed notes scattered with no care.

On scrapes of paper, thoughts have no time to evolve.

Pictures I meant to draw with no resolve.

The crooked branches of a tree;

A twisted mouth of sanity!


Lines that never found their end.

I put them somewhere in a bend.

Never meant to discard those.

How would I erase those pose?

Moments of spontaneous sight.

Visitation of clarity at night.

All buried somewhere,

The bits and pieces of we, there.

I know I put them somewhere;

To finish them someday with care!! …




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Ellie Belfiglio


… Silent spangles of night

Soft and light in the streak

In pools all gather

Of fears and hidden wonder…

… The shadows are disturbed

My pillow is guarded

Awakening, trembling

My thoughts beckoning…


… Somewhere, somehow

I’ve danced again

Entranced again

At night, most guarded possession…

… Maybe tonight, yet

Without your presence I can’t sleep

In rocking residence!! …




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Ellie Belfiglio


The urge of writing comes in my awakening sleep.

So unexpectedly, wakes me up from awakening deep.

I walk to another room to satisfy,

My urge of writing with half closed eye.

I write things I’ve never thought about;

Feelings, ideas, things from my heart!

I write the words before I had not known;

But they all come in my dream, now they’re my own!


I realize I have come with a new insight,

A new idea, something didn’t exist before tonight.

It is my way of expressing, like telling a friend,

Who lends an ear to you, so your heart does mend.

When I write, I feel a wave of pleasure;

Looking at my writing words has no measure.

Pick up the pen and write your share.

It frees you from clutter, gives you fresh air!! …




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You came, your hands held me.

In love or fear, I kiss your hand…

Love, you came to destroy me.

My knees tremble! Come and destroy…

You eat the fruit and fling it away;

you bile my heart! Blest the wound your teeth make…

You want me all! You possess all, but you possess nothing.

You leave nothing but ruins…

Tomorrow you caress me, but you kill me,

even as I kiss it, I await the mortal stroke of your hand…


Kill me! Strike! In doing me evil, you’ll do me good.

You deliver me, destroyer…

Every blow that makes me bleed, breaks a bond.

You tear the chains with the flesh…

You break the the prison of my body, murderer,

and through the breach my life escape.

I am the broken soil which nourish the grain-

of the sorrow that you sowed…

Sow the sacred sorrow! May the sorrow of the world-

come into ripeness in my breast!! …