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Ellie Belfiglio


Today is Valentine’s day! People all around the world, even in Muslim countries nowadays celebrate this day. Imagine that some extremist who kill other Muslims, christians and jews and they hate America and western world, celebrate Valentine day.

St. Valentine’s day began as a liturgical celebration of early Christian Saint named Valentine. St. Valentine of Rome States was imprisoned for performing wedding for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians. He was imprisoned under the Roman Empire. He healed the daughter of his jailer, Asterius. Before his execution, he wrote a letter to her signed, “your Valentine” as a farewell. The Roman executed him on AD 496.
He perhaps never thought that people in future are going to make a mass out of this beautiful Sainthood, who at the end lost his life.

Many boyfriends break up with their girlfriend so they don’t have to go…

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I’ve suppressed feelings to brace.

I’ve apprehended grieving in my face.

I’ve had lack of knowledge to deem!

I’ve had conflict in my life to dream.

I’ve had quarrel in quest of fun.

My first love once showed me the sun!

He accidentally once touch my hand.

I came to my knees with that caress of hand!


It was just once, I was so pale.

I didn’t know anything about male or female.

After that I was exposed to dread;

And to spiritual perplexity ahead.

I’d had unruly time and despair.

In my life’s interruption and affair!

I’ve not learned to bond or to use-

Threatening existence became my blues!

I’ve had no control on anything, all was feud!

Aversion has become my life style and mood!! …






Mirror told me the secret of your look.

Your innocent eyes, I forsook.

I came down like rain from your lovely face!

As the candle of of my life burning, we embrace.

The spring like the flowers of your eyes-

Didn’t tell me you’re leaving with no goodbye.

In far horizon’s border of your eyes and heart-

The redness of your smiling flowers were beautiful art!


The purest love grew in city of rose.

In garden of love, I bloom, then doze!

We smiled, it was gentle  and bold.

We laughed with blooming lips, that were not old!

Each dawn began with your eyes’ flame.

I looked from my window to your game.

The spring flowers bloomed in my heart!

The petals wrapped around our love, what an art!!! …






I smell the rain in the sight of my foes.

In your rainless eyes, my heart overflows!

The sphere today doesn’t pray,

Doesn’t ask for rain, or eyes that betray.

Tell me! Did you ever steal my heart?

Rain falls from my eyes, tears me apart!

My heart tells me to follow the universe,

Of flowers’s perfume, thirsty eyes, and a dry face!

Faraway, the ocean’s waves blow;

Turbulent which in the laughter of you glow.


When I see you, I always cheer.

Let us speak in tongues, so no one can hear!

At the end, I am insane, I hurt;

The end of me, the beginning of you, some alert!

Autumn is arriving, it is the silent of sunset,

Where we planned to join, to laugh, to forget!

Oh, how I wish you knew my dear friend-

The need of my rainless eyes in search of end!! …







I always wonder who am I?

Did I see someone look me in the eye?

And told me I am a poet for crowd.

I am not sure since I am not allowed.

My poem’s pen sometimes write-

Words that are unspoken with fright!

The word is insanity…


Maybe I am a painter in this show.

But I am not sure, painting doesn’t flow.

From my broken soul, my breath doesn’t inspire.

It only knows one color, so mire!

The color is excitability!

I marvel who am I again!

Music, I hear someone tells me in my brain!

No, I don’t play, that is not my claim.

My fingers only play one note of blame!

The note is passion!! …






… Lets in the garden of your feeling, expose-

The failure of blooming rose.

We might see an injured flower in dark;

How we suffer for its heart, so stark!

… Lets in narrow streets, so unknown-

Become light for a stranger, so alone!

Lets next to a candle’s flicker, overnight-

Think of flowers that never bloomed at the site!!

Flickering candle

… Lets in a night of silent, full moon-

Speak with a jasmine that will die soon!

We broke its heart, ignored its desire!

Lets show empathy to it and inspire!

… Lets one night think about the glow-

Of this radiant blue turned to a woe.

Now the poor soul is bruised and sighs.

We see azure realm’s live in skies.


… Lets one night when our hearts strive,

Build a house of kindness and thrive!

From atop sky pure hearts around,

Lets nurture the moonlit so profound!

… Lets be furious since the wave-

Changes from blue to black with rave.

Next to each heart, candles are near.

They flicker, run from their blaze a tear!! …






I have seen him walking tonight.

I have seen him walking with plight!

I stay awake every night and day.

One day as I wait because of his delay,

I see him looking at me so profound;

And not looking around to hear a sound!

Then he looks up at sphere’s cry;

Where the realm’s line connect with sigh!


When I see he walks on horizon line,

Alone, so lonely, walking to a shrine.

He wears the only color he knows to wear.

Black is his clothes in the darkness of my flair.

I wonder about his residing place;

Is it a cottage in a poor base;

Or is it a mansion with iron fence?? …