Oh, little green book full of tales,

How I wonder the stories you tell?

Are they real? Are they lies?

Why are they hidden from prying eyes?

From cover to cover, your tales spin;

Like weaving of ropes, love and life!

Do you know the boundaries to which they extend?

Ah, little book, do you hear the whispers or feel the tears?


Do you understand the words, “Neath your covers?”

Tales told of life and its lovers.

Do you, little book, know the mysteries inside?

Do you know the secrets that you hide?

So tell me, do you know?

Will you ever realize?

The dark riddles of these pages;

And of mine own life? …



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“Here I am, oh! All alone to sit right

“Here down in my throne, to here the fish

“Swimming by, and the birds flying high

“To see the frogs go leaping by, the sound of

“The wind rustling through my eyes…”


“The smell of sea breeze air just

“Make my nose Twizzle here and

“There! To hear the birds go tweep,

“Tweep, tweep, just makes my

“heart go ba- beep- ba- beep…

“I think tonight I’ll make myself

“Flying through the midnight, night!! …”


E. K.

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a beautiful poem about haze of confusion…

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The sun breaks through my haze of confusion.

Its ray shines upon me like watchful eyes.

Never let the Grim Reaper blew a cloud’s shadow and bring daybreak,

Unless its figure resembles you.

As I walk with the sun,

Its rays reflects into my everyday life.

Taking a load off the day’s chores.


As the sun’s presence fades,

You have not gone.

You gave me the moon as a night light,

Protecting me from my fear of darkness.

Watching over me as I set to rest

With memories of you rushing through my head.

Never to forget

That when I awake,

Your love shines bright…


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… Silent whispers

Heard only in stillness!

Gentle forces

Whose power weakens the strong!

How complex its charscter

Yet, how simple its beauty…

… For hours it moves on

Unobserved to the busy crowds!

But the green giant appreciated its core.

Their bodies laugh at its humor.

The weeping willow cries for its joy…


… The racing cages cut its freedom!

Its only wish is safety.

Safety from wheels and engines;

And objects that want a part of its dependence…

… Its beauty cannot be captured…

Its freedom cannot be grasped…

… It eagerly bestows youth to the old!

It cheerfully gives joy to the mourning!

It lovingly brings out the beauty to the ordinary!! …



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… Adrift in seas of loneliness and hurt,

Her coat of armor shone like a flame.

As she glided through the maze of nameless,

Inquiring faces! Body feeling bare.

Emerging out of smoky shadows,

He approached with words of admiration.

Unmercifully chipping grooves in her,

Steely flesh with every declaration…


… Intense and knowing eyes invaded her soul,

Acknowledging the beauty swelling withing…

His gentle hands, outstretched and pleading,

Were taken gratefully to hungry skin.

A melted pool of misery lay drowned,

Where she was lost and finally found!! …



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… Must I walk with aimless feet,

Remain unknown to all I meet…?

Is there no place in this land,

When I can touch another hand…?

… Thoughts dreams and ideas, all sublime,

Tip- toe, yet my unresisting mind!

Like nuns with little candles,

Hearing blue and aching tracts of brain- Sparks…

With their rough, unfinished sandals…


… I am all the poets and musicians,

To whom no one ever stops and listens…

Am a multitude of balladeers,

Singing songs that no one hears…

I’m an artist’s subtle charcoal line,

Destroyed by an unperceptive time…

… But still I walk with aimless feet…

Remain unknown to all I meet!

For there is no place within this land,

Where I can touch another hand!! …



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A crystallized limb hangs low on a barren tree;

Yet the moonlight reflects a a glow of beauty…

The ever present wind now becomes the enemy.

The limb cries of itself seems unjust…

How can one so fragile withstand such opposition?


I must hold on to hope, for the darkness will pass…

And the morning sun will provide me strength!

Be patient, and the clouds will make way to a new tomorrow.

The limb continues to sway!

Only now notices the warmth of its enemy.

Its weight has lessened, its spirit never broke;

And the limbs hang high again-

Against the sunlight,

Reflecting a glow of beauty!! …



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