Ellie Belfiglio

12227637_990687881008175_3579343087616857546_n… Body of sunshine with grace!

Color of morning glory is like sunset.

A lonely tree in a vast gray-

Remains thirsty in its dusty way!

… From azure sky, a sudden light-

Escape to far horizon.

A realm that red rose of past-

Now pours light like rainfall of desire!!

rain… Night comes, opens its bosom;

Holds life tight in his arms while passing by!

In all alleys, wind runs,

On rooftops, darkness and wind collide!

… To a silent lullaby, cities sleep!

On the roof of night, stars shine.

Slowly, slowly the moon’s wine,

Pours into the glass, clear or red!

puddle-raindrops-color-rain-cute-favim-com-465698… A cosmic sphere, a cloud of midnight,

Appears to attach moon to stars!

On an old oak tree, birds laugh and play.

Poets on this stupefying site cry!

… In the bosom of this old night-

You, the hope of hopeless,

You, with shining eyes,


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Ellie Belfiglio


Without thought is so easy.

Single syllable words- three of them!

Like a nuclear meltdown, my brain ceases to function.

Feeling alien in nature consume my being;

Throwing me into cosmic sphere.

This unnatural blend of excitement and fear,

Leaves me with a melancholy sadness.

What dreadful meaning lurks behind these words?

Causing this menacing havoc within me.

Leaving my very existence threatened.

In calm, I let my mind wonder to the image of your face!


Our eyes lock fusing us together as one.

Flesh awakening with a touch- electrifying.

Senses take over where words are forgotten!

Now, while we are apart and I try to command-

My lips to say the words, I am mute!


Do I fear the words will tumble clumsily from my mouth,

That I will be soared for my lack of eloquence!

Or perhaps words will erase the luminescence of this force between us?

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Ellie Belfiglio


I know I lost my memories somewhere!

Unformed notes, scratched with no care.

On scrapes of paper, thoughts have no time to evolve.

Pictures I meant to draw with no resolve.

The crooked branches of a tree;

A twisted mouth of sanity.

Lives that never found their end.

I put them somewhere in a bend.

Never meant to discard those!

How could I erase those pose?

Moments of spontaneous sight…

Visitation of clarity at night.

All buried somewhere-

The bits and pieces of me there!

I know I put them somewhere-

To finish them someday with care!! …



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Ellie Belfiglio


Your tender touch across a mile;

Forgotten romance was always your style!

Memories of past have traced;

Painful tears of our hearts to be graced.

Shores so different in our absent sea,

Like a star which disappeared from you and me!


Fruits ripened, but they were out of reach;

In outer space we were lost, didn’t know which.

You had a smile, it was perfect on your face.

You were biting on your fruit with grace!

Man and woman mingled, they conceived.

Children were born with love that we believed!


We insisted knowing about the truth;

About our endless pain or youth!

Darkness fell throughout the night;

The velvety night’s stroke, drunken delight!

Stars in sky, so close, so fused, as if one!

They stayed in that velvety night until dawn of sun.

Not in our control, our lives revolve!

Like when seasons change and they evolve!! …




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Ellie Belfiglio


Sinister smiles hide behind your eyes.

Every word from your lips, a pack of lies.

There’s no truth inside this man;

Just empty bones-

In ego’s land!! …


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Ellie Belfiglio


… You came to my life

Like a whisper of the wind!

Not really with an end

And seemingly ascend…

… You breathed into my face

A touch of coolness!

Then no concept was there

To savor you with dare…

… Momentous air as a breeze

The heat of desert you did seize.

I felt your kisses

And saw your journeyed away from me!


… Now your warm air flows

Over this body of mine!

Preparing my place

A unity with grace!

… When the tempest is finally known

I’ll bring a blessed calm!

My wind, I will remember you

And know your wondrous balm is true!! …



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Ellie Belfiglio


… Little star

embraced by the moon…

… Precious little angel

Cherished inside the womb…

… A bright courageous spirit

Lives deep inside of you…


… Please, sweet darling

Do not be afraid…

… Soon you will shine as bright as the sun

And converse with the heavens above…

… Your cries that never were

Will forever haunt the edge of dawn…

… And your wondrous smile

Will ever so slowly, fade into the twilight!! …




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