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In captivity, freedom is like a tall tree.

I’m not a prisoner, I disagree.

The mixed feeling of being chained, enhanced,

The deep despair, I breathed and glance.

I am not a woman, you are not a man.

Trust our souls, writing we can.

You wrote delightful odes for me.

I was powerful, energetic, and free.

I was knowledgeable, smart, and mystic.

I was alive, alive and artistic.

Be my sublime friend without seeing me.

Your words are imprinted in my memory.

Loathsome battle has been my life as I’ve known.

Animated peace is what I wish to own.

Evil ruined my life with blood.

I built a castle on ruin to abide.


I listened to the expressive memory, beautiful song.

I laugh with joy, cry for wrong.

I was after a friend for indelible trust.

Now I am dizzy of the search, I’m lost.

The new experience was pure…

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A note about this poem: We have gone through the longest war (Afghanistan) in American history. So many lives lost, so many maimed for life! We had freed backward, swarmed with terrorist countries; and what did we get in return, NOTHING, except the loss of many lives and spending so much money that we don’t have. Now American President makes a deal with devil. Gives them six months and money again; and I promise at the end of this six months, they will have the bomb…


Into a world of white washed walls-

Where the dead and dying lay-

Wounded by bayonets, shells, and balls-

Someone’s darling, so young, so brave;

Wearing still on his pale, sweet face-

soon to be hidden by the dusk of grave-

The lingering light of boyhood grace!!!!!!







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In a field, I stood where dandelions grew.

I felt the warmth that summer wind blew!

Clouds had different billowy shapes;

While lily pads were in willowy lakes.

A buzzing bumble bee could not fly.

A little girl danced, she would never stop!

She danced amid shimmering trees!


A shimmering soul she was with flaxen hair.

Once she was a broken vessel, now she was whole!

She was mended, now danced in breezy air.

Sunlight gold, she gazed at, her journey began.

It was the lost of innocence that mostly she missed…


Now I weep for her leaving.

I weep for me and my seeing!

I am off to the sunset!

She dances, dances- Free and light!! …



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In the dark of night, we lay awake;

Awaiting to see the first glimpse of light!

Though, we’re unnerved to lose our sanity.

How can we recapture what we’d had…

… The dawn of day calmly comes,

Telling us living is a lovely gift.

The throbbing universe hums a hymn,

A hymn, from years past of time…

… Listen can you hear sounds of nature?

So definite sounds all around us!.

What a perfect creation, Adam and Eve!

Into our lives’ scheme, they enter…

… Don’t dread when it comes the night.

Embrace the stars and their message!

The solace, contentment is so beyond;

Our hazy spirit, we condone…

… He will rise again, as He did before.

In our mystery, we will turn inward!

In our journey, life awaits us for a feast.

Hand in hand, we journey so carefree!! …



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Happy fourth of July, our Independence Day for what ever left from our beautiful country. As leftists slowly and rapidly chip away from what we were to what we are now, God help us to get back to our old ways, when flag and Constitution had meaning, our freedom had meaning, and Supreme Court Judges where not activists.



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… You came into my life-

Like a whisper of wind, so rife!

Not really with an end;

And seemingly will ascend!

carnation tear

… You blew across my face-

A touch of coolness in that place.

Then no concept was there-

To savor you with dare.


… Momentous air as a breeze-

With heat of desert to seize.

I felt your kiss on desert’s sand;

And the journey of your hand…


… Now your warm air flows-

Over this body of mine, it glows.

Preparing my place-

A unity with grace.


… When the tempest is finally known,

It’ll bring a blessed calm to me alone!

My wind, I will remember you;

And know your wondrous balm is true!! …




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… I wake up! My hand plastered to the bed;

My nails tear through the sheet of red.

My eyes, like a hawk, wide open with fear,

Glued to the ceiling like a wallpaper near!

Suddenly a black panther jumps into me;

And vanishes at once behind a tree.

Not expected, my body cools like sand;

And lies in a pool of blood next to my hand!


… Dreaming to be in a jungle, running for my life.

Trees reaching out, branches cutting me with knife.

Trying to untangle me from branches, I turn!

The leaves suffocate me, don’t let me return.

Twigs scratch my leg! They hurt.

I come to a dead end in the dirt!

The black panther awaits my sighs.

He has grace in his eyes!


… I wake up in a cold sweat.

Moisture drips from my face with threat!

Like water from faucet, I am…

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