Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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Sweet rose, so proud, so vibrant hue,

All the gardens rave review!

So beautiful, beyond compare.

What a fragrance, you fill the air…

… Shy violet, you’re shy and lush.

Early dew drops makes you blush.

Sun comes, beaming down,

Violet lifts her head with purple crown…


… Forsythia you are a golden bell;

As tiny yellow flowers tell.

You brighten the garden with manner so mild;

And sparkle like a happy child…

… Tulip, you’re a lovely lass,

So outstanding in your field and class.

You just sit in stately splendor.

Your color will long remember…

… You pansy, you love the winter snow;

With your velvet beauty, you’re all aglow.

Your black eyes smiling to say;

You hope that all flowers have a lovely day!! …

pansies in snow


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Ellie belfiglio


Sun rises in your eye.

Under your feet, earth moving by!

Your beauty, why haven’t we seen?

Hold your hand for my feel, not demean!

Your softness, your kindness, in high degree;

Yet there is MIGHT in your arms, help me!

For I am blind and can’t see.

For I’ve sloped you,

When you give “LOVE”, it is true.

I’ve killed the very thing,

The person, the WOMAN, everything!

A WOMAN who gave me life.

Never brought me to depth of strife.

For now all is lost.

A storm is coming with gust.

Tall, you will once more stand;

While help I search from your hand!

You will walk strong,

While I stumble along.

You will hold out your hand.

Fears in your eyes stand.

Pain in my heart, will you leave me?

You are a woman who feed me.

Look, I am blind.

I don’t hear, have no mind!

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You walk in my dreams at night

Grieving! A woman who was in fright!

My mother! Did you know

Your daughter died so slow?

Now, are you going, too?

Come back, for once be true!

Dreams in my hours, dark,

Searching like a cat with no lark!

Thrills and mournful call

Once more, so dull!

Surely, mama, sure!

She is somewhere, she did soar!

I explain, you can find her;

If you search here and there!! …







Enter life as the brightest light

Nurtured, loved, led; a total delight

Toddle through the early years

The child; mom and dad dried our tears!


Enter the teens, the star still glows

Life begins to strike its blows

You lie, you scheme, you play

All down wrong will heal some day!


Youth is fading, facade grows dull

‘ A man, a woman, you’ve seen it all?

The vows, the promises ebb forth like tides

To  be broken, be lost embellished in lies!


World wise, mature, calloused, ashen

Years gone by, robbed of passion

So hard, so cold, an ember but left

Where is the luster? The souls so bereft!


A find; a soul; a joy, a flame

Old friend, my heart, a partner, a name

My soul to the wind, life’s wonderful blow

I shine, I show, thank to you my glow!! …



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Tonight, tonight

Next to my weary friend

Who was my moon

Who was my sun

With open arms

With wondering soul,

I broke my silence!

The letters that I’ve never sent

Were covered with dust

In a shoebox!

I opened the box

The first letter was a goodbye

It was about a lost love

It was a letter about a life

That never came to fruition!!  …



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