Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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I called, “CHRIST, are you there?”

He said: “Lo, it is I…”

I begged, “CHRIST, are you near?”

He said, “Here, standing by.”

I called, “CHRIST, I’ve have such tears!”

He said, “soon they will end.”

I said, “CHRIST, tis so sweet,

“To have such friend!”

I called: “LORD, I am weary!”

He said, “here is my heart.”

I said, “JESUS, I am dying!”

He said, “Death ‘s but a  start…”

“I called, “CHRIST, I’ve such fears!”

He said, “Be not afraid!”

I prayed, “LORD, I’ve sinned!”

He said, “No, I have paid!” …

20993071_10212133448765016_7083517857541445932_nThe Unpredictable

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I am the world.

I see the world,

The world through my window.

I look at the world,

But don’t understand,

Why is the world, the world?

We are the world,

We see the world,

Through our windows.

But must be, and why must we be-

The world?

You are the world.

You see the world,

The world through your windows.

But why, I must ask, can you know,

That the world is you and we and I.

You still not change the world you see,

Although the world is you, we, and me?? …

wpid-wp-1404584053667The Unpredictable

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Gold piercing sun.

Forlorn skeletons snatched,

From despairing rainbows-

Into civilization…

Eyes glazed with purpose.

Minds armored with visions.

Bodies serving life’s beat.

Dragons winging through despairing visages…

And as night’s darkening veil-

Casts its lunar shadow-

Over insanely blazing eyes,

My soul waits.

Then falling to helpless knees,

I watch myself forsaken by my heritage;

And run-

With the beasts!! …

eca453a9da79a9e57ef242d4b24eea1eThe Unpredictable  

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Springing through fated infinity!

Fool’s fearlessly rush to and fro…

How could youth have escaped my embrace?

Did I protest or simply let go?

At what point in our lifetime’s continuum,

Did my reactions and stride start to slow?

Are you blinded by faith to these changes,

Or, too ashamed to admit all you know?

Is it affection that brightens your smile-

Whenever I enter the room?

Or is it sight also failing,

Validation of impending doom?

Despite all the signs oaf advancing age,

The simple fact shines quite clear.

My passion for you, to this day feel brand-new;

As I feel youth has escaped my embrace!

I shall love you forever my dear!! …

do-drops-desire-wpress1The Unpredictable  

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Ivory moon… no visible rays, yet,

Flick’ rings of pearl light the ocean’s far waves.

Black-cloaked swells… first stooping, then swooping-

Explode on the shore into grey fairy-groupings.

The beach is a dim-darkened, shadow-swept study-

of dampening shades… from ecru to ebony!

Sea-weighted wind’s cool brush-touch, smell-

Of sand, pockmarked with meringue-shine shells…

Far-softened study in obscure of color!! …

ive-touched-the-moon-andrea-youngmanThe Unpredictable 

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Standing upon a mountain one sunny day,

Viewed the splendor that before me lay.

Majestic mountains towering tall.

Snow lay round their shoulder like a lacy shawl.

A ram on a rock by a waterfall.

Stood with head held high on eyes so keen,

To protect his mate as she drank from a stream.

The wind through the pines- croons lullaby,

To the meadow flowers nod and sway.

Butterflies gracefully play.

An eagle high above the mountain peaks.

Swoops and soars then plunging down to earth.

A little creature has lost his game of hide and seek.

Bird chirping as if to say:’

“isn’t this a wonderful place to stay?” !! …

flying-eagleThe Unpredictable 

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The glow of love rises to

heights with trembling waves

always returning to caress

the shore of life.

Passion grows to uplifting

warmth of tenderness and understanding

with desire to become one

with you.

The instrument of love enhances

our soul with the gift of give…

Holding you close with unlimited

bundaries of passion reassure

the glow of love!! …

001_rain_romance1The Unpredictable 

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