Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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Ellie belfiglio


My moonlight

is a spot light

in the night sky

is a beacon that deny

And leads me on the way

through a long journey, so gray…

It is a guidance with delay

that I need after any day

That has led me astray!

The blackness of the night

is an easel for my fright

and my imagination with spite!

The beginning are the stars

of idea that spars

And the dream of Mars!

The pinpoint of my despair

and imagination’s fever

I peck through my affair!

Guides me the moon

to another place soon

when I am safe in my cocoon…

Here I can go

and create glow!

No boundaries is daylight

the endless night

dreams never end

they will ascend

even when my MIND SPARK

falls into dark

once again lives its mark!

As my guide, the moon

and stars come soon

my destination again

my dreams maintain!

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Ellie belfiglio


Night is coming to an end,

When moon slowly, slowly ascend;

And it breaks to pieces in stream!

In this dry land, so extreme.

Where the grass is mostly green!

Oh, this is where I live, such a scene!

I left all, but I found no friend.

I left my heart in old walls that had no end.

So I can stay alone, try to stay sane,

And think of you, only you, again and again!

Now sun is coming out in rain, it is day,

I hear the cars on street and highway!

And I think of you, so far from moon!

Maybe I can return to you soon!! …




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Ellie belfiglio


The only tree I ever see always smiles.

Its branches never move as if they’re caught in isles!

No rain or storm bend this tree with woes.

Forever silence among them glows.

The children rest comfortably in the bosom of the river;

And all Branches join in a point to deliver.

Mother tree, heavy and thick, roots very deep;

Somewhere beyond my imagination and grip!

Our mutual boredom gracefully bear-

The silent of the moment with any tear.

The smiling tree endures the frame.

In captivity, there is nothing to claim…

… Here, tree and I both smile and unite.

Tree and I have been framed when we were in flight!

We don’t need nourishment to stay alive.

Tree and I are just pictures, for love, we strive!! …




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Ellie belfiglio

inspired by a true event in high school…


… Seldom I say I love you!

Rarely I hear, “I love you”!

But I long to hear these words!

I’ve never ever told you

That my fear, anxiety, all internal…

… What is love?

I had a puppy

But we move away

And left her behind!

I had my share of happy school ground

But now I am too old to play.

I had a friend

We always giggled.

We were bosom body.

I lost her to the water of river

Where the river bends.

Was God watching?

Could he stop her?

God claims He is love!

But if He knew I can also have love

He would not spirited her away!! …




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Ellie belfiglio


16143193_1395404673823210_2102775654951949217_n… There are many kinds of love,

Granted from heaven above!

Yet the night was filled with fright,

Even took his sight;

Then moved him to fright,

For a thing that might-

Make him know what was right!

He never forgot the plight-

Plight of lies that came to bite!

The painted white-

Of obstructing birds’ fight,

While veins squeezed tight,

Where was the eyes’ light,

Shining bright!

Transcending the spite?

Slowly clock ticks, he awkwardly tries-

To see the distance between his hands and her tighs.

But suddenly he acts nervous,

Asking her what is the purpose?

To hide a desire freely known!

He reaches for a drink, she for a stone!!

… Lives come and go with a blink of stone’s many years;

And how we can bundle together so many fears?

As though we act according to our mind’s…

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Ellie belfiglio

16252226_1295333550524119_6255660554125033037_o… What is the truth? You are finite!

No changing to it, can I repeat?

Even when you try with all your might!

All your might…

… Your mind sees beyond sight!

It is wide ranging, at time has spite!

What is the truth? You are finite.

You are finite…

… At some point it appears as spite!

Often times left at the end of night;

Even when you are with all your might!

All your might…

In the darkest moment, there is fright!

Almost like an additional way to invite.

What is the truth? You are finite.

You are finite…

… Thus it may seem more than sigh;

Or can turn up to be discouraging or dry!

Even when you are with all your might!

All your might…

… Go to, as if you are very bright.

You’ll find out all your mlight!

What is the truth? you are…

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Ellie belfiglio


Faith slowly, slowly has passed

Like sands in an Hour-Glass pour and blast.

The top gets empty, the bottom does remain.

All alone, its power drives me insane.

Preserving, after a self-induced beating

Ah, a granule of hope lingers, not quitting!

I hear my favorite love song,

So endearing, it can’t be wrong.

With strength I turn the glass,

To see power and faith heal my soul to relax.

The decent of sand gives me thrills;

So I keep turning the glass up in hills.

So frequently, to ride of my sorrow;

For today, or yesterday, even tomorrow!! …




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Ellie belfiglio


… On the rooftop, falls sheets of rain;

And the sound of wind overwhelms my brain!

Restlessly observing the scene-

Of where I’m going, where I’ve been…

… slowly forward , the clock moves so keen,

As if it wants the dawn to win!

Thoughts of phantom demean-

Of where I’m going, where I’ve been…

Memories work, yet remain;

And sleep eludes again,

As I muse life’s routine.

Of where I’m going, where I have been!! …




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Ellie belfiglio


I shall, if you lend me your tear

Shed it for you my dear.

I shall, if you lend me your touch

Caress you and much.

I shall, if you lend me your leg

Walk for you everywhere, with my leg.

I shall, if you lend me your sweet song

Sing it for you, I don’t make it wrong!

I shall, if you lend me your mind

I think all your problems that you have lined.

I shall, if you lend me your manly lips

Drink wine of grapes, take many sips.

One thing you shall not lend me

That I want the most, to be free.

I shall, if you lend me your love

Find freedom, something that is above.

Every knowledge that you have and know

I need them so badly though!! …




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… It’s my eyes, liquid pools of moonlight.

It’s my lips, dew kissed and soft.

It’s my smile, warming you with sun rays.

It’s my voice, mesmerizing music on-

your ear’s waves…

… It’s my breast, mound of quivering ecstasy.

It’s my arms and legs entwined like creeping vines.

It’s all of me, sensuality immortalized.

Passion emblazoned…


… Charisma crystalized.

Alluring grave,


That’s why you return.

That’s why you can’t leave.

Run, flee, I will not hold you.

I’ll be there waiting round the corner;

Like tomorrow…

You must come!! …