Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…




Time for dancers/ and all romancers/ time for oblivion drive/ and the reality of strive/ time for courage, our whole life drive/ by mirrors’ reflection, forever alive…

Never a glimpse of romance/ growing dimmer the dance/ romancers float high/ blissfully floating by/ are descending from their place/ way high and misplace/ as the clock inside/ each of us decide/ winds down to eye level before they collide…
Each clock is different/ and some winds are sent/ but sometimes the key is lost/ for a moment of lust/ totally helpless forever/ of human endeavor/ now I have said/ about all who are afraid/what lead us to say/ of the fateful day/ when dancers- romancers float through/ the sky away, away for you…

Living with memories and things/ that are past facing slings/ reality of how long will last/ what a mistake, not blast/ we mix reality with our ultimate fate/ isn’t it too late?? …


Dancers, romancers, we despise/ with tubes and pumps/ that hopefully may get us over the humps/ when if we only knew that so few/ of us seem to comprehend a true/ ideal that no one/ has told us with fun/ exactly the end/ to all dancers- romancers send/ and this is the reason friend…

We may float away/ but none can tell us his dismay/ that we all really die/ mystery is with us, don’t know why/ as long as we live/ who can say to believe? / May never be known/ so accept the great unknown/ don’t even try/ or ask why?? . float-away





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When I lie down on the bed of dreams,

I hear the melancholy, yet mellow tone of a bell.

The dawning day in my heart gleams.

The sound of awakening children knell.

They slowly and solely sing my sorrow,

A musical, but harmonious verses of sad eyes.

Should my fire of life last till tomorrow,

I worship that fire which in my heart lies.

At night when skies are lit by stars,

And I listen intensely to hear-

The war of planets which has left scars,

The sensible music in my ears is so dear…

… Years of tension have come, years of stone had gone;

And strangely for those years I long.

And lying on the bed of dreams, I have none,

Neither tension nor stone! What have I done wrong?? ...


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Righteous words of feelings unfold

In disillusioned night or mysterious day

Duplicatory crawling of man in cold

Beneath the wild teeth of night turns gray

…And day follows the night…

Day is a continuous illusion for the sensible night

Mystic night joins the dark day.

And my ears are the grave of some secretive plight

Veins harmoniously join those words of yesterday

… And day follows the night…

How can we prick our sun?

I say, “That breeze,” He says, “Gone!”!!!

He says, “That flower, ” I say, “Dried! “!!!

And day follows the night..." !! ...
Country Diary : Quaking grass flowers

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Just a moment in time… when the bells chime!

Just a moment of sorrow!… Do I have a better tomorrow?

Nowhere to turn… many lives burn

Or faded away,… because they dismay!

To stay!… Fires burn and slay!

Deep with the soul of man… All creatures can

Walk around… with their hearts beat and pound!

In their hands!… No passion in sands

For life… that is not rife!

Fully many live… with passion and love give

A natural reaction, just… A moment in time must

Just a moment of sorrow… Not seeing a better tomorrow!

Nowhere to turn... for all is stern!! ...



For you my little brother, who died in my arms…


The only one cry between us

Unfolds into uniting hands

Into the bottomless of mountain

Or the grand, precious river

Or the full moon, where the gloominess of your eye

Evoke us for a union so rare

Where we dive into depth of each other’s eyes

Or treasure every second of this great show!


For our existence is the sparkle that compose

The sweetness of our hands to reach

A friend, so close, so dear, and so far.

And we set our feet on the solid of the earth

Where the only awareness is the feeling of the other

And the resistance we both share.

How is it for us with this love

Where we see the other’s heart not the body?

And you, my sweet brother, who’s lost the zest for life!

And when we cry for the union
It is a painful, fierce cry! First cry!! ...




… My soaring moan beyond the turning ball

Is awakened to climb higher and higher!

I have denied the heart for desire

To reach above tear and fall…

… There, I see educible life

Where the powerlessness frights the bliss.

And my aching heart forever miss

But it speaks of ordinary and rife…

… As the turning ball envelops the earth

And my awaken eyes learn to endure

The new, glorious radiance, so near lure

My aching heart to a new hurt!! ...

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Ellie belfiglio

ecardu54e76_39835… In the dim shade

Exhausted light was dim.

Suddenly the window was filled with night

A night overwhelmed with emptiness.

A night poisoned with our breath,

A night smelled of poison!

A night…

… I listened…

In the street, fearful, dark, and empty-

Someone’s heart was smashed-

Like a rotten thing.

women sad artwork 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_44

In that inauspicious darkness

A star exploded and died.

I listened…

… My veins swelled from the storm of blood;

And my body screamed, oh, pain!

From the tempting debasement aloud!

… I listened…

To the thunder which glistened!

A stubborn fly in my room,

Sang, my air it consumed.

The crickets sang aloud;

Twisted and turned until eternity!

12346331_10153679104797088_1716239782551390345_n… I recall…

My first day of maturity in fall;

When all my body was in shame!

It shivered in an innocent ambiguity and flame.

In the dim shade-

Where light yawned and then it got dark!! ...
3D-graphics_Look_into_my_eyes_006966_ Ellie…

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… In the center, the brightest pearl is always set.

It is he essence of mind and heart.

Passages from one heart to another have met;

Crossing without obstacle from start!

… And if there is no barrier or wall,

Why do we need door or locks at all?

… With illusion we see sunrise;

But it is sunset in a gray day.

Feeling sad, I cry, I despise.

But as I look around, I dismay…

Who is not sad or in blaze?

Who is not foggy or in daze?? ...

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Ellie belfiglio


Where is the lost many years of my life?

How did I miss the rippling clouds;

Or the blue sky, or the enigmatic storm,

Thunders, lightenings, or mystical rainfall;

Or moments that won’t return, even the singing birds??

I entered the dream of lost time,

When I finally fell asleep watching TV!

I was many years younger, I was walking,

In a field with wild flowers in my abstruse dream!


It was breezy, how breeze whispered in my ears;

And told me of not war but of peace and love.

But in a dream I knew  there was a war;

A war in my home and out in the streets…

Quickly I went back to love and peace;

And saw the billowy clouds that had shapes!

Some were animals, some human, some trees.

As I saw in far distance a show of dancing clouds.

It was lightening, thunder, like a…

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