Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…



Ellie belfiglio

Dibujoqwd… The stars are eerie on a chilly night.

The stars have vanished from my sight.

The fog has begun to settle down.

Quickly enveloping a tiny town.

From above, the rain begins to pour.

The wicked wind supports a roar!

663704476c04574aa83405319512a75d… Throughout the sky, lightening does crack.

It flashes light, the clouds are black.

The snap of thunder is heard from afar.

The sky is dull without a star.

From behind the window glass, I see-

A storm so strong, it breaks to be free!

6a00e5500c89b1883301538e2fec21970b-800wi… It takes the earth and washes it down.

The wetness spills and fills the ground.

As the storm’s force begins to die,

There comes a brightness from the sky.

Far behind the rain on this stormy night-

Awaits a new day of shining light!! …




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Ellie belfiglio


I had a dream.

I was a tiny star in stream.

In the vast velvety night,

I was golden rays of light.

From dawn’s awakening bliss

I was crystal of a kiss


On the petal of a budding rose,

A special gift I was with my pose.

Wrapped in bright red bow,

I was reflection of a glow!

Of the moon’s silvery beam,

I was hope, destiny and a little gleam.

Then I woke up seeing a beam,

And understood that I was all but a dream! …




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Ellie belfiglio


… In a life so tasty, mysterious and adorable,

an overwhelming power binds us to thrive.

The Impermanent, sad life is not avoidable!

Its hidden purpose keeps us alive.

… Its moment are filled with blues.

And many more griefs we always face.

Reaching to our exhausted goals brings us sad news.

As a baby cries in the comfort of an embrace…


… When the innocent age is gone, it comes longing and pain!

At youth, the ambitious drives push and confound.

Being old, tormented memories hammer the brain!

At death bed, the momentary life doesn’t seem profound!

… I wonder is a moment worth all the woe?

My secret other self brightens my eyes for a path.

For the lovers of love, there are beauties and rainbows.

While the ignorants are drowned in lust and wrath!! ...

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Ellie belfiglio


My discretion, prudence are despair.

I lit a candle to watch its flair.

It flickers, as the world does onto me.

It flames, cries beneath the ceiling fan, looks like a tree.

The wax dripped, rained my tears.

Get a grip. I tried with no cheers.

Flames would grow bright and high;

Then, WOW, the world falls and does die.

Get a grip, I tried but the evil fit,

Like the fan played its atrocious cheat!


Are the tears real, are they mine?

Whirling of world like the fan must be s sign!

It pulls and pushes you round and round.

How burned out you feel of this turning sound!

It snuffs you of every breath of night.

Fight on! Fight on! Take a grip! Do invite.

But fan whirls faster, it growls.

You lose your grips while fan howls!! …




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Ellie belfiglio


… One thing that I’ve been

And lived for it

Now is taken away!

Is this or isn’t this mean?

… There is nothing to spend

Nothing left

Can you comprehend?

Is this or isn’t this the end?

… Black and cold

No place to go

No one to hold

Emptiness grows by minute

A desolate silence and fear

Is this or isn’t this the woe?


… Nothing

Not a thing

Isn’t this or isn’t tis the sting?

… Soul’s bliss

Non existent

A final whisper

in your abyss

Heart trembles

It cries

Nothing, not a thing

Don’t deny

Is this or isn’t this the bye?? …




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