Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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Ellie belfiglio


Looking at indigo sea with dazzlement;

A dead sea that is unmoving, eternal, and content!

No breeze or wave bring the sea to dance.

No wind or storm make it breathe or relax.

Eternal, indigo, heavy sky hanging low,

Like a blanket covers it row after row!

Awestruck I am to look at this sea,

No sail of a boat, wing of a bird, or shade of a tree.

On these layers and layers of silvery overly-

Which blanket of sky covers it and unlay!

To a funeral the absent sun sends its rays,

And like an indigo net, moon is in daze!


Stars, countless, leave half open their eyes;

And look at sea, look at world, or skies.

Oh, how admired am I with this affluent-

Of water which fills the sea, what a confluent!

Or perhaps water falls from mountains’s dirt;

Or it boils down from depth of…

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Ellie belfiglio


… With love we’re born though~ maternal in its glow!

So guided with passion’s show~ what beneath I now bestow!

My hands sometimes pretend~ our generation transcend,

Evolving together, friend~ in this time that we spend…

… Each dawn’s new tale~ our children unveil.

Creation unfold detail~ upon our forebear’s trail.

Pass on to the future’s aid~ One’s parentage as laid;

Instilling vitality which stayed~ generation that we made…


… Relative  will part with bye~ admits life’s aging sky!

Progressing us so high~ in one’s younger eye!

Sunset we witness serene~ in this evolution kin-

Shall live eternal in the scene~ in our hearts bred within…

… The last of my elders stray~ Deceased to this day.

I rise with sky’s display~ see their passage will convey.

Dazzling Displays of Aurora Borealis Dance Across the Night Sky!!

Cherish my love with delight~ I shall hold the night!

Enlightening youth and sight~ in all its might…

… Bare not these nights known~…

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Ellie belfiglio


… Silent spangles of night

Soft and light in the streak

In pools all gather

Of fears and hidden wonder…

… The shadows are disturbed

My pillow is guarded

Awakening, trembling

My thoughts beckoning…


… Somewhere, somehow

I’ve danced again

Entranced again

At night, most guarded possession…

… Maybe tonight, yet

Without your presence I can’t sleep

In rocking residence!! …




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Ellie belfiglio


The urge of writing comes in my awakening sleep.

So unexpectedly, wakes me up from awakening deep.

I walk to another room to satisfy,

My urge of writing with half closed eye.

I write things I’ve never thought about;

Feelings, ideas, things from my heart!

I write the words before I had not known;

But they all come in my dream, now they’re my own!


I realize I have come with a new insight,

A new idea, something didn’t exist before tonight.

It is my way of expressing, like telling a friend,

Who lends an ear to you, so your heart does mend.

When I write, I feel a wave of pleasure;

Looking at my writing words has no measure.

Pick up the pen and write your share.

It frees you from clutter, gives you fresh air!! …




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… I have been a prisoner of my pride;

and a prisoner of what people decide;

and what they say, what they side;

and I don’t know when I put all these aside…

… If a day comes that I’ll be strong and brave-

I can dance to the music, I don’t behave.

Then I rescue me from the jail keeper of grave-

which is in fact me in rage of rave…


… I often feel a progress, a break.

My wondrous soul and I fight the ache.

We know what we want, so we shake.

Frightened of my soul, I quake…

… But they all say I am a fighter like blaze.

I am tired of listening, so I amaze.

Then I speak and loudly raise-

my voice to break the shell, the vase…

… Is it too late for me to grow?

I passed many crises and woe!

But will I take the growth and new show?

Yes, I will, to just see the rainbow!! …




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She birthed the universe, yet male was worshipped.

She nourished the nations, yet remained subjugated to male dominance.

She naively adopted a religion conceived by males that forever-

demanded her to condescension.

This same ageless philosophy blamed her for mankind’s fall.

Aren’t you surprised the devil wasn’t she?


But keep in mind your history.

They burned her and dubbed her witch,

yet named ships for her.

Little more than Chattel, sometimes viewed as prize-harassed,

dearaded, subjugated.

Smaller than apes you see, without her,

much to male charging-

human-kind would not exist!! …




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Ellie belfiglio


You say I am lost from your eyes;

That on your rainless eyes, I became rain;

That on your glassy heart, I became the blood!

You say that you are guiltless and I am guilty;

That you have sorrow and I am vain;

That my guilt is big and my sorrow little;

That your sorrow is big and you have no guilt!

Then I remind you-

The day that in the garden of love,

I gazed with my rainy eyes-

To your rainless eyes;

And sang my burial song to you!

Then you searched for me,

But I was gone!! …




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Ellie belfiglio


All alone

In a room sitting in loneliness,

And listening to the sound of silence…

… I run away from world and everything in it!

Calmly I close my eyes!

Calmly I journey.

But the journey is tiring;

And fills my eyes with tears!

Calmly I open my eyes,

And find myself in a room!

Sitting in loneliness,

Listening to the sound of silence!! …




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… See and listen to the waves sounding.

The cresting, breaking, pounding!

A symphony of song,

amidst discords, wrong…

… Then hear the patter amongst us,

enemies, lovers, youngsters.

The melodies of life,

sad, happy, loud sounds, strife…

… Waves, eternal, from a distant past,

born anew like life’s cast!

With rise, fall, peaceful end;

and message they will send.

… Each wave doesn’t last long in glory,

like each life’s living story.

To guide it, always true,

to heaven goes through!! …