Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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… Lost in the river of unforeseen quarrels

Drowning below some untold dream

Feeling within, the heartache of sorrows

Searching for meaning in holding back screams…

… Using as weapons, the renegade stories

Holding for ransom, a love of deceit

Unspoken forgiveness, false passion is borrowed

Sharing alone, a slow dying heart beat!! …



passion for art





There she stands shaken by her man.

Did she know such a man could ruin her life?

He sits and demands am I not a man?

She sighs and laughs you have no command.

For I am a woman, not a man!

He raises his hand then gently brushes her cheek,

For I was a fool to be so cruel.

My angel you are so sweet, you are worth more to me than jewels.

In my life of pain, there are rules.

For I shall never love again.

As I can not hide a woman’s tear!! …

Close up of woman crying


Passion for art

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Ellie belfiglio

mad_men___betty___by_adonihs-d3b1rtc… My thoughts constantly wander!

They never seem asunder.

Like the dreams we built around,

Are now someone else’s found.

… My thoughts constantly stray.

Doubtful of this present way;

So much tension, so weak!

No more laughter, as if I am sick!

… My thoughts constantly are wild.

Not a day goes by that someone by my side.

That is not the way it used to be.

May be I am blind and can’t see…

… My thoughts constantly endure.

Like they always seem to conjure.

Not any answer, things so blue;

Not even a little clue!! …




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Ellie belfiglio

15894570_1381839121846432_3085294624078635048_n… People say that they all know me!

Friends, families, close or far, in chain or free.

Yet no one goes further deep,

To see what I endure when I weep!

… Within me, thousands upon thousands live…

Each await the grand entrance, can you believe?

But no one has ever met me, it is true!

How sad, but oh, so sad, so blue.

… I have an unwritten novel inside;

Waiting to be written with pride.

There are songs, music, poetry inside me,

Waiting to be begun with glee!

… No one wants to know the truth, I guess!

Their loved ones, strangers in darkness.

Yet they take the chance of losing me.

Not thinking the danger in this tragedy!

… Will someone take the time,

To discover, to read my rhyme?

That deep inside the person they see,

Lies much more deeper than me!! …



Passion for…

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In the world there may seven wonders be

But the wonders on my life are as endless as see.

The mysteries of life and death and even in between

Broken hearts and tragedies are all my life has seen.

I marvel at the ways people seem to live their lives

Children crying in the streets, husbands beat their wives.

Coping is a tricky thing though I really don’t know why

Everyone seems to hang their heads and heave a heavy sigh.

Why must the world be so deceitful, mean and cruel?

These to me, resemble the behavior of a fool.

If life is a rose – the essence of of beauty all

Then I was pricked too many times before I let it fall.

When Shakespeare wrote his piece on life, he must have felt its sting,

He said, “A tale full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”!!! …



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Close up of woman crying

Pain that lies intensely is something quite a scare.

But the evilness I grew to know.

Can’t make me to try to care.

I know the evil eyes that watch me through the night.

I’ve heard the deadly screaming.

It gives me quite a fright.

I see the blood dropping down true,

I know the pain she’s feeling now.

I have been there too.

The moon will soon turn hollow,

But I can’t keep the light.

I shall turn it back to you.

And stay here at night.

I will turn away now,

Go back to where I came.

Then You can go on living,

In your deathly evil game!! …



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Raging rives rushing past

Birds migrating, flying fast

Leaves are falling to the ground

Drifting, soaring, tumbling, dancing round

October nights are crisp and cool

And the moonlight shimmers In a midnight pool

Fall is here, winter on its way

You can see the autumn moon shinning faraway!! …