Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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I walked along the paths of life;

But blindness hurt, and pain was every strife;

For where to go I did not know,

Nor how to live through every blow…

I turned and searched and turned.

I found no help, no voice I heard.

Yet, then I saw the light of love-

Had to come to me, you were my love.

Our destinies together went;

And mine was love, and only love.

How could I doubt love, my happiness?

And now it is dark, and now it is sad!

Where went the light of love I had?

Where went our love? Bonjour tristesse!! …

1-for-your-eyes-only-stefan-kuhnThe Unpredictable 

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“My Lord?” She asks. He speaks: “I cherish you,

“Dear Queen. No other man has ever known-

“A wife so noble, steadfast, brave, and true!”

And yet I played a part, was not alone,

But strove an equal there with Gods and man,

In actions bards will sing through all the years.

I need to share such special hours again.

The great queen speaks, her cheeks are wet with years;

And “What of me?” I prayed that Zeus might spare-

Your life, might save our island kingdom too.

And so he has. Would you once more then dare-

To test his patience ? Is not rest your due?

“My love”, He says,” ’tis Zeus who bides me,

“To sail into the sunrise, past those straits-

“That guard our little Island sea, and know-

“I have no choice, we answer to our fates.”

But, Gods deal fairly when they don’t destroy;

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My magnanimous eye

Dip into the subconscious realm

Of terrified impurity

Finding there

A dash of humility

Wasted on your smile.

Sea-sailing for sanguine verisimilitude

When weathering storms arise

To take my breath and

Scatter emotions like marbles

clattering on the glass-top table of my heart

As you laugh.

As cuckoo sounds

Alarmed to find the time

For alacritous honesty

Have gone.

I woke to find

No string attached

And walk on, humbled

For playing your game!! …

camino mujerThe Unpredictable  

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I was not going to choose you.

I was away from you.

But it was an affair of my heart-

That choose you- not I.

I did not want to think about you;

It was my heart that started to admire you.

I couldn’t change its way,

Because it isn’t a slave.

It’s you that changed my style of life!

Yes, indeed, I am a master of love;

But I’m afraid that means more;

Not only suffering for lack,

The lack that I feel every way.

The lack of not touching you!

But I am an optimist;

And I don’t like my verse- I love you!! …


The unpredictable

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What willow’s sinewy branch does cast,

A shadow, O, so dark and thick?

Across my spirit, across my soul,

It’s for my heart the bell does toll.

What segments of sun’s fiery light-

Do trickle ‘tween these burly boughs?

Beneath this tree I sit alone;

And for this moment call it home!

For ’till the hour my arms do drape-

About the shoulders of my love.

I’ll hearken as the drake;

Call his mate at evening’s break;

And reflect upon these waters still!! …

001_rain_romance1The Unpredictable  

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Suddenly blood races through my vain.

Quivering, your heart cries like rain.

How can a heart withstand

The horror by this treacherous hand?

Into your heart, let calmness creep.

Tell your senses don’t be afraid or weep.

Let’s soothingly the stillness slowly unfold!

Be tranquil, silent, let’s not your soul be cold…

When did you see the rough sea?

When did the storm rage, waves moved savagery?

When did you submerge  yourself in the water’s deep;

And a silent peace found you when you weep?

Conflict bring so much echo to heart.

Fear is big and tears you apart.

You grab silence and never are late.

Reason accepted by all, but senses accepted as fate!! …

woman-aloneThe Unpredictable  

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