Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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Ellie belfiglio

12670041_10201422004707604_2682909475033021925_n… A sad mellow tone of a bell,

Rings melancholy a sad knell.

It brings with lamenting, great sorrow!

It give me a thought for tomorrow.

… Why think now of that, what is past?

Those dear to me, strong and fast;

And that bell still tolls, a sad knell.

It brings me visions, that sad bell…

… Away you sad thoughts, bother not!

Your thoughts of sorrow, away rot;

And that knell, that bell, why so ring?

Mourning for one dead, death song sing!

… And that bell rings on, that sad bell!

It strikes my heart, that fool knell.

For I hear it says, tones like said,

“It is your life, that is dead!” …




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“No shame in love”

Please read my friend, John’s post and enjoy it. He is a talented writer and a good friend. Reblog this for 2000 followers.


No shame in love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Love is everything. Everything is love.


                        No shame in love

(Received some motivation from Ben Jonson)

I confessed to the lonely moon, how beautiful and magnificent you are.
I told the stars and the sky you have seized my heart and thoughts.
You beautiful smile had bewitched my life.

I dream of you when we are apart.
My fair maiden I feel I have fallen into an undeserved love and
I plead with open arms and heart.
Please accept me as-is. My simple words to be my pledge of love for you forever.

Beautiful maiden whispered. There is  no shame in love. My dear lover.
Our subdued love had left me madly waiting for you to confirm the mercy of
the gift of love. Love is rare and precious.  You have assured me often with kind
gifts of poetry and…

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Were life

to come up and stare you in the face?

You’d have forgotten your glasses.

Were the sun

to shine right into your eyes?

The shade would be in your way.

Were the wind

to blow fresh?

Ignoring new fires

stirring life’s ashes.

You’d have be numbed by its coldness.

I don’t understand you Sir,

viewing the world through opaqued lenses.

Dark overpowering shadow

negating whatever bit of light there is

whatever bit of sight you have.

“Have you ever thought of getting glasses?” …







… “we always were,” he whispered, “a timeless memory”

“We soar above convention, on winged affinity”.

… “Together… more than two,” she mused, their uncapped alchemy.

Billowing beyond rapport, in singularity.

… Echoes from the Pantheon, deific euphony

Proclaimed their bonding preordained, recorded destiny.

… “Life’s a quest for complement, a rapt congruity

“your union rides the fulcrum of a rare fortuity.”

… “Unfettered by the ligatures of custom’s sophistry

“a wealth eclipsing  virtuous, your serendipity.”

… “you see,” he said, enfolding her, set obligation free

“I’ll lead the way to Camelot to live our ‘meant to be.”

… But habit held her hostage, and he wooed uncertainly

Wrapped around the words he spoke in timid prophecy.

… A flight to the familiar, to home and family

He lives with how it might have been… she lives in reverie!! …





There’s a time in one’s life, when you come to the fork in the road,

Sometimes we don’t notice, if our life’s on even keel.

We carry on doing what we normally do,

Not even paying attention, that we’ve taken the wrong road.

The little things that happen, we don’t notice at all.

But a bystander sees them, and is watching us go.

There’s potholes, and cracks and corners and curves,

We step around many, stumble into a few.

We blame it on life, taking it in stride.

Thinking this is the way, there’s nothing we can do.

If we were the ones on the sidelines, looking in,

We’d have taken, the other, fork in the road!! …




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… Tales are the stories of old,

Some are exaggerated or bold.

Yarns are oft passed down from father to son,

There are strains, never just one.

… As a child I heard of strange odes,

I heard miners speak of the “MOTHER LOAD”.

Grandpa spealed at length of his hunting chase,

Many strange pursuit he faced.

… Grandma talked softly in hushed tones,

She spoke of legends etched in stone.

I was told of traits passed down,

Family history was very profound.

… Now, I reflect on those tales of old,

In my mind they never run cold.

I remember always the past,

Cherished memories that will forever last!! …






Ellie belfiglio


Can you hear it falling, outside the window sill?

The trees and leaves are drinking. And everything

Is still. Into the night, the rain creeping, down the

Outside wall. And as you lay awake you can hear it in

The hall. All the animals are hiding in their

Little holes, waiting for the rain to stop thumping

On their burrows and homes. Inside the house the

dogs and cats are sleeping. And you can hear your child

weeping. You hope that soon you will be sleeping.

So that you can leave the rain in your dreaming!! …


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