Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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Blazed in desire


The heat that absorbed from light,

Feels cold, why am I black?

At times I am warm and feel white,

Then I send the reflection of light back.

Often in the stillness of night,

I’m cold, freezing, all alone.

How can I take this blight?

But dawn comes, let’s itself known…

Sometimes the lights impart.

Feeling warm so as my soul sweat.

Just before sweat floods my heart,

Sun will start to set…

Some nights I burn, I’m in fire.

Like a kindled light when souls tie-

light’s source isĀ blazed in desire!

The aura seems never die!

Midday comes, I feel the shroud,

Then the warming light does retreat;

Yet my life turn into the cloud;

And blocks out light and heat!! …




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Glory of sun blaze


If words express the glory of sun blaze,

Or define the beauty I daze,

I could speak eloquent phrase,

And explain it all and amaze…

If words describe my rave,

My ears hear the sound of early wave,

And the song of a bird, near and brave.

If words expound upon all and I,

To feel the God I love in sky,

Who hold me so dear and high…

To see, to hear, to understand how He-

made this earth abound and free,

And splendor, beauty and glee,

To make my mind astound like poetry…

He took time, flowers were made;

And trees change dress from green to red,

And lose their leaves as they bled.

How wonderful His thought who made-

the earth, the sky, the sea with no aid,

And still He is making me, feed me bread!! …



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Pores of sky


Can you see that blind, innocent wave,

Falling in tramp like blindness,

Of the confused intimacy’s rave?

Touches that bruise,

Leaving a footprint in sands,

That never be replaced!

Taste the challenges of supreme,

Wanting to fulfill one’s desire;

Leaving aside the ends,

Dominating thoughts of the wave…

Sounds that yell.

Intensity does scream,

penetrating in pores of sky;

Humidity becomes smoke.

The silhouette bares the touch.

The truth does quell.

Scenery in loving, of my heart!

Past time of a lost heart,

Lays awake to see the night,

Inside a bloodless soul!! …






Strike the match, lead me away.

Envelope me in solitude’s way.

Blind me so as not see the hurt,

In reflected eyes of earth.

Not feeling my heart pumping, I am numb.

My blood is so cold, I can’t overcome;

Ice in my brittle veins.

Take love away, let me be sane.

Even death could equal this pain,

To reveal, let me be alone,

In divine torture of my moan,

Of my inner sanctum, my own!! …



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In a cold winter night,

A sleepwalker I was in dread.

Waging through a barren place;

Void of life, love and grace.

Felt the truth of the heart;

Watching my moves like spies.

My heart whispers of my own;

A crystalized in each stare.

Destiny was a chance;

I took it in my hands to glance.

I was chained to a door!

Hatred in face, stared at space!! …

The sleepwalker’s blood,

Felt no danger in blues.

Only obsession in that room.

My soul was a mirror;

With passion in evil tomb…

Crying, laughing, screaming, calling fire.

All around this sleepwalker os mine!! ….



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A few words

When I was a young girl,

My soul was filled with hope, love,

Innocence, like a white bird.

Those days are gone, gone.

The imaginary love is buried.

My hands and face now is withered.

I don’t walk on hot pavement anymore.

When I want to write,

Wind carries the words to stars.

I can only get back a few words:

“All of sudden, empty eyes, horror!”!! …



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Oh if I…


Oh If I could go to Tehran.

Oh, if I could go to Shiraz.

Oh. If I could travel on Caspian Sea,

With a blue dress,

On a small boat;

And reach Northern Iran,

With a purple dress,

Which is wet of rain,

That clings to my body>

If I could climb Alborz Mountain,

With a green dress,

And returning To Tehran

With a red dress,

And say hello!! …




Gloomy Cloud


When tears fall from eyes,

Or gloomy cloud crys,

When the azure, eerie sea,

Roars angrily with dree,

I ask God:

“Why is this storm so loud?

“Why is this tear so blight?

“Is it a silent night?

“For me and sea’s lonely fright?”!! …