Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…




I stroll quietly on the shore,

Where the waves rush to the bank and roar.

The obscure clouds take control;

While waves are defeated, yet stroll.

The thunder follows a bright light.

Confused seabirds lose their sight.

The houseboat, close by, moves away.

I hear on it, victims pray.

Rain starts with full force.

Nature shakes within its course!


A vain hope rises to subdue.

Cry begins, it is true.

Ambiance is harsh and tense.

Rushing waves are tall and immense.

Nothing there looks divine.

Frightening lightening is the only shine…

… Suddenly the storm stops the blow.

A crevice divides sky for a show.

Sudden lights in the middle glow.

It is not the lightening but rainbow!! …





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“Did you see him tonight?”

“Yes, I see him every night!”

“He only looks in front of him,

“To where calls horizon,

“To where the earth ends,

“And the sky begins,

“Where happy color of dawn come,

“And another day begins.”


“Alone!! …”




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Ellie belfiglio


… Oh, in the wind, to build castle of sand

Through trackless time, invisible footprints stand

But they vanish before our eyes.

In our mind, they never die…

… We weave our thoughts with gossamer threads

Then pick daisies when warm sunshine spreads!

Sometimes we dream yesterday’s dream

To savor wine of tomorrow, sweet yet extreme…


… Are daydreams reality of tomorrow?

Does reality of today’s simple dream swell?

Is either reality or necessary… created?

Are they truly, in a way fascinated?

… To our souls’ realistic prison, don’t look

Or to whatever open mind’s outlook

Without restraining fetter’s stray

Enjoying color of life’s prism everyday…

… Get rid of your shackles, earthbound

Let closed eyes open to see things around.

Wander around the world’s many wonders

Come now, yes, journey with me in thunders!! …




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Ellie belfiglio


… AS the wind caresses my face,

AS the gentle whispers in a sacred place,

AS the never-ending  sea stays around,

As it rolls softly upon the ground…

… AT TIMES, sands appear  light years away!

AT TIMES, untold stories have so much to say.

AT TIMES, with all memories of yesterday;

AT TIMES, to be fresh and alive, forever stay…


… SO HAPPY, a child’s laughter fill the sir.

SO HAPPY, knowing no pain, having no care!

SO HAPPY, to be with you with no woe.

SO HAPPY, bring me back my childhood of years ago…

… TO HEAR the sea and its thrills.

TO HEAR how I ran over the hills.

TO HEAR how constant was my past!

TO HEAR how childhood was a blast…

… AT TIMES, there is no guarantee of seeing the shore.

AT TIMES, the sound of sea comes to my ears and roar!

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Ellie belfiglio


… At today’s last dawn I see life so pure!

I will give my vision to you.

Can we survive creator’s world of haze?

… Fated blessing, pondering our limited days.

When the gift come? I hear voices so innocent!

My glorious spirit, I will give you my eternity…

… I see the hands which caressed the face of loveliness.

So tenderly, I bury evening, sorrowful sky with burgundy trees.

Come, we are out fate, a random thread of life!


… yet pure, true love can forever await.

When the silvery purple moon sheds its glistening cover,

The echo of our song in unknown world may still hover!

… If this journey shall not past my last breath,

I will endure an infinite inner death.

Look to my eyes when in pain, comfort my soul…

… Am I everything through you, let’s together stroll!

So listen! Silence hears our song…

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Ellie belfiglio


You created my friends from water,

My God!

You created sorrowful past,

The devil!

You created the white signs,

The flowers!

I wrote a book of faithfulness in your name,

Of sorrow, horror, seperation.

I wrote of rain and snow!

You wrote of desire, spring,

Of blue sky, sky color water,

Of rise of sun, of memories of past!

I came back again and wrote of sun,

And its colors that always breathtaking!! …




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