Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…


“To Risk”


Life is a risk.

To try, is to risk failure.

To reach out, is to risk involvement.

To love, is to risk not being loved in return.

To be honest, is to risk showing your true self.

To be an individual, is to risk standing out.

To learn, is to risk wisdom!

The greatest risk, is to risk nothing;

For a person with nothing to lose, has nothing to gain!! …



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Dante’s Inferno


She said,

“It was only a dream!”

Oh, if they were!

Weapons spat.

Bullets were splat!

Blood splattered, bone shattered.

From this dream, there is no waking.

Roaring birds expel Hell’s fire!!

… Below Dante’s inferno!

I remember one,

Who was too dear;

And limbs like blackened twigs.

Images of Hell,

Image of beheading;

Burned into my brain!

I hear the roar,

I see the flames!

From this dream, I cannot wake!

Many years have come and gone;

And still this dream lives on!! …




Hectic Pace


Hovering over hurried hands!

Working at a hectic pace.

Moving with such swift motions,

As if it were a race.

Trying to maintain,

What is thought to be lost.

Trying in vain,

Not to get beat by the frost.

An opponent with the edge,

Before the race begins.

An opponent with few defects,

Because it almost always wins,

The human hands below,

Give up the frantic fight;

And suddenly I find myself,

Floating in tunnel of light.

At the end of tunnel,

I see a field of green.

Surely a more splendid sight,

My eyes have never seen.




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The Dream Catcher


The dream catcher,

Who’s web caught!

All the promises made,

In passion and,

In prowess,

Hung over my bed!

Here your,

“I love you’s!”

Glistened like dew,

In the morning sun;

And the captive:

“Forever’s”, like prisms-

spread rainbows,

Through my brain…

You were the one dream,

It should have caught.

Every hope you arose in me,

Should have been wrapped by the-

pebble spider and drained until only-

the shell of fantasy remained!! …

Bird in a Gilded Cage


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Embers Roar


This love while embers roar.

Will it die as those before?

A heart set free!

How can it soar?

Without the burning, EMBERS ROAR…

A soul upon my heart does rest.

Hid behind SOs not to test

A curtain black;

A soul upon my heart does rest…

She waits behind the curtain black!

Fleeting visions of the past!

Dancing slowly;

Trying to grasp;

The vastness of the curtain black!

When raging tides begin to ebb,

Gone to sea without the test-

of true loves touch,

Of those things said!

Forlorn… raging tides slowly ebb!! …



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Her inadvertent stare gave to her


Briefly her eyes blinked as she stayed

fixed on the ocean!

Her heart did flip and churned and

softly began to sing!

The foamy blues and translucent

greens seemed forever wrapped in

deep devotion!

The crashing waves engulfed her in a

cave of intricate sound.

The grains of sand joyfully reunited

with its watery BROTHER!

Heavily stirred the abrupt wind as

it stayed homebound…

They all joined together to be part

of their MOTHER!! …



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I’ve Done it All in my Head


I’ve flown with eagle to heaven’s door!

Gone with the shark to the ocean floor!

Eaten polar bear, goat and boar!

All this I’ve done… and more!

I’ve been to places that devil won’t go!

Walked with a vampire In the morning glow!

Planted my seeds in a running doe!

This too I’ve done… and more!

I’ve eaten toadstools with a rusty knife!

Escaped a burning house with just my life!

Spent many nights when I was rife.

I’ve done all these… and more!

I’ve slept with a panther in his forest bed!

Followed where the gargoyles led!

Held a man under water till he was dead.

Yes,… I’ve done it all… inside my head!! …