Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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… All alone I sit in the dark.

Spinning the dial of radio sharp and spark.

Searching for a woman’s voice-

To sing me a lullaby, so I rejoice.

A soothing gentle voice-

To take away my gloom…

… Don’t try to know how I ended up this way.

It is so silent here night and day.

I must here a woman’s voice in this room,

A sweet, gentle voice in my doom.

In this lonely room I call it my tome;

To take away my gloom…


… A voice that stirs my soul.

A voice that makes me whole.

A voice that forever stay.

It comes and never slay.

A soothing voice that never betray;

To take away my gloom…

… The darkness inside has no end.

A shining light is my trend.

A woman’s voice talking about love;

A true love beyond and above.

A soulful voice about love,

To take away my gloom…

… Just to move my nights move along.

Not to keep loneliness crashing her song.

Could I hear mom’s voice in this lonely room,

Strong, comforting, caring, not a doom?

Cradle me like when I was in your womb;

To take away my gloom!! …





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women sad artwork 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_44

I know I lost my memories somewhere!

Unformed notes scattered with no care.

On scrapes of paper, thoughts have no time to evolve.

Pictures I meant to draw with no resolve.

The crooked branches of a tree;

A twisted mouth of sanity!


Lines that never found their end.

I put them somewhere in a bend.

Never meant to discard those.

How would I erase those pose?

Moments of spontaneous sight.

Visitation of clarity at night.

All buried somewhere,

The bits and pieces of we, there.

I know I put them somewhere;

To finish them someday with care!! …







… The greatest dreamer am I;

With visions that never die.

A candle on heart is there,

With a light caught in her wear!

… All boundaries not known;

No care to take along, they’re blown.

Moving on towards tomorrow,

With her poems about sorrow.

… With words that run,

To lead her to what is gone.

Where only the dreamers are found;

And poets are around.

… And what is around her-

Has a beauty, her own’s flair.

Her eyes constantly shone-

To others must be shown!

… The greatest dreamer am I;

Being lost among why!

My mind is covered with cloud!

What others are not allowed!! …





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The golden rays of fiery sun

Keep me warm when I am gone.

On the side of this hill

From my eyes tears spill.

One by one, they roll down my face

And land on cold earth of this place.

And fresh, pink, frail, lame

Are my flesh, a bird’s song flame.

It is song of freedom from chain

My mistake, for I am insane!


But am I insane? the world spins

Round, the clouds tell of my sins.

If the moon is so full and high

Why does’t fall from sky?

Strong words blow!

Branches sway with woe.

In an empty room, silence fill

Pharaohs stay still

On their forgotten tombs

Rather than their mother’s wombs.

But I just sit here on this hill!

Am I insane, I wonder still!! …




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Ellie belfiglio

12227637_990687881008175_3579343087616857546_n… Body of sunshine with grace!

Color of morning glory is like sunset.

A lonely tree in a vast gray-

Remains thirsty in its dusty way!

… From azure sky, a sudden light-

Escape to far horizon.

A realm that red rose of past-

Now pours light like rainfall of desire!!

rain… Night comes, opens its bosom;

Holds life tight in his arms while passing by!

In all alleys, wind runs,

On rooftops, darkness and wind collide!

… To a silent lullaby, cities sleep!

On the roof of night, stars shine.

Slowly, slowly the moon’s wine,

Pours into the glass, clear or red!

puddle-raindrops-color-rain-cute-favim-com-465698… A cosmic sphere, a cloud of midnight,

Appears to attach moon to stars!

On an old oak tree, birds laugh and play.

Poets on this stupefying site cry!

… In the bosom of this old night-

You, the hope of hopeless,

You, with shining eyes,


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