Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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I said to the world. “I’ve arrived!

“I, Ellie, have come

“at last.” The world paid no attention.

I said to the world, “Hey world! Here

“I am. Don’t you understand? It’s me,


The world ignored me.

I took myself off into a corner.

“Guess what?” I whispered. “It’s

“me, Ellie.”

Myself bellowed. “YeaaAAy Ellie!”

and spun six somersaults into

the middle of a main street…

The world turned. “What did

“you say?” I paid no attention.

After all, the world  had its chance!! …

ophthalmic_suffering_by_jackan-d4t5myw.pngThe unpredictable 

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Lonely Girl In Full Moon Night

Each night silence speaks to me.

Its “VOID” is loud and clear.

The inner-most thought of the day,

Whispers In my ears.

Tis only in the silence can you hear your inner-soul.

The clarity magnificent, for you are in control.

I listen to my goals, my plans for the day.

I create what ought to be,

I create “WHATEVER” “come, what may!”

Tis a time for your talents to surface and come forth.

Tis a time for you to study your values and your worth.

Listen to the silence for tis has the floor;

No one to interrupt, no one to close the door!! …

21151612_1439435496171612_5993976371328798273_nThe Unpredictable  

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Once more the embers spark and

ignite into a small flame of hope.

It twinkles and dances in the corner.

It burns dim now.

Trying to gain strength,

not quite ready to expire as its

host still has strength enough to feed it.

Dimly shining through the

never ending darkness that is

human conscience.

Striving to recover from the last

drowning douse of despair.

Each hopeful notion or sentiment

continuing its strenuous later to

become strong and bright

only to be snuffed again by yet

another suffocating wave of despair

to start this eternal cycle once more!! …

19149474_1229200697225069_6752732824895353391_nThe Unpredictable  

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Some are like shoes.

The same shape,

The same construction,

Inside and out.

Different colors, sizes.

Both have soles (souls)?

They are found in pairs.

You tossed them out,

When they no longer worth your time;

Or become old or ugly.

What a bummer,

For the shoes?

When thrown away-

By your own blood,

Your self souls!! …

19990279_1770204109661966_2850711305611510202_nThe Unpredictable  

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