Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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v838Little star,

embraced by moon.

Precious little angel,

Cherished inside the womb.

A bright courageous spirit,

Live deep inside of you.

Please, sweet darling,

do not be afraid.

Soon you will be shine as bright as sun,

and converse with the heavens above.

However your cries that never were,

will forever haunt the edge of dawn.

And your wondrous smiles,

will ever so slowly, fade into the twilight!! …

hinke-4The Unpredictable  

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So it is!

… A curious mingle,

Upon that woody shingle,

… Upon that ligneous shore.

But more, is the meddle-

Of twigged basket crinkle,

(A crepitating crinkle)

… And operant hellebore…

So rarely suspended;

(Pendulous, then upended)

From the crook of a-

Marmoreal member (an arm).

To the apothecary’s candle,

… (Table, stew and ladle).

Scions tumble, leaflets crumble.

… Tainture! But mark, a sistering jar.

To this swelling ring.

… Singular, thesaurus bead, that to her-

Rivaled aureole clings!! …

30237-Rustling-LeavesThe Unpredictable  

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A wilted rose

is but dead beauty.

A life not chose

yet sworn to duty…

Through lows and highs

somehow she still grows.

So too is life

like that of rose.

Like a clock and a mirror

each has two hands and a face

but take away the hands they wear

and only time is erased.

Love can be the cure

when laughter becomes a tear.

But can the rose endure

when anger breaks the mirror.

And the broken glass

cuts like the rose’s thorn

but take away the future and the past

and the rose is never born!! …

09fca0fe88103ad47f66a13e2aefb62b7db0c076_860The Unpredictable  

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The deep waters glow from the brilliant sun,

As we sail from the forbidden coast-

From a refuge found at the Southernmost,

Through treacherous water in isolation,

From an island beyond comparison.

‘Tis the home of Goddess, some do boast.

To enhance this beauty, men seek their host;

Lured by Nature’s charm, the reefs they forerun.

Victims of ghostly winds that fill the land;

And the nearby sea with fragrant odor,

Creates seas full of ships half filled with sand,

While wreckage overspreads the ocean floor.

Stems and sterns, keels and ribs leave no demand-

In watery grave near the tranquil shore!! …

12144761_423987941134427_8151748311889753005_n-1The Unpredictable  

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Sunlight sneaks through darkened shades,

As my love lies beside me.

Rhythmic breath and slowed heart of a day,

With no worries.

Dust moats dance again gaily in this narrow beam of our intruder;

But we do not.

We lie, silent and still,




I dare not move lest I disturb my love,

Lest I dare shatter this moment of peace-

Of tranquility.

I close my eyes again,

‘Till our hearts beat as one!! …

19059244_1406915652708771_2183582456407559986_nThe Unpredictable  

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Look at the stars up in cloud’s high,

All glowing and shining as they in their orbits swing by.

The Pleidies, Orion and countless others so bright,

Truly a dazzling and cosmic sight…

As they have a purpose those glowing points in the sky,

All so beautiful they make me want to cry.

Those celestial orbs that fill the sky with light,

Display the Lord’s power and proclaim His might!! …

eca453a9da79a9e57ef242d4b24eea1eThe Unpredictable  

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Emerging so slowly in all her magnificent,

Finally, excruciating, she is opening, flowering!

Called, “emotional healing”, it is, so much more;

Submitting, trusting, putting aside incriminating cowering…

Covet, “the testing of the waters”, making sure it is safe.

No longer is this necessary for one so enraptured!

Seeking excuses for secrets, filling away more regrets;

Sorry habits effecting heart aches, Now love has been captured.

Oh, awesome wonder of love! It takes my breath away.

Life surly safe with love as her about advocate!

Entrenched obstacles transformed; transparent concoctions!

Love: The overcomer! Trust: The issue, consummate!! …

001_rain_romance1The Unpredictable  

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