Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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So it is!

… A curious mingle,

Upon that woody shingle,

… Upon that ligneous shore.

But more, is the meddle-

Of twigged basket crinkle,

(A crepitating crinkle)

… And operant hellebore…

So rarely suspended;

(Pendulous, then upended)

From the crook of a-

Marmoreal member (an arm).

To the apothecary’s candle,

… (Table, stew and ladle).

Scions tumble, leaflets crumble.

… Tainture! But mark, a sistering jar.

To this swelling ring.

… Singular, thesaurus bead, that to her-

Rivaled aureole clings!! …

30237-Rustling-LeavesThe Unpredictable  

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The deep waters glow from the brilliant sun,

As we sail from the forbidden coast-

From a refuge found at the Southernmost,

Through treacherous water in isolation,

From an island beyond comparison.

‘Tis the home of Goddess, some do boast.

To enhance this beauty, men seek their host;

Lured by Nature’s charm, the reefs they forerun.

Victims of ghostly winds that fill the land;

And the nearby sea with fragrant odor,

Creates seas full of ships half filled with sand,

While wreckage overspreads the ocean floor.

Stems and sterns, keels and ribs leave no demand-

In watery grave near the tranquil shore!! …

12144761_423987941134427_8151748311889753005_n-1The Unpredictable  

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You can’t go back

Please read an enjoy the post of the very talented writer, my friend John.


You can’t go back

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


After breaking a heart. Better not to look back. Can’t return back to the place of sweetness, after burning down the bridges with bad actions and words.


Can’t go back

Last time I saw you. You were covering your face and hiding tears. I knew when I exit the door. I couldn’t return.

I had everything once and wanted more. You told me. “Wild and crazy Johnnie. You must stop and hold on to me.  Even the wild sea knowed calm and must rest. Johnnie, the wars and regret are gone. Stay with me and allow our hearts to grow to everlasting and a good love.”

I left you on a Winter day to go fight wars for men who did not care if I lived or died. I learn life is like an old willow tree. The good branches will…

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