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When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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I cry myself to sleep.

Why do I really weep?

Is it wrong, am I strong?

Strong enough to deal with pain;

Or is it just insane?

When I weep is it just to sleep…

Sleeping now, sleeping then,


Sleeping whenever I can!

Can I sleep without a weep?

I don’t know, I haven’t tried.

So it can’t be denied…

Denied as it is;

As tears arise in my weepy eyes!! …


The Unpredictable

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Life is a risk.

To try is to risk failure.

To reach out is to risk involvement.

To love is to risk not being loved in return.

To be honest is to risk showing your true self.

To be an individual is to risk standing out.

To learn is to risk wisdom.

The greatest risk is to risk nothing.;

For the human with nothing to lose,

Has nothing to gain!!…


The Unpredictable

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I serenaded to the sea

A beautiful post by a very talented writer, John. Please read and enjoy.


I serenaded to the paragon of beauty.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


We were shadows dancing upon the beach. Safe from the peril of real life


                            I serenaded  to the paragon of beauty

On highway two. The coastal California highway.
Hidden is utopia of land and people untouched by factory or big business.
Big Surf is safe hideaway for the few lucky people close to her.

A hidden beach called Pfeiffer beach in Big Sur.
Allowed the people to be far away from the city and in the safe
hands of the Pacific ocean.

My long legs beauty begged me to take to Big Sur and
she wanted to dance bare to the sea and
allow her skin to unravel from the burden of real life.

We arrived at Pfieffer beach at noon.
Old and young running in skimpy bathing suits or none.
Few swim in the dangerous water.

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Marvelous stillness

The world, the stars pervade in-

With the severity of their rays,


Everlasting security,

To shed upon the earth,

The assurance…

The young moon re-curved,

Shined low in west!

Was a slender shaving thrown up,

From a bar of gold.

Sea extended its perfect level,

To perfect circle,

Of a dark horizon.

Part of the scheme of a safe universe-

Was the beating of sea and heart-

On each side of two deep folds of water,

Permanent and sombre,

On the unwrinkled shimmer…

A few while swirls of foam-

Bursting into a low hiss.

A few wavelets, a few ripples,

A few undulations…

Subsided splashing gently,

Calmed down at last,

Into circular stillness…

Of water and sky,

With the black speck of the moving-

Remaining hull,

everlasting in pits center!! …

21231977_1441280142653814_5770716198404447223_nThe Unpredictable  

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Soft body, dappled, sensuously warm.

Calmly awaits maturation of the seeds,

Of its own destruction to flower.

The swath of the inevitable and-

Merciful reaper approaches.

While nature’s masterfully casted creature,

Lies awaiting with head held alertly.

Limbs obediently embracing its sides;

And the eyes… the eyes!

The eyes dark and bold hold the innocence-

Of a moment and the wisdom of eternity.

Those magnificently shining eyes the soul of any kind,

Live beyond the harvest!! …


The unpredictable

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The art of engagement tends to allude me,

Like water under a bridge from a distance.

Social inadequacy is desired beyond words.

And harder than talking to a policeman;

After a parent’s attempted suicide…

You want it so bad, it can’t happen

You get done doing the yard, and-

putting the mower away in the garage.

Feel the squish of the struggling bird,

Under your feet. It makes this smell…

You try to dart or dance away;

And stomp on another one. You get a shovel,

might as well get used to it.

We hurt more by accident;

And repay wonderful kingdom with clumsy intentions!! …


The Unpredictable

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I have ached as a quivering branch in the depth of winter.

Layers upon layers of ice encase me in their coffin.

Sealed with ageless desolation in a frozen wasteland.

Stripped raw and suspended in mid-gasp.

And in these final spasm of life,

Reality peeks out from eternity.

Its abyss erupts in the space of eyes.

As the mushroom blooms in the sky for infinite instant.

And existence is glimpsed its open maelstrom,

Just before the coffin explodes!! …


The Unpredictable

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