Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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Ellie belfiglio

Father, my precious dad, this is how I felt after your death. Tears still flow at unseen places. I can’t get over it as some people tell me. Because of my political asylum, I could not even go to the funeral. We just had our phone calls. Dad I miss you. Your first child. You called me the light of your eyes. Bye dad. Rest in peace…


Lost in the river of unforeseen quarrels,

Drowning below some untold dreams;

Feeling within, the heartache of sorrows,

Searching for meaning in holding back screams’

Using as weapons, the renegade stories;

Holding for ransom, a love, yet unforeseen;

Unspoken forgiveness, false passion is borrowed;

Sharing alone, a slow dying heartbeat.

Can’t sleep!! …



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The Silhouettes

Ellie belfiglio


Darkness forever!

Sea, so endless.

Against the sun, the silhouettes!

Her majestic beauty, beneath.

Night will come with love.

Time and day, wash away.

Feel the ambiance!

Stars sing a song,

For me, as I belong;

Running to their stage;

And endless dream, Can I stay?

Closing my eyes, opening my heart,

In the night!

Walk with me, hold my hand.

Souls never part!

Words I seek, softly utter!

And I always follow you!

An endless tide, be by my side!

And dreams of living come true!! …



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You walk in my dream at night,

Grieving! A woman who is in fright!

My mother, did you know,

Your daughter died so slow?

Now, are you going too?

Come back, for once be true!

dreams in my hours, dark;

Searching like a cat with no lark!

Thrills and mournful I call;

Once more so dull!


Surely mama, sure,

She is somewhere!

Did you know? Did she soar?

Could you hear her roar?

Let me explain…

You can find her-

if you can search here and there!! …



True Exposure

Ellie belfiglio


Around me, the darkness falls,

Like a blanket, I wrap me in it;

And play with time.

Fades away the last light;

Prepares me to journey within myself;

A kaleidoscope of fear and hope;

Appears in rotating images in intervals.

I will never be more aware-

than I am now! Let me think,

Where is my home in the passing show of my dreams?

Suspending myself- and pulse-

a  lengthly time/ who am I, who could I be?

In none true exposure- snapped!

Ahh ahh! A righteous unconscious,

As away existence!

And then I become what I already am,


Conversely, a destiny, a strong sense reaches out;

And touches my soul,

And lifts me back to surface of life!!

I think again! As I approach the light.

A rude awakening this morning-

like all others!

The feeling remains!

Can I write my name across the time?? …



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