Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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Adrift in seas of loneliness and hurt,

Her coat of armor shone like a flame.

As she glided through the maze of nameless,

Inquiring faces, body feeling bare.

Emerging out of smoky shadows,

He approached with words of admiration,

Unmercifully chipping grooves in her,

Steely flesh with every declaration.

Intense and knowing eyes invaded her soul;

Acknowledging the beauty dwelling within.

His gentle hands outstretched and pleading,

Were taken gratefully to hungry skin.

A melted pool of misery lay drowned,

Where she had lost and finally found!! …




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Silent whispers.

Heard only in stillness.

Gentle forces,

Whose powers weakens the strong,

How complex its character,

Yet how simple its beauty.

For hours it moves on.

Unobserved to the busy crowds;

But the green giants appreciate its gentle core.

Their bodies laugh at its humor.

The weeping willow cries for it’s joy.

The raging cages cut its freedom.

Its only wish is safety.

Safety from wheels and engines;

And objects that want a part of its independence.

It eagerly bestows youth to the old.

It cheerfully gives joy to the mourning,

It lovingly brings out the beauty to the ordinary!! …



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pond goldfish 1

“Here I am, oh! All alone to sit right

“here down on my throne, to here the fish

“swim by and the birds fly high,

“to see the frogs go leaping by, the sound of

“the wind rustling through my eyes.”

“The smell of the sea breeze air just

“make my nose twizzel  here and

“there, to hear the birds go tweap,

“tweap, tweap, just makes my

“heart go ba- beep- ba- beep.

“I think tonight I’ll take myself,

“flying through the midnight night”!! …




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Oh, little book full of tales,

How I wonder for the stories you tell.

Are they real? are they lies?

Why are they hidden from prying eyes?

From cover to cover, your tales spin;

Like weavings of ropes of love and life.

Do you know the boundaries to which they extend?

Oh, little book! Do you hear the whispers or feel the tears?

Do you understand the words, “Neath your covers?”

Tale told of life and its lovers.

Do you, little book know the mysteries inside?

Do you the secrets that you yourself hide?

So tell me, do you know;

Will you ever realize;

The dark riddles of these page;

And of mine own life?? …




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Black is the rain,

that falls outside my window.

As I cry from the pain,

as I suffer from my sorrow…

I stare at the raindrops,

that splashes in the ground.

They’re like the tears that my eyes have found.

They are black and sour and they’re letting me lose my power.

The glow from the moon is blinding my eyes,

as I am left hypnotized;

I fight to escape this trance;

but I don’t seem to have a chance.

I’m trapped in your world;

I’m imprisoned in your hands.

I am trying to fight it,

for I know this is only a dream-

that is created from my pain,

for when I wake you’ll be gone,

and I I will continue to stare at the black rain!! …







The wintry wind beat against the weary trees,

That stood naked, yet firm in the frozen breeze.

Drenched in the tears of the distressed dawn,

They wept in the bosom of the winter morn.

Half dead leaves twitched on the ground;

Writhed in pain but made no sound,

Lest they disturb the springtime flowers,

That slept blissfully under the mound.

Amidst the trees, where I stood, I heard-

A melancholy dirge of some lonely bird,

Whose friends to warmer skies had fled;

And at its feet, its love lay dead.

There, beside the brook, beneath a barren tree,

Suddenly I saw a chrysanthemums solitary,

Dressed in gold and decked with dew;

It stood there smiling in all its glory!! …






Watching the world through a stranger’s eyes.

Spying upon thousand skies.

Beyond the world that we all know,

Lies a treasure of silver and gold.

A glittery past, a silent future;

The clock of time keeps moving faster;

Sending us farther and farther away;

Far from home and silence stays.

Deep in the conscience of unknown thoughts,

Lies a trait to follow, it may be the last.

Lost in the world that we once knew;

Deeper and deeper and out of the blue.

Still, watching the world through a stranger’s eyes.

Spying upon a thousand skies.

Beyond the world that we all knew,

Lies a treasure lost in thought!! …