Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…




You open your eyes!

You see blue skies!

You see a crystal, beaded sky;

Or a raging sea up high!

In the horizon above-

do you see hate or love?

Beneath the deep sea-

You see a someone resembling me!


If it is the sky,

Do you ask why?

If it is the sea-

Do you think how could this be?

Questions we ask,

When pondering the task!

Just before it is done,

Ask, was your life fun?

For one minute go to your past!

Ascended later, make a contrast!

Slash! Congratulation! Your end is here at last!! …



The pictures are from bing.com…





In you-
I see the deep ocean.
I see the brightness of sun.
At its highest point
I see the radiance of the stars.
In the darkest night,
I see behind the darkness of your eyes…

in you-
I see the freedom of your soul.
I see your longing for true love.
I see thee generous heart slowly opening;
And then closes in fear of that love.
I see behind the darkness of your eyes…

In you-
I see my heart entwined with yours.
My soul reaches the depth of yours.
I see my adoring glance reflect in your eyes;
And I wish you see yours in mine…

But what sadness…
In me-
You don’t see the me in you.
And I, you in me!! …


~ Ellie ~
The pictures are from bing.com…