Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…


“The wild and the tamed”

please read and enjoy a talented writer, John.


The wild and the tamed

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Is is better to play dead or create fear?


                            The wild and the tamed.

Some men don’t fear death.
They don’t believe in destiny or final solution.
Life is to be lived.

Cigarettes, whiskey and wine is their song.
The cold and lonely road had stolen their heart.
Dead in heart and soul leave no pity or time for love or salvation.

Salvation is for the men yearning for peace in a world seeking
death and destruction. The tamed heart yearn for calm and peace.
Hard places to find in a life.

The wild side is easy. Woman wants little from you.
Always places to find people on the dead-end road.
The taverns are filled with people who accepted less.

Some of us danced on the wild side and the tamed life.
I’m older and I have accepted the…

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Ellie belfiglio

tumblr_ldzv4riwm01qec4tho1_400… Around my bare shoulder, his fingers wrapped

As flame covers a burning log safely!

Sense of touch, intense comforting

Quickly penetrated my skin lovingly!

… I had found in this season of winter

Summer’s pleasure and light!

Left my body and heart, the cold harsh air

Surrounded me soft blanket, warm, loving!

… As ecstasy filled my body, pain ceased to exist

Like water soak into a dry sponge.

The bitterness cried from my soul

With silent, tender tears, heartbreak of hours!

… The healing power of love, to know

And grace of another being, experience!

I safely surrounded, so forgiving

Forever the eternity of myself to him!! …




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An empty space in my heart,

A feeling of loneliness that never departs.

Longing for the warmth of love,

So wonderful it fits like a glove.

Knowing that my one true love will never be,

His love has been sent out to the sea,

If only he could share the love I feel in my heart,

A feeling that sets him apart from the rest.

Even though I feel like I am being put through

A certain test.

I wish I could finish this test of time,

When he finally be a true lover of mine!! …




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How you can laugh, and careless do

While rain and rain still falls

And falls, in falling through

This life, in supplication calls

To you, in leaving left me blind

To stumble in each darkened day

This pain and and pride my spirit blind

Like wolves in wilderness they bay

But all this was my own device

A chain that I have welded thight

And you to stay could not entice

Though try I did with fire and fight

And now I fall so, with the rain

That gathers puddles in the street

That drowns the world, my pallid bane

And seems to seal my death complete!! …








… The wind and waves, forever rift,

Though kinsfolk ever one.

They tumble and toss, and churn and sift

To every form but calm…

… The plainness of his dry-weeds way

That stirs inside the wind

Is stranger not, not faraway,

From waves that splash and swim.

… Entreats again her surging sea

To stir his sleepiness:

Her secret hidden mystery

Has woke him with a kiss.

… And out he steps upon the sea,

The foolish thought to dare,

Or courage take, whatever it be,

He sets his foot out there.

… Now, falling through the fainting wave

Is not the major thing,

But that one has set out at all

Invite the victor’s ring— !!!







The glorious unspread wings

Upon the backs of the human beings

Lay curled  and unseen…

Changed now upon the clay

Fluttering the need to play…

How came we upon this land,

The precious few, to change the plan

Lain so blindly in great parts

By still- yet wildly besting hearts

Of Heavens young…

Lift your feet, my dear

And spread those wings that you so fear.

For on that lifted wind you’ll fly

God’s own, the perfect butterfly!!!…




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Ellie belfiglio

12670041_10201422004707604_2682909475033021925_n… A sad mellow tone of a bell,

Rings melancholy a sad knell.

It brings with lamenting, great sorrow!

It give me a thought for tomorrow.

… Why think now of that, what is past?

Those dear to me, strong and fast;

And that bell still tolls, a sad knell.

It brings me visions, that sad bell…

… Away you sad thoughts, bother not!

Your thoughts of sorrow, away rot;

And that knell, that bell, why so ring?

Mourning for one dead, death song sing!

… And that bell rings on, that sad bell!

It strikes my heart, that fool knell.

For I hear it says, tones like said,

“It is your life, that is dead!” …




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