Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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will you die

if you’re drowning?

weather you’re in the sea;

weather you are dreaming;

weather when you lie;

Weather when you sin;

weather when you’re happy;

weather when you are jealous;

Weather you’re in agony;

Weather you seek revenge;

Weather when you have vendetta!!

Let’s be watchful not to be drowned!

Let’s be human;

Which by itself is a new world!

Which has no followers!! ..





Ellie belfiglio


Bring me the sun,

So I plant it instead of my sorrow.

Being me your warm kiss,

So I relish it instead of tear.

Embrace my hopelessness.

Throw away my sadness;

And let me with your warm kisses,

And your desirous embrace,

One more time, just one more time,

Only one more time, to laugh!! …



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A Woman forever

Ellie belfiglio


Sun rising in your eye.

Under your feet, earth moving by.

Your beauty, why haven’t seen?

Hold your hand for feeling, not demean!

The softness, the kindness in high degree;

Yet there is Might in your arms, help me!

For I’m blind and can’t see.

For I’ve sloped you,

When you give “love”, it is true.

I’ve killed the very thing,

The person, the WOMAN, everything!

The woman who gave me life.

Never brought me to grave of strife.

For all is lost.

A storm is coming with gust.

Tall, she will once more stand,

While help I look for from your hand.

She will walk strong,

While I stumble along.

She will hold out her hand.

Fears in her eyes stand.

Pain of heart, she will love me.

She is a woman who has fed me.

Look, you’re blind;

You don’t hear, have no mind!

You don’t feel,

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The only one to be

Ellie belfiglio


One eternal day,

The sky was pitch gray,

And dark! Not a sound to be heard;

Nor a word to be said.

Loneliness crept upon the only one-

to be, but she was gone.

The only one to be, had thought,

The thought of life she sought.

She made a thousand crystal ball,

To support all her life of scowl.

She made this life to be,

Like the only one she did see;

In which to see herself in a good deed,

Good thought, to her, she plead!

She was no longer the one to be,

Like the only one she does see!! …7ac0210f81dbc3301c633df4db837ff6


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