Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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Ellie belfiglio


I walk alone on this earthly trail,

Feeling so cold, as a baby so frail.

Ahead in the darkness, the stillness of the night,

A vision of perfection, silhouette in the light.

The moon ponders over this shadow of a man,

Laughing at the success of his plan.

Being unknowing pawn in the game,

I confront the this stranger and ask his name…


To look into his eyes embraces my speech.

Our lips meet, our hearts both reach.

Standing together at dawn’s first light,

He whispers my name, my heart takes flight.

For the first time in centuries of war, that soar,

Someone has entered and unlocked the door.

The chains fall silent, at last I’m free,

He speaks of love, of a life with me.

The sun rises, glowing its brightest hue,

To signify the re-birth, my life anew.

I have found my God, and heaven with you!! …

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“God’s going to cut you down”

Reblog this for 2000 followers. Please read and enjoy the writing of a a very talented writer, my friend, John.


God’s going to cut you down (Johnnie Cash)

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


I have been listening to Neil Young and Johnnie cash tonight. Good song create powerful poetry.


    God’s going to cut you down       (Johnnie Cash)

I told the kids. Hate is heavy sin and make us feel no good. Leave us  dead in the  heart and the mind. When you are dead. What is left?

I told the preacher. I have sins. I have done most of the deadly seven sins and I never seeked peace or forgiveness. I was led by greed and I don’t believe God will  forgive the men who left only marks of greed, lust and drink. I loved the road more than love. I believe men who danced on fire stones of self-need and  he don’t believe in heaven or hell. Will know purgatory with loads of foolish men. The preacher thought…

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… I cry, I weep blood

Spilt on the parched earth

I am absorbed to nurture our children

I grow hope.

… I cry, I weep from gaping sores

My soul runs free from cages

I flee, the cinder tiger, the cage of law

Unjust justice.

… I cry, I weep flames

Fueled by ignorance, fanned by misunderstanding

Fires of the soul the night

Ashen silhouettes.

… I quench the fire of hatred

Smother the fuel, the renewable resource

I open wire doors, broken by the light

I dissolve pain.

… I open, I nudge

Keys to cages that turn with words

Hold with music bridges that lead to the winds of hope

The language of power!! …




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… If we caused a fire, I framed you

He’ll slip through your teeth my friend

Don’t have to take another opinion

Don’t have to break the glass inside my shell.

… Don’t have to be the cause of a failure

Though I live for second best

Made an underlined theory of changes

What to say when your grey power to all the rest.

… Listen to the sound of facet mime

Blistered by the threat of run down undermined

Your florid walls around me all the time

Eye walls penetrate the crumbling sky.

… Wet my bed for a faith healer

I had to cry but I laughed instead

No one has ever brought you to meet him

wandering eye passing through your head.

… She doesn’t know where he came from

So tired of the temperate life he lead

He’s got tonight to think about tomorrow

Saves a prayer for the thankless silhouette!! …




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Ellie belfiglio


… Where do we go from here?

We have nothing to wear.

Since we undressed our mind

Yet feeling to us still bind.

Out of clouds’ hurt

Hindering the unity of birth!

Within hope of reunion on earth!

… Our love was from our heart

But my intellect said of plight!

If questioned this form of art

Which entangled itself in my heart!

The shelf of dust and rust

Was the fault of lust.

Within our love’s nest

That has settled like rest

Hovering overhead as best!! ...

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