When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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Shadows are created from words that are untold,

As spirits pour out from souls with mold!

Into the ocean, rivers ooze!

They have no remorse for leaving blues;

Or no fear for where they may end;

Or trepidation if they find a friend.

Like the current of waves, they spread;

Like a bridge, where souls and hearts evade.

They meet in a circle and bond-

With one another in a pattern with no sound.

In the intricacies of communication way-

To reach across the gap to pray!

Feelings are exchanged, fingers touch;

Thoughts connect in tradition’s such!

Like elders, stories are told;

And passed on to younger spirits, the bold!

With their imagination straining, so visible-

To envision the next passing phrase, so notable!

We speak to them, yes, our word-

That are told, cut like sword;

And becomes shadows like raindrop;

Or even thousand drop of diamonds in a…

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… I could be your worst nightmare!

I could be your hopes and aspiration!

I could be anything that you want me to be;

And all you have to do is just dream about it!

… I could let you fly up in the sky.

I could let you dive in the deepest oceans.

I could let you go in the center of the earth.

I could let you soar in space and visit distant planes.

… But I’m only a dream.

It’s only you who could make me real.

It’s only you who could fulfill all of these…

Only you!! …




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Sitting by the meadow;

Gazing at hummingbird!

Enchanted by waterfalls!

Moon light sines into the pond,

Such a sight for sour eyes.

Imagining a ballerina-

Dancing in the trees;

And the sparkles of the stars shine

Across glittering silvery sky

Of a fire of flame…

How surprised by the sunrise light!

Flowers, flowers, that is what I say!

Wake up, wake up to a brand new day!! …




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dreamer__by_zemotionYou walk in my dreams at night

Grieving! A woman who was in fright!

My mother! Did you know

Your daughter died so slow?

Now, are you going, too?

Come back, for once be true!

Dreams in my hours, dark,

Searching like a cat with no lark!

Thrills and mournful call

Once more, so dull!

Surely, mama, sure!

She is somewhere, she did soar!

I explain, you can find her;

If you search here and there!! …



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My moonlight

is a spot light

in the night sky

is beacon that deny

and leads me on the way

thought a long journey’s gray!

It is a guidance with delay

that I need any day

that has led me astray!

The blackness of the night

is an easel for my fright

and my imagination with spite!

The beginning are the stars

of the idea that spars

and dream that mars!


The pinpoint of my despair

and imagination’s ferver

I peck through my affair!

Guides me to the moon

to another place soon

when I am safe in my cocoon!

Here I can go

and create glow!

No boundaries are daylight

the endless night!

Dreams never end

they will ascend

and when my mind spark

falls into dark

once again leaves its mark!

Dreams never spark!

As my guide, the moon!

and stars come soon.

To my destination again

my dreams maintain!

They can become inflame

of reality’s aim!

The moon is my night spree

and takes me where I need to be!! …