Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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I shall not build towers;

Skyward to sun’s flowers.

Lest, in climbing I be blinded by the light,

And stumbling fall, to see the sight.

Scattered by broken dreams;

Parch and die on desert sand’s gleam.

Instead, when sky are gray,

On an autumn late day,

I would plant soil, pat it into mud;

Into its soon slumber season of thud…

And when they will have said:

“The snowdrifts was worse then dread.”

“That long winter was worst than dead.”

There, in wonder the brave flower-

Jeweled snowdrifts in white radiant lover;

Silently awakening my heart at the site,

To sounds of unseen vibrant earth’s might!! …




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A caterpillar single- handedly  weaves;

Slowly, methodically, a cocoon lives.

Protection from elements, so vile,

So did I in an isle.

Feeling safe at last, he sleeps;

Stirring not, feeling nothing, he not even leaps!

The caterpillar goes through seasons that cast,

So am I in contrast.

Spring arrives.

The cocoon slowly breaks, reveals, and rives!

The butterfly…

His wings unfold for the fly.

Finally feeling freedom after strife!

The fly…

So shall I feel life!! …








In the arms of the wind’s dream,

I was rocked to sleep beneath moon’s beam.

A friendly ghost from a time long past-

Whispered, sighed, its grace she cast.

Shadows played below moonbeam.

Chased by the restless wind in their gleam.

A little lullaby, a lovely song,

Kept its meaning nice and strong.

Yearning, things yet unseen,

Sang to me so serene.

Whispered fragments of old, broken shield.

Rode on the strange haunting field.

Lured from my sleep, I danced with greed.

Entranced by music and light indeed.

Then suddenly I knew my aim.

The likeness of night and flame…

He winked and smiled beneath the cloud.

His song grew soft , not aloud.

His secret was discovered, He floated away,

At the shimmery, faint touch of gray!! …






On that summer night she knew life-

Was a cliff she would fall in her strife.

What would push her? No one would ever know.

But she kept falling, unless she knew how to flow…

Like a virus, depression eaten her away.

No hope her body produce happiness as she stray.

What she saw blinded her on her way,

As she made her way with so much dismay.

She walked on blackened neighborhood street with fright,

Where ominous bats awakened to claim the night…

Day after day, she fell further and deep!

But no one cared, she had no one to keep!

She approached a comforting figure of a tree.

Branches stretched toward her nonentity.

She closed her weary eyes, put the rope around her neck and tree…

Not many are aware that life is rage,

When some lose hope and the urge-

Of pulling herself back up in place,

Instead she let death catch her and embrace!! …




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Raindrops’ rush,

From sky pour to wash!

Like a sound of heartbreak,

Like a shattered dream,

And no tint of hope.

They all slowly fade away…

Raindrops’ rush,

Sounds like a river.

Flow over the hills,

And the lush valleys,

Only to reach the beginning!

Raindrops’ rush,

Disappear into a mist.

Leave the imagination to wonder,

Only to follow-

The rainbows!! …



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Years have gone by.

Something is so wrong.

The only way I can laugh,

Is to cry first.

Sometimes I even sing.

Sing until I die.

Other times I play tricks,

Play games or tease,

Or call someone a silly name!

My other self forever is gone!

The occasions are there;

But does anyone care?

I see nothing funny.

I can’t even smile like a dummy.

Not even once in awhile.

I am so alone, just me, the only one,

Who faces day after day in the old same way…

I think about what to eat…

I even adjust the heat…

I pick up the mail,

And drink ginger ale.

I even watch Tv.,

But I can never see!

Always be,

Just me,

But not the me-

That used to be!!

Where did I go!! …