Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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The color of me…


The color of moon, red.

The color of wind, dusty.

The color of you, Persian.

Where are you from?

From now on my heart-

in muddy waters disappears.

The Caspian Sea falls down.

I don’t see snow in Tehran.

Can anyone in other place,

Scream the fate of her land?

Where am I from? !! …




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A few words

When I was a young girl,

My soul was filled with hope, love,

Innocence, like a white bird.

Those days are gone, gone.

The imaginary love is buried.

My hands and face now is withered.

I don’t walk on hot pavement anymore.

When I want to write,

Wind carries the words to stars.

I can only get back a few words:

“All of sudden, empty eyes, horror!”!! …



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Oh if I…


Oh If I could go to Tehran.

Oh, if I could go to Shiraz.

Oh. If I could travel on Caspian Sea,

With a blue dress,

On a small boat;

And reach Northern Iran,

With a purple dress,

Which is wet of rain,

That clings to my body>

If I could climb Alborz Mountain,

With a green dress,

And returning To Tehran

With a red dress,

And say hello!! …




Gloomy Cloud


When tears fall from eyes,

Or gloomy cloud crys,

When the azure, eerie sea,

Roars angrily with dree,

I ask God:

“Why is this storm so loud?

“Why is this tear so blight?

“Is it a silent night?

“For me and sea’s lonely fright?”!! …





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Ellie belfiglio


When morning opens to sun its face,

The azure waves wear a lace-

Dress made of gold and glee,

Over the roaring yet silent sea!

The morning at the time, wet and cold.

The white jasmine beneath dew is old.

The breeze of the sea in height-

Washes its body with delight.

The breathers in the azure island,

Think about sea and land…

In the moment, alone and apart,

Empty of tumult in heart,

She takes a glance towards the sun;

Shakes her body with fun;

Looks at the tenuous colors of ray;

Sinks into deep body of water’s gray!

Whether or not they know the fiction,

She remains in love and raves;

She sleeps in the bosom of waves!! ...



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Since birth


When the darkness covers the earth,

People who live at night,

Stay awake to see the light.

To look at stars at night-

in far places.

To reach stars,

To be patient for spring.

To be patient for winter to move away.

To take us to places we’ve never seen.

To tell us about flowers, trees.

To be in love with water in stream

To never be silent even in dreams.

The stars call onto streams.

To find a kiss, smile, a stop of fear.

They listen to beauty of what they see.

To breathe the fresh air,

So they don’t break the peace.

So the leaves and trees grow!! …




Wall of hate


In my absence,

In the darkness of night,

They build a wall!

A wall made of stone and mud.

A wall made of rocks and hatred.

The wall got taller and taller.

The workers with their dirty hands;

And torn clothes,

Wrote on the wall,

Words of hate!! …