Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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The color of…


Ellie belfiglio


The color of moon, red!

The color of wind, earthly!

The color of you, Persian!

Where are you from?

My heart from now on-

in muddy water disappears!

I hear a boring sound.

The Caspian Sea disappears!

Tehran snow, no more!

Can anyone in another place,

Scream the fate of her home?

Where am I from?? …



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The only one to be

Ellie belfiglio


One eternal day,

The sky was pitch gray,

And dark! Not a sound to be heard;

Nor a word to be said.

Loneliness crept upon the only one-

to be, but she was gone.

The only one to be, had thought,

The thought of life she sought.

She made a thousand crystal ball,

To support all her life of scowl.

She made this life to be,

Like the only one she did see;

In which to see herself in a good deed,

Good thought, to her, she plead!

She was no longer the one to be,

Like the only one she does see!! …7ac0210f81dbc3301c633df4db837ff6


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Sun’s daughter

If you missed this poem, please read it again….

Ellie belfiglio


Behind the secret of night,

The sun’s daughter with delight,

Knits a skirt of golden sight…

The black bells scowl;

And toll for the death of fowl,

The thoughtful fowl!!

“Sun’s streams sorrowfully are red.”

The cold blood of sun,

In night’s veins run;

Tragically, deceitfully with no fun!

And behind the secret of night,

The daughter of sun still with delight,

Knits the skirt of golden sight!! …



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