Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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“Walking With Sun”


The sun breaks through my haze of confusion.

Its rays shines upon me like watchful eyes.

Never to let the Grim Reaper blow a cloud’s shadow and bring daybreak;

Unless its figure resembles you.

As I walk with sun,

Its rays reflects into my everyday life.

Taking a load off the day’s chores;

As the sun’s presence fades!

You have not gone.

You gave me the moon as a night-light.

Protecting me from my fears of darkness.

Watching over me as I set to rest;

With memories of you rushing through my mind.

Never to forget,

That when I awake,

Your love shines bright!! …



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“The Rainbow Bridge”

To our animals that journeyed to rainbow bridge. 

The title of this poem is not mine, however I don’t remember where I read it…


We cried a river, full and rich with love!

I always carry you gracefully, embrace you like a glove.

Whisking you so carefully, along our riverbanks.

Embarking your journey to rainbow bridge! For this we give God thanks!

We’re lonely here without your touch, but joyous for your gain.

Ascended to the hands of God, and this will ease our pain.

You’ve touched our soul beyond belief, you were our little log!

Remaining forever in our heart, we miss you our little dog.

Your strength will help us to carry on, you are always near.

Your smile will come to mind, subsiding our tear.

Our tears will flow, in our hearts you’ll stay!

Our tears will carry you gracefully, we cried your river today!! …



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“Endless Hands of Time”


It travels on and on! How long would it last?

Never moves too slow, never moves too fast.

Sometimes it flies, but that is a lie.

Sometimes it creeps! I wonder why?

It races every living thing that dwells upon this earth!

It runs and started before our birth.

When did it start? When does it end?

No one knows how it looks, for it is like wind.

It affects material things that lay upon the earth!

Some get old and fade away, some triple in what they’re worth!

When I think these thoughts, there’s no doubt in my mind.

What is described, are the endless hands of time!! …




“To be be-ing


Within the body

……… Lies the heart.

Within the heart

……… Lies the soul.

The body needs the soul.

………… To be!

The soul needs not the body!

………… Souls

Ageless… timeless, infinite…

……. Within my heart

Is the depth of my be-ing.

What is the heart without love.

What is the body without the soul.

What is my love without you!! …




“Tears of Our Ancestors”


In the shadow of the canyon.

Lay the tears of our ancestors!

The medicine wheel of our buried past,

Amidst the crevices are our long lost lives…

Vibrant and cohesive as the dance of light,

The figures reverent and mysterious,

Like the Hyenas cry in the night,

Against the constellation of secrets and truth…

Ever present are the matriarchal chants;

Clear, deep, loud and lyrical,

As the birthing song in their earthen beds.

They are us, we are them, we are one!

In the midnight,

The only reflection is the light;

Which creates the shadows of canyon!! …



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“Flowing Sand”


Sand, white and flowing, forever present.

Its promise to hold secrets and catch tears!

We stand on its edge making vows to improve!

All the while holding on to our fears!

Sand can be golden and glitter.

Its dunes hold the promise of life.

We respect its first right to be there!

In life’s thunderous whirlwind and strife…

Strange tide washes harsh and wild.

Taking with it a few grains of beauty.

Tide relentless and pounding… Sand covers;

Although proud, sand takes on its duty…

Bright sun and warmth, sand’s redeemer!

Tide leaves, sand is free to shine.

Sand was there all along, now the storm is over.

Sand, white and flowing, beauty present for all time!! …



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“Amethyst Flame”


Amethyst flame!

Transmuting, transforming!

Changing negativity into love.

Eternal heat!

Cosmic connection!

Meditative pathway!

Calming, soothing and energizing hope!

Human spirit in need of healing!

Violet solitaire!

Transmuting, transforming!

Releasing foreigners to ourselves and each other!

Shine over our world.

Glow in planetary aura!

nurturing the human spirit within!

Unite and protect us in universal love!! …






We kneel in a forest glade!

Trees are cathedral above us.

And the sun flows prismatically through leaves.

All of grandmother is open to our mind.

The earth, the sky spinning!

The connection to everything.

All the dancing creatures of our home,

So commanding, so moving, so powerful.

But we feel this lightly, like a touch of a spider;

Or the breath of a lover.

A true communion!!

A melding souls into the swirling of life!!

You sing to me:

“Peace”from our log pew.

In the prayers,

I don’t even say,

Amen!! …



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“Morning Blue”


I lie awake thinking of peace and serenity;

To capture it’s essence is unreal to me!

Yet, it is all that I live for.

The poetry within me seeps through my every pore!

The muse is my destruction.

My dreams are my fetters.

Escape seems endlessly-


When I close my eyes,

The light once illuminating,

Fades and disappears!! …





“It Is Just Insane


I cry myself to sleep.

Why do I really weep?

Is it wrong, an I strong?

Strong enough to deal with the pain;

Or is it just insane?

When I weep, is it just to-


Sleeping now, sleeping then;


Sleeping whenever I can!

Can I sleep without a weep?

I don’t know, I haven’t tried.

So it can’t be denied…

Denied as it is,

As tears arise in my weepy eyes!! …