Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…




So near the fence line,

Edge of woods, like shrine;

There was an acre pond,

Compelling, mysterious, profound…

Climb up along incline-

Of dirt and rocks’ chine;

Through bushes or skies,

Reeding with cries.

There, I see the pond,

With few stones around;

And some grass;

And leaves and twigs with class,

Have docked in the pass…

A gray old pond, no ducks or fish,

some guardian maple trees wish,

Standing tall, bent, gnarled, not on leash!

On lingering, looking deep,

Little acre pond, unspoiled for keep.

Compelling, mysterious, THE PEEP!! …



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Warm, bright sunshine!

Tomorrow are in line.

Whispering are for me.

Sunrays peering free.

Through the branches I see,

Many colors aglow,

From mountains’ show!

Drenched by dew, they ooze-

On leaves of trees’ blues,

When they all snooze.

On a canyon the hills ease,

on level is now breeze.

I walk, surely I will.

I run to reach the top, still.

It was never right, now is fair!

So far at last, I dare!! …



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My glass continually empty. So ascetic!

Visions of my existence is nothing but abstaining.

It often seems distorted, deformed.

The good doctor said: “You’re disfigured for life!”

Ever since my view base on falsehood.

My mind is always cruel by submission of my heart,

With the maleficence in the world.

I find neither virtue nor pretense,

Nor enjoy the false beauty.

Ah, what a life, all is momentary.

All is delusion we hold on to.

There could be a brief delight in the end,

Which slip through my fingers

All that I do, anger swarms.

Shadows each emerging- dawn with grief.

How is to know life is wasted on me.

And, ah, my ingratitude of every gift,

Gifts for every and each soul,

Whose glass is half full!! …



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A world of dream within our mind.

It seems to you so kind.

In dreams we can be big or tall.

Sometimes we leap, but don’t fall.

In dreams, forever joyous heart is not gray.

If we our lost, we find our way.

In dreams we never do wrong.

There is no weakness, we are strong.

In dreams if we have, we share;

And if we don’t, we care!

In dreams if we wish, it comes through.

We look at life that never is blue…

In dreams we go back and forth in time;

And forever stay young beyond our prime.

In dreams we see people wise;

And if we have a goal, it easily realized.

In dreams, always is sunny and bright.

And the breeze is serene at night.

In dreams we waltz and sing;

And we almost can do anything.

But my dreams are always nightmare.

They possess my night, in my mind they enter!! …



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Can you sense the wonder of a child,

A child so pure and undefiled?

When does your heart so perceive,

Never, never, your spirit grieve!

If you can see a rainbow,

Your heart increases tempo!

And your spirit surely soar up high,

And exhale a peaceful, drawn out sigh…

With understanding, how can you look,

To see beyond the cover of a book?

Your heart has known the cause;

Your spirit will cheer and applause!

Your life or mine, when they are said and done,

It seems really everything gone.

Wondering, it is not fame and fortune,

But it is heart and soul’s feat-

That tells you life been victory or defeat!! …



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Wild love runs of water edge.

Foams of tenderness in water merge.

On a lily pad, flowers pledge.

Turbulent waves beat against the ledge.

Tides crossing with rage.

Season’s heart sends dewdrop with urge.

Waves a tossing, converge!!

Blue waters on the banks chime.

Nature’s force washed up so sublime;

Sought after each time!

As if love was cohered with rhyme!

Traveling on a cycle of true-

In water built for two!

An orderly splash, so blue;

Such a sensational dajavou…

Clamor of undertow, so insane!

Never to be saved again.

Memories of river of love in vain,

Watery, yet in chain!

Mysteries still remain!! …








What is beautiful?

Why is beautiful so beautiful?

Would I be so beautiful if you had not noticed me?

In this world of hate, fear, bricks, steel,

Would I be still beautiful if my eyes were not blue like ocean?

Would I be still beautiful if my skin was not soft?

Well, how soft or tough is that?

How soft can someone’s skin be in this tough world?

Would I be so beautiful if my hair was tough not soft and silky?

How silky?

As silky as a web of dreams,

Spun by the spider of life!

Well, I know how beautiful I am;

Even if you had no eyes,

Blind to the world!

Would I be so beautiful?

But how do I judge beautiful??? –

From inside out!! …



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“Journey’s end, begin anew to reveal.”

The flowing stream is never still.

The wind so roaring, beaming light-

Nature’s way this is, day and night…

The tiny shoot grows to a tree;

Some generation grow, some spree.

Beating heart, enlightened thought;

The quest of one’s spirit is sought…

Behind me now is the city gate.

Tree sways, river songs, I am late.

Lower the stirrup cup old friends;

The rising sun beckons and ascends…

Ahead of me, tomorrow’s mystic lure.

The silk road calls. The TAO does assure.

My house remains, my home is in me,

A History of footprints greet the tree…

Something is before, something left behind.

Journey began with a single footfall of mind.

Treading a carpet of bright tomorrow;

Now I have no past but sorrow!! …






He is gone, yet his essence lingers.

To his absence, senses are altered in airs.

A damp earthy sweat from rumpled emerges;

When our passion died, the shroud that held our rages.

I erase the evidence from our trysting place,

But to no avail I can erase.

Tapestry hair and lint reveal,

Women with love and lust still…

From all visible encounters, the trap is clean;

Now and forever of what have been.

But how do I clean my heart serene? …



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All aligned in even row.

Some white as snow, some lost glow.

Upon their faces, bearing name,

To tell us who is below that fame…

Children, mothers, friends,

Famous, infamous to the ends.

What difference is it now?

For all share the same row!

All frozen now by death,

No sound, no breath.

Tucked in humble lairs in compound,

Peaceful rest in hollow ground…

Some may remember those died;

When paved the garden’s aisled.

For a liar waits to hold you-

Beneath lush green grass through.

If someone arrives anew-

To your new found home’s view;

Another name etched forever,

Admits the stone garden’s sever!! …