Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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Ellie belfiglio

Close up of woman crying

Pain that lies intensely is something quite a scare.

But the evilness I grew to know.

Can’t make me to try to care.

I know the evil eyes that watch me through the night.

I’ve heard the deadly screaming.

It gives me quite a fright.

I see the blood dropping down true,

I know the pain she’s feeling now.

I have been there too.

The moon will soon turn hollow,

But I can’t keep the light.

I shall turn it back to you.

And stay here at night.

I will turn away now,

Go back to where I came.

Then You can go on living,

In your deathly evil game!! …



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This poem is written by my husband, Dr. Valentine Belfiglio. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.


The stench of death

Chokes my breathe.

The ground is red

Around the dead.

I hear shrill cries

Ignored by flies.

A cold, stiff arm

Once did much harm.

The roaring fires

From funeral pyres,

Dot the wet land

Where victors stand.

Some soldiers grin,

While deep within.

There is a fear

Of sword and spear.

Sweat, tears and pain

Mix with cold rain,

As widespread grief

Knows no relief.

Some lost an eye

While others cry.

Some gain great fame,

Others feel shame!!!! …


Dr. Valentine Belfiglio

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Ellie belfiglio



… As the darkness settles and everyone asleep,

A wind may softly blow your mind, making you jump to your feet.

You know she’s never faraway, but no one by your side,

Although you like to tell someone, you hide it all inside.

… You find yourself beside a window, yet gazing into space,

You realize another presence and turn to meet her face.

She smiles at you and softly says, “I guess it is just the heat.

“But you have a long day tomorrow, so try to get some sleep.”

… You now phase back to reality, and your madness blows away,

You think about how short the night, and how long the day,

Yet outside your window, it seems another world.

A your girl waits there for your embrace, receiving not a word.

… She’ll always be there waiting to hear the thoughts you keep…

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… Have you ever watched flowers in a meadow?

Everywhere you look, there seems no sorrow.

When I am with you, I feel no pain;

Even if it where to snow, thunder and rain.

,,, My love for you, I can’t measure.

Your love for me gives me much pleasure.

Your love for me seems to surround,

For everywhere I look, you are all around.

… The scent of your cologne lingers in the room.

I see your smiling face in the moon.

I see your handsome face when flowers bloom.

Together we have a special song, a special tune.

… One day our children will be grown and gone.

Together we will dance to their wedding song.

One day they’ll find a love to treasure;

A love that will give them so much pleasure.

… You’ve helped me along through good time and bad.

When I am with you it is hard to be sad.

Our love for each other will never be complete;

For it grows every day, it grows much even in sleep!! …



passion for art




It is late at night and I am all alone.

Driving down the road.

The rain beats down on the windshield;

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter.

Windshield wipers swishing back and forth;

Symmetrical and rhythmic.

I reach forward and flip the radio.

They are playing my song.

I hum a few bars as I round the corner.

Gradually I slow down.

It appears the rain is speeding up;

Or maybe it is just the tears in my eyes!! …



passion for art