Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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Ellie belfiglio


… On the rooftop, falls sheets of rain;

And the sound of wind overwhelms my brain!

Restlessly observing the scene-

Of where I’m going, where I’ve been…

… slowly forward , the clock moves so keen,

As if it wants the dawn to win!

Thoughts of phantom demean-

Of where I’m going, where I’ve been…

Memories work, yet remain;

And sleep eludes again,

As I muse life’s routine.

Of where I’m going, where I have been!! …




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Ellie belfiglio


I shall, if you lend me your tear

Shed it for you my dear.

I shall, if you lend me your touch

Caress you and much.

I shall, if you lend me your leg

Walk for you everywhere, with my leg.

I shall, if you lend me your sweet song

Sing it for you, I don’t make it wrong!

I shall, if you lend me your mind

I think all your problems that you have lined.

I shall, if you lend me your manly lips

Drink wine of grapes, take many sips.

One thing you shall not lend me

That I want the most, to be free.

I shall, if you lend me your love

Find freedom, something that is above.

Every knowledge that you have and know

I need them so badly though!! …




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… It’s my eyes, liquid pools of moonlight.

It’s my lips, dew kissed and soft.

It’s my smile, warming you with sun rays.

It’s my voice, mesmerizing music on-

your ear’s waves…

… It’s my breast, mound of quivering ecstasy.

It’s my arms and legs entwined like creeping vines.

It’s all of me, sensuality immortalized.

Passion emblazoned…


… Charisma crystalized.

Alluring grave,


That’s why you return.

That’s why you can’t leave.

Run, flee, I will not hold you.

I’ll be there waiting round the corner;

Like tomorrow…

You must come!! …




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Ellie belfiglio


… A cry, a moan, I hear out yonder.

The plea of my soul, cold out wonder.

If I’ll be there, I shout with thunder;

But where is she, my despair in slumber…

… Rumbling, shoring out under!

A fight of weakness, to be free and wonder.

If I’ll be there, I shout with thunder;

But she is gone, I despair in wonder...


… Hearing a voice, her child is out yonder;

It is for her to stay out asunder.

If I’ll be there, I shout out thunder.

Where is she? I muse and ponder.

… Voice returns, I can’t fathom yonder.

It is a voice of a child screaming thunder!

A voice of pain, grief, wonder-

That chills my soul, beats my heart asunder!

… God, tell me why women suffer yonder?

It is not from greed, blindness, but thunder!! ...

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Imagine! A daisy sprinklers in morning dew!

Its falling petals say, “I love you.”

Imagine! sunlight glistens on a window pane;

Making ceaseless beads from warm rain.

Imagine! The caressing breeze makes way in field of wheat;

And rustle a sound made of barefoot.

Imagine! A reflection in crystal clear pool;

The splendor, the dazzle, like a gem of jewel.

Imagine! A child runs barefoot in the sand;

Searching, worrying, wanting his mother’s hand.

Imagine! Can you? Have a love so brand new!

Imagine! A love, so dear, so pure only for me and you!! …


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Ellie belfiglio

red-flowers-tulips-powerful-side-light-hd-wallpaper… The beautiful flair

Hiding your face, How do you dare?

Your voice allure.

The angelic music, so pure

That beckons to me

As I caress the rose so free.

It awakens my memory!

… The power of your voice blaze;

The spirit of dark music’s daze,

Hold me spellbound to your smell;

Yet the mask is but a shell.

Holding your beauty within,

Of your rose in that scene…

… As you turn from me,

You know I love you so free

In each way!

The mask shatters away!

The rose wilts along

And I am dying slow for so long;

Not hearing your song!! …




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