Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…




… Darkness encloses me all around,

Just like a wicked, tormented frown.

Watching shadows, I rise quietly,

Just as if they dancing.

It felt as if I was prancing-

Just for that one moment;

A prancer in  my dreams;

Or that is how it seems perhaps!


… Whatever I believe,

They’re things I can’t deceive.

Suddenly the dancing stops.

Raging shadows go off.

All of them begin attacking me.

Many things there, I can’t see…

… What is this place?

It seems like hell!

It is a nightmare wrapped in dream.

I wake up screaming…

Stiff, scared, dreadful!

Wondering how I ever bared-

The darkness that forever enclose me!! …




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Cry, cry you child in the corner of the room.

It’s coming, it’s coming, with it find them soon.

Cry, cry for the love, the hurt, the pain.

It’s coming, it’s coming, but the child knows its name.

Cry, cry for the child, the blame, the shame.

It’s running, it’s running, just call it a game.

Cry, cry for the child, knowing the price.

It’s running, it’s running, as if just rolled the dice.

How to wish for rainbow, wish for stars.

It can take them away, can leave them with scars…

green blue outer space red multicolor stars yellow pink rainbows cyan muitlcolored 1280x1024 wall_wallpaperswa.com_84

Cry, cry you child, in the corner of the room.

It’s staying, it’s staying, how long will it loom?

Cry, cry for the love, the hurt, the pain.

It’s staying, it’s staying, the child takes the blame.

Cry, cry for the child, knowing the fate.

It’s leaving, it’s leaving, we find out too late.

Cry, cry for the child, the feeling, the loss.

It’s leaving, it’s leaving but a child, such a cost.

Wish for a rainbow, wish for a star;

As it takes them away and leaves with no scars!! …




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I am a tree that is uprooted;

And placed in another spot to grow.

The new earth is fresh and rich;

But my life is just not the same.

I am left to grow awhile, only to be-

uprooted again for somewhere else.

With each change, just a little further away,

I grow all the more a stranger…


Each time the tree moves,

Tries to pull it together,

Until only a miracle can branch it out again.

The changes…

They do their duties…

Blooming in spring, shading in summer,

Shedding in fall, standing bare in winter.

There are names in my trunk!

There are places and people and heart with an arrow!

There are long last memories;

Forgotten with each move!! …





“A MAN!!”

Ellie belfiglio


Can you hear me

When I call your name?

I always hear you.

I hear your faint whispers

When the rain falls.

You were a man!

You were a strong man!

You were a wise man!

You were a blind man!

Can you feel me

When I seek your hand?


I can feel it, yet

I don’t touch it;

Or see it.

You were a man!

You were a strong man!

You were a wise man!

You were a blind man!

You hurt the one’s that loved;

And loved the one’s that hurt!

You cause love by pain;

And pain by love!

Because you were a man!! …




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… My thirsty heart, fill up the glass,

by magical drink from a distant home.

My crude drink with its fiery touch-

has reddened the eyes of the world…

… Full of enthusiasm-

the horizon’s boundary-

acquired a new life-

by the spirit of that drink.

Life of cold and dark submerged in despair.

Why not get a new look-

by the brightness of that life…


… By that irresistible magnetism-

make me drunk.

By the naked flame of the desert-

bake my existence.

Insert in my limbs of every joint,

inject in my blood-

all the bounty of life.

Reflecting the dazzling light of yours,

may a storm drew to call the light!! …




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If there were a silver string,

so delicate to use;

and thin sewing needle,

tender, so not bruise,

I gather every tear that falls,

from a crushed and broken heart!

I sew together tears into a quilt,

tender, delicate, and strong thread,

so it wouldn’t come apart…


I sew each teardrop with silver strings,

meanwhile add a little throb.

When you go to bed each night,

you could hear my sob!

And when you cover yourself at night,

you’d be wrapped in my pain!


You would be smothered by this fear-

of the heartfelt lonely rain.

But after touching all my teardrops,

you’d roll over in this endless quilt;

another tear, just another tear!! …








Endless darkness envelops me.

It covers me, It oppresses me!

Within the dark, my thoughts run rampant;

With voices disembodied.

They tire me, really tire me!

They frighten me.

They leave me-

To anxiously wanting.

I lie patiently-

Wanting for the first rays of light.

The first glimmer of a glow!


I see upon the distant horizon-

As I lay and wait…

Each second seems like eternity.

I close my eyes;

Don’t know what I want to see;

Or visualize what I wish to see-

As I lay in reverie…

I open my eyes-

And I see-

The most wondrous sunrise.

I have yet to see how boldly taken hold.

The same oppressing dark-

Now has vanished ever so quickly.

And in its wake is left a blushing sky-

So filled with color!

And sheak too but in crystal tones-

Of a brand-new world dawning!! …