Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…


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… Love runs on water edge.

Foams of tenderness in water merge.

On a lily pad, flowers pledge.

Turbulent waves beat against the ledge.

Tides crossing with rage.

Season’s heart sends dewdrop with urge.

Waves tossing, converge!

… Blue waters on the banks chime.

Nature’s force washed so sublime.

Sought after each time!

As if love was co-herarsed with rhyme!

… Traveling on a cycle of true-

In water built for two!

As orderly splash, so blue;

Such a sensational dejavoux.

… Clamor of undertone, so insane.

Never to be sane or gain.

Memories of river of love in vain;

Watery, yet in chain!

Mysteries still remain!! …





Author: elliebelfiglio

I am a professor, a poet, an author, and an immigrant. I am the survival of many political and economical hardship. As a political immigrant, it took me a long time to master the English language and to come to terms that I can never see my family again. "THE PARTING FROM MY FAMILY WAS THE BEGINNING OF A FRIENDSHIP THAN THE END OF OUR FRIDAYS!" My autobiography, "THE RAIN STOPS IN TEXAS" was published in 1997 by Eakin Press. It can be found in Amazon. As Ernest Hemingway says, write about something you know, most of my novels are about cultural difference of the old and new and American style of living compare to my home country. My poetry are in all forms. I write as they come to me. My first draft is always my last draft. "THIS IS MY WORLD, WELCOME!" "THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE!"

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