Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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Ellie belfiglio


My world has become waiting and to no where going!

For the rain tumbling down, not slowing.

For breeze softly blowing.

For my face is caressed and glowing.

For flowers in the garden are growing.


For me to float away in search of knowing.

For thoughts of yesterday come and flowing.

For all my aspirations are fulfilled, not slowing.

For my world is a complacent land and glowing.

For evermore I flee to be by myself in this showing!! …




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… I open my eyes to sun in the morning.

Waves are wearing a lace dress-

Made of golden thread.

Hearing the roar of the sea,

In the silence of my heart!

… In spite of everyone’s prediction,

weather or not they know the fiction,

She sighed, stayed in love.

She slept in the bosom of waves!! …




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Ellie belfiglio


Your sweet caressing voice, lingers on;

Can no mother be heard under sun.

Your warm, caring smile is seen from afar,

Has slowly drifted from sight of star.

Your arms no longer extended,

Your love shuts away, yet ascended.

Your presence only a distant memory of past,

Of time, yet already gone so fast!


Your bright, cheerful joy, now grief,

Shadowed by misery not relief.

Yesterday’s happiness and laughter beam,

Yet today’s sorrow and agony gleam.

No longer you must feel my pain!

Or I your suffering in poring rain.

Now you have led into a different cage,

A world free of worry and rage!


Your determination and sacrifice is great,

Lift you up into light of delight not hate!

You become light itself, somewhere far!

You are a star!

Perpetual light, lightening the darkest skies,

Looking down upon the earth with your glorious eyes!

Your ray of happiness into…

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Ellie belfiglio


… In the presence of an outsider

We, the people of all ages, make a turn wider!

The world immediately would call you dear

In our eyes the shadow or the smile of fear

Of a certain complicity appear

Special and connivance will sear!

… He hissed at me, how his teeth clench!

His fiery eyes were irate with wrench!

In exasperation, he glared at me, sitting by trench…


… They all came close to my face

So often, besides mirroring me in their place.

Their thick, callused fingers grasping the inner edge.

They merged from the void of their bodies, they rage…

… Twisting, distorting in an exasperation her face

Intense annoyance, compared to rest in that place.

Only a brief instant, a moment really negligible

Represented after the lips had met, so visible

And the mouths penetrated, not so sensible!


… I cut him off, with a harshness so light

Promptly I…

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Ellie belfiglio


… Feeling so confused sometimes

Never understood why in my rhymes.

… Feeling so used, really like dying

So much so that my cry intensifying.

… Feeling to turn all the way around

And go where I used to be, eastbound!

… Feeling lost, I want to be found

To to reborn again, somewhere beyond.

… Feeling of the world mostly is against me

Then I remember… my destiny!

Is there anyone out there can help me to see?? …




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Ellie belfiglio


… Years have gone by!

Something is so wrong.

The only way I can laugh,

Is to cry first,

Sometimes I even sing,

Sing until I die.

Other times I play tricks,

Play games, or tease;

Or call someone a silly name!

My other self forever is gone!


… The occasions are there;

But does anyone care?

I see nothing funny.

I can’t even smile like a dummy.

Not even once in a while!

I am so alone, just me, the only one,

Who faces day after day,

In the same old way!


… I think about what to eat…

I even adjust the heat…

I pick up the mail…

And drink ginger ale…

I even watch TV;

But I can never see!

Always be,

Just me…

But not the me,

That used to be!!

Where did I go?? …




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Ellie belfiglio


I become no one!

I have no shadow in sun.

I have no footprints in sand.

I see nothing in the mirror in my hand.

I hear nothing when I speak.

I feel nothing when I am weak.

I cry, then disappear without a trace.

No one is looking for me in this place.


No one is worried if I am allright;

Although I am part of every site;

And everything I see;

But nothing and nobody is part of me!

I have no shadow, no outline!

My color is the background color, not mine.


I am in the shape of weather near that is sealed.

I am fluid and I yield.

No one can draw me close, I have a shield!

I am pliable, me, no one can hold.

Don’t even try, I’ve been made of different mold;

Or you will surely all together erase-

Me because I am…

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