Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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The time that is night

I fear the most, that fright!

Something forbidding is there

In the colorful shadows in air!

Compound my trepidation so much

Of other empty night of such.

Must I preoccupy my mind

And be generous and kind?

Passage of time is near

Of those which appear!

I realize that although

Emptiness envelops me though

It is really me

That knows my heart is free!! …




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A withered reflection of hesitation and fear

In oscillating waters appear.

An indelible solace caresses the face.

A tempting whim disguises the grace.

The weary image shines with power.

Despairing confusion rises as a tower.

The bitter disdain of one’s heart

Mocks the broken promises so far apart!

The variant emotions are not for measure.

But the mortified lives that we treasure!

Separation makes a gloomy fright.

Wisdom fails, but hearts unite!

The broken face in the water glows!

Hesitation is what she knows!! …




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Among the walls of the room

Gasping for air in gloom

I sigh, then take a glance

To the chapter of my life in dance!

Being chained, I want to be free.

When I am free, I disagree!

My confusion is above and beyond.

This is the mood of a vagabond.


Before the sun dominates, I look at the lawn

To see the change, the age, the dawn!

Soon the rays will set afire!

Tears of clouds are what I desire.

Trees move to north and west.

They, like me, don’t know the worst and best.

The soothing breeze is free.

It’s ambiguity is like me!! …



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… You came to my life

Like a whisper of the wind!

Not really with an end

And seemingly ascend…

… You breathed into my face

A touch of coolness!

Then no concept was there

To savor you with dare…

… Momentous air as a breeze

The heat of desert you did seize.

I felt your kisses

And saw your journeyed away from me!


… Now your warm air flows

Over this body of mine!

Preparing my place

A unity with grace!

… When the tempest is finally known

I’ll bring a blessed calm!

My wind, I will remember you

And know your wondrous balm is true!! …



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Dusk condenses the pale rays of light.

Echoes of awakening elaborates the extinct site!

The pigment of immorality goes by.

Indelible umbers sigh and cry.

Romantic ode has the highest depth.

Gloomy and obscure days have met.

Impressive soar stays on hold.

Old story ends, newer is untold.

Cold faces, hard hearts, feelings like stone;

Magnitude dooms crowd from the throne!


Gulping the misery, using the trade,

Strode on the shoreline, where breeze is made.

Yearning to see the color of seven skies.

Roaming wondrously without fear and cries.

growing more animated, wishing to subdue.

Cold fury goes deep, very deep as virtue!

The spiral wind wails and blasts.

Rainbow peaks through and casts.

Bitter reproach, secret remorse, and a little test;

Wringing with anguish, dying for some rest!! …



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My beautiful picture

Crisp cold disdains the power of land;

Ferocious earth, an unscathed seed, and a sunburned hand.

Inherent reminiscence arrives as guest.

Earth Bows, then turns to rest.

Fruit flourishes out of a bloom.

Magnitude appears at the time of gloom.

Faraway, in horizon, day and night collide.

Close by, on earth, the incident echoes like a tide.

Far, very far, sky and earth connect.

The magnificent colors have no defect…


Azure is blue, orange is red.

In the quarrel of sun and moon, no one has bled.

A single delicate bloom of a fruit tree-

Graces the governing dusk like poetry.

Any breather brings joy and sorrow.

Tangible entity praises tomorrow!

Tragedy is not the beginning but the end.

Dire sound of awareness kills the trend.

When disappointment is at the rise,

The good earth takes us all by surprise!! ...

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… I wake up, my hand plastered to the bed.

My nails tear through the sheet of red.

My eyes like a hawk, wide open with fear,

Glued to ceiling like a wallpaper near!

Suddenly a black panther jumps into me;

And vanishes at once behind a tree.

Not expected, I see a lot of sand;

While I lie in  a pool on the bed next to my hand…

… Dreaming to be in a jungle, yet running for my life.

Trees reaching out, branches cutting me like knife.

Trying to untangle me from branches, I turn.

The leaves suffocate me, don’t let me return.

Twigs scratches my legs, oh, how they hurt.

I come to a dead-end on the dirt.

The black panther awaits my sigh.

I see grace in his eye…

… I wake up in a cold sweat;

Moisture drips from my face with threat;

Like water from faucet, I am wet.

It is hard to breathe, so upset!

My pillow clings to my face.

Sweat pours in every place.

My legs are knotted in my blanket.

The panther’s hair stick up like a net.

It’s jabbing me so straight that I moan.

The curtains are wildy blown.

… I get up to grab the door;

But find myself not able to soar.

I hold to the panther’s paw to get up and run;

But its nails dig into me, not fun.

I collapse with fear,

Terror, horror, me they tear!

I am clueless when I wake up from sleep;

Not remembering a thing as I weep.

On my body I see claw mark.

I wonder how I got them in the night’s dark!! …

sunlight through window