Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…




… My crying heart, be still.

Wipe away your  tears.

It is time for you to heal,

All the pains throughout years.

… My angry soul, be still.

Calm your tears.

Bring up a new peace.

Filled with harmony and cheers!

… My trembling hands, be still.

Make nerves of steel.

Strength will renew you,

To ward off the chill!! …




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In a gloomy forest, there is a wild iris.

Unsteady petals shiver of spring kiss.

Tall trees bow to pray.

Heavy branches mingle and sway.

From leaves, drip the last night’s flood.

Earth is covered with an unsightly mud!

The darkness falls rapidly as sunset.

The hazy ambiguity is a blanket of net.

The red, orange, dying sun glimmers through a chink.

The frágil, pale rays glitter like a link…


Nature is in control of domain.

Creatures of the forest feel the pain.

The empathic moment raises as blaze.

Birds, flowers and trees fall into a daze!

… warblers fly to the top of an oak.

They leisurely caress and stroke.

There they see the cheering stars in the sky.

Overwhelmed and high with bliss, they cry!! …




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Even though things seems normal,

A burning anger within makes me furious.

A chapter of my life has been lost.

Days pass, life is not harmonious.

The great emptiness, in between, results depression.

No need for a cure, it is obvious.

The pain stops me from any motion.

The enemy within my soul is mischievous…

Flowering Cherry Tree

Life goes on, people live, trees bloom.

When spring arrives, nature is courteous!

Angry at my past, mad at everyone;

Families and friends have treated me like a murderous!

When I give, love blossoms.

People around think I am marvelous.

My soul, my spirit and mind are elsewhere!

I look at the empty space, call it miraculous!! …




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Ellie belfiglio

The Friday gathering was and is a custom that we ( my siblings, their spouses, and children) had to gather at my parents home every Friday. Now that I am not there, they still have the “FRIDAY GATHERING” without me…


How is it when I laugh so guilty I feel?

For a moment laughter of others hard to deal!

I remember the sound and my eyes mist.

How can I accept the absence, this beast?

Silence of this tranquility, this fiction

Agony of conjuring up this contradiction!

… FRIDAYS, I never knew it would be this way

Without FRIDAYS’ crowd, endless sadness, lonely, away, away…


… Wherever I look

Wild flowers, smell of autumn air, sound of water in brook

Flowing over the rocks, the mournful sound of love

Things small or big, noticed or unnoticed, below or above.

Such humility, such poignancy parting brings

How defenseless! How the misery…

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Ellie belfiglio


There it comes morning.

I found myself mourning.

For one, whom I care for,

Had drifted so far and more.

Is it possible our past we could retrace?

So incredible was when we met!

Do you remember how we looked at sunset?


Walked for hours, never was enough!

When our talking ended, it was so rough!

Now so faraway, I never thought;

That I miss you, you, I sought.

I remember so many things we shared.

Do you remember how you cared?

Do your remember the love in your eyes?

I never understood our sighs!


Why I had to leaves, to say bye?

Do you remember the tears in our eye?

We were so much alike, yet at the same time,

I never thought I lose you and be sublime.

This should not have happened, you were my dear.

But I lost you, my fault, and came here.

Now we…

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Ellie belfiglio


In my melancholy, in my grief

If I had wings, I soar from this cliff.

Plunging up and through sky

Whisking away all my pain and cry

And all I feel inside in this abyss!

But I must say farewell, though I miss

My life! It seems had just begun!

But there I lay, don’t know any fun!


So much happened, so much went wrong

So little went right! I wasn’t strong…

The fight, so endless! The pain gripped so tight!

Didn’t have anyone to pour out my heart!

Yet it spilled upon their feet to see

I lay hopelessly in the sea of destiny!


Then it came the last brutal touch

So savage! I felt it! My life was such!

It knocked me down to me knee

I begged, “Leave me alone! Let me be free”!

I had my final plea, my last!

I thought I could fly, but…

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Ellie belfiglio


… Earth was dark and dismal.

For no reason at all!

I was mad, yet looking to sky,

Where I saw a golden eagle in fly.

His majestic wings fully spread out.

What a bird! So powerful without a doubt!

His head so strong, with pride!

His flight, powerful, AWESOME- WILD!!


… Was I living in a dream?

Was I thinking so extreme?

“Fly higher eagle, get away from me.

“Don’t you want to reach the MIGHTY HE?”

… He floated with the speed of light.

He disappeared out of my sight.

So faraway in the cloudless sky-

I could hear his demanding cry.


“Can you fill up my head with more gold?

“People on earth need it, I am told!”

… In my dream I closed my eyes and said:

“Birds can fly without aid,

“But people cry, tears they shed!

“Eagle, please go faster, faster-

“For more gold…

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A gloomy light forces through the window.

Today, sun doesn’t have any glow.

Back here, all alone, feeling lonely.

Being tired and old, I remember the show!

The reflection of images in frames gleam in the glass.

They are all I have left! Did you know?


Cold is behind the door, chill inside my heart!

Wind howls, trees move, living is a blow…

The obscure clouds are the light of my room.

Blood in my veins stops to flow.

I desire the shining sun warms my skin;

Or walk on the sand, see the rainbow!


Ecstasy is an unrivaled sensation.

Bliss, I miss, I had it a long time ago!

Nightmares possess my entity.

My broken soul suffers the woe!

Here I am at the end of the road;

Being just a ball to throw!! ...
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Ellie belfiglio


Thoughts on bent pillow repose.

Curved emotions sweep the space.

Weeping willows, so experienced;

Wispy clouds curl the show.

The horizon forms a strange line-

In the fashion of something divine!

Fathers and mothers cradle the child.

Responsive yet tired thoughts endure!


Raging recent past is near.

Child soon becomes an adult.

The guidance of hands direct the dispute-

Of good or bad silhouettes that endure.

The blushing blue hue, how pure!

Humidity engages the barometer,

The counter balances of that place crushes.

My heart opens to see,

Wraps itself in refreshing brace!


God whispers softly,

Strokes the child as if he is gold.

Child is safe in cloudy night.

The currents of rocking arms…

Susceptible souls rest and cling.

The soft heart-ed clouds soon expire.

Their flowing emotions retire!

Whimsical notion of so much bliss-

Gives a full embrace and a kiss.


Some tears flow and flare.

Strands of…

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