Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…




So many unfinished tasks again/ and unfinished they remain;

Things that I used to do, now with pain/ I can never do again.

So much music I miss indeed/ so many books I didn’t read.

The money I wanted not for greed/ but I didn’t have it for my need…

Many things I wanted to learn, had fee/ and many places I wanted to see!

Many things I must bring back to my memory/ but I think about places to be.

So much writing I wanted to write/ but my vision can’t handle the plight.

Many things I need (want) day and night/ never understood it in my heart!

Answers I like to know but none/ comes to mind, quest is done.

Not many friends I had but one/ for knowledge, laughter and fun.

Roads I’d like to travel and spend/ and follow them to the end!

But not much fun to lonely all the way to the end/ so lonely, I need a friend.

No meals for me on display/ so many bills to pay.

Sitting in my rocking chair to sway/ No one I have to talk today.

No paper to grade, I am in a ditch/ have no more students to teach.

My classroom door used to be rich/ now it is far beyond my reach.

No more toys around my feet/ the little one now complete.

How hungry they came home for sweet/ so mama is left alone on her seat.

Not much to do, no time to share/ no place to go, why fancy clothes to wear!

My time on earth is spent, I am aware/ I am willing to go and take my easy chair.

I often wonder what is today/ forgot the day, remember yesterday.

Then stars look down to me and say/ “there, don’t be so gray”.

When cloud hang low, I am me/ but my eyes hardly can see.

Is it afterlife or here, why a tree/ glows is another life tragedy!! …





Author: elliebelfiglio

I am a professor, a poet, an author, and an immigrant. I am the survival of many political and economical hardship. As a political immigrant, it took me a long time to master the English language and to come to terms that I can never see my family again. "THE PARTING FROM MY FAMILY WAS THE BEGINNING OF A FRIENDSHIP THAN THE END OF OUR FRIDAYS!" My autobiography, "THE RAIN STOPS IN TEXAS" was published in 1997 by Eakin Press. It can be found in Amazon. As Ernest Hemingway says, write about something you know, most of my novels are about cultural difference of the old and new and American style of living compare to my home country. My poetry are in all forms. I write as they come to me. My first draft is always my last draft. "THIS IS MY WORLD, WELCOME!" "THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE!"

4 thoughts on ““WHEN THE ROAD ENDS!!”

  1. Fascinating analogy ,yesterday and today million things crosses my mind.JMS

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