Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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Walking, thinking, I am not afraid.

Here, there, on solid earth or shade.

See no one, not an animal, not even a dead!


On the other side of earth,

Babies are born, still babies at birth.

Old people crash on young dirt.


On the globe, some live, but others die.

Eyes are teary, rulers make us comply.

Yet there are some who can’t even cry!


Some talk, some listen, some are dumb.

Some leave, some stay, some go or come.

Adopted shadows, images stay calm.


I left long ago, now I have no memory;

Years gone by, is that my destiny?

East I left, West now is my dynasty.







I like to add something to this article, something that happened to me yesterday on Thanksgiving day. On the way back from my son’s home (He always does the Thanksgiving), we stopped at one of the store that was open. I needed to buy one item that I must have for my upcoming surgery. My husband stayed outside. I thought I just go in the store and buy the item I want and come out. But that was not the case. The store was very crowded. I picked up the thing that I wanted and walked to the cashier. At this moment a man and a woman pushed me so hard that I fell on the ground and they grab my purse and started running to the door. Hopefully another man saw the whole thing. Later I found out that he works fro the store and they’re like undercover to watch the people that they might want to steal.
To make the story short, they got my purse back and a policeman, who worked there came. Guess what! The man and the woman who attempted to steal my purse, were two illegals from south of the borders. Should I say more about this amnesty to five million by executive order?

Ellie belfiglio


I am an immigrant!

I remember how I suffered to bring my children to America so as Iranian government don’t take my son to the minefield, so he would walk on them and being blown up. They told him he would go to paradise. He was brain-washed. I had to take him out of school.

Then I remember how they came after me because I had said something against the new regime of Mullahs. I was a professor. I loved teaching but I had no choice than leaving my career and go underground so as not being captured by the Islamic Government.

It took us one year to get to America. All our money was gone except a couple of thousand dollars which I used most of them to hire an Immigration Lawyer to get us Political Asylum for being here. The story is long and sad. I never asked…

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Ellie belfiglio


I shall not build towers;
Skyward flowers to sun.
Lest, in climbing, I be blinded by the light,
And fall, stumbling and blind.
Scattered my broken dream,
On desert sand’s gleam, parch and die!

Instead when skies are gray,
on a day, late autumn,
I would plant soil, pat it to mud;
Slumber season of thud, soon in it!

And when they will have uttered:
“The snowdrifts seemed in its dread,
“That long, dead winter was the worst.”
The brave flower, there in wonder-
Yellowed snowdrops in white radiant lover,
At the site, silently awakening my heart-
To sounds of unseen vibrant earth’s might…


~ Ellie ~
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Ellie belfiglio


Bring me the sun,
So I can plant it on my inner soul;
Nothing but brackish ground!
And you with your yellow face-
In the dark blue mirror of sky,
Open the darkness-
All internal colors invite.
Colors that become song.
Change destiny from be to be not!
Give me a flower, so the rays shine;
Since they boil colors to nothing,
When life like an indigo veil-
Vapors the fog caused by rain.
And it shows the way, so stark!
Similar to an enchanted sun ray;
That brings me the light of the day!! …


[ Ellie ]
The images are from bing.com…

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