Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…



Ellie belfiglio


Ingenuously on horizon abstraction,
So much time I spent to rid of my sorrow.
Amongst the street of feeling,
Where I’ve seen your shadow.
Growing dread suddenly fills my dreams-
Your lovely face breaks in stream’s water.
Oh, how time passes for lovers’ hearts,
Where they were caught in autumn’s leaves.
I see in water your image,
When I yearn spring flowers!
Hearts in bends of no rain,
Are caught in lanes, so cloudy!
In my wretched sight of past,
the angle’s love save me of misery!
The beginning of your endless face,
The flowers you plucked for me, I forsook.
Now in horizon’s garden, I see the moon,
Swimming in the waves of your eyes with blaze!…


– Ellie –
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In my heart lies a mate!

One is Peace, the other gross pervert!

… hidden from the eyes of sane,

rarely comes out, and hides again!


One is poet, so dashing,

Unlike the other who’s clashing!

… The artist is often afraid!!

She would be seen if she not evade!

… Have you seen the darker side?

Oh, but I always know how to hide!


She is cruel, uncaring to her prey;

So twisted, she hides from the light of day!

… But deeper inside is a child.

Fair skin, soft voice, so mild!

… Years pass with silent resound;

Yet another person quickly found!

… Further still is a baby;

Sucks mother milk, maybe!! …



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Love And Kisses Before The Bread ! / Essence Of Life! / Purity.

this is is such a beautiful poem, a truthful poem that touched my soul and heart. Our dear Friend, Jalal, as always has written something so true and beautiful! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…


Love and kisses are the essential food ,
To nourish body,soul and to extend life.
A person not on bread alone can be alive .
But on words of kindness he does thrive.

The waves of the oceans kisses the shores,
Like a lion ,when he is satisfied loudly roars.

An Orchestra ,to play a symphony needs a fife,
A fisherman to catch fishes he needs a sail.

But a prophet should never need a wife.
He ought to be pure,holy,fair and rife.
Not to promote deceit,lust and genocides,
Entices hate,anger with the sword and knife

A prophet ought to be a humble messenger ,
Of peace,equality,justice and h a r m o n y .
Not to hail for war,division and empty pride,
Delusions,hypocrisy and bloody s t r i f e .

((Multitudes have fallen by the sword,but not as many who were fallen by a deceitful t…

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Innocent, yet impure!

But we are pure!

To God we pray, yet abjure.


… It comes to me,

In the peak of dree!

It is night and dread.

The inevitable is afraid…

… I may be immature!

I could be pure!

If I ever pray to God and lure,




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