Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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Around my bare shoulder, his fingers wrapped.

As flames cover a burning log softly.

Sense of touch, intense, comforting!

Quickly penetrated my skin lovingly!


I had found in this season of winter,

Summer pleasure and light.

Left my heart and body, the cold, harsh air,

Surrounded me soft blanket, warm, loving!


As ecstasy filled my body, pain ceased to exist!

Like water soak into a dry sponge.

The bitterness cried from my soul-

With silent, tender tears, heartbreak of hours!


The healing power of love, to know;

And grace of another being, experience.

I safely surrounded, so forgiving!

Forever the eternity of himself to him!! …



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You don’t see the me in you! And I, you in me!! …

Ellie belfiglio


In you-
I see the deep ocean.
I see the brightness of sun.
At its highest point
I see the radiance of the stars.
In the darkest night,
I see behind the darkness of your eyes…

in you-
I see the freedom of your soul.
I see your longing for true love.
I see thee generous heart slowly opening;
And then closes in fear of that love.
I see behind the darkness of your eyes…

In you-
I see my heart entwined with yours.
My soul reaches the depth of yours.
I see my adoring glance reflect in your eyes;
And I wish you see yours in mine…

But what sadness…
In me-
You don’t see the me in you.
And I, you in me!! …


~ Ellie ~
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Welcome to the world of rhyme, /  touch the clocks of ticking time.

Whiplash wind in circled mass, / colored wheat field made of grass.

Rippling rain in moon delight, / sweetness comes within the night.

Van Gogh’s starry night up high, / dripping thread of white to tie.

Wanting her through tall dark trees, / covered brush in kneeling knees.

Dance with fire, night ablaze, / wanting him to touch the rays.

Darkened passion, fits of flame, / darling, he has called her name.

Dark black hair that fondles waist, / drape of fury that is his to taste.

Moon lash droplets, shadows sigh, / reading love poems to make her cry.

Nymph in silk and angel dust, / Darling cried in fits she must.

Angel shrieking wild pain, / touch her fury, drives her insane.

Laughter in rainforest air, / endless whirl without a care.

Tent flaps shaking, canvas wide, / feel the love from inside.

Dance in flame with satin white, / Sanctify crime in the night.

Sparkle more her dreamy eyes, / shatter forth his moral ties.

Drown in mad moon sky above, / read her love poems and make her love.

Palm branch hanging on the rose, / how it ended, no one knows!! …

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The pictures are from bing.com…