Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…




“Journey’s end, begin anew to reveal.”
The flowing stream is never still.
The wind so roving, beaming light,
Nature’s way this is, day and night…

The tiny shoot grows to a tree;
Some generation grow, some spree.
Beating heart, enlightened thought,
The quest of one’s spirit is sought…

Behind me is now the city gate.
Tree sways, river sings, I am late.
Lower the stirrup cup, old friend,
The rising sun beckons and ascend…

Ahead of me, tomorrow’s mystic lure.
The Silk Road calls, The Tao does assure.
My house remains- My home is in me.
A history of footprints greet the tree…

Something is before, something left behind.
Journey began with a single footfall of mind.
Treading a carpet of bright tomorrow.
Now I have no past but sorrow!! …


” Ellie ”
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Strike the match, lead me away.
Envelope me in solitude’s way.
Blind me so as not see the hurt-
In reflected eyes of earth.
Not feeling my heart pumping, so numb.
My blood is so cold, I can’t overcome.
Ice in my freezing brittle vein.
Take love away, let me be sane.
Even death could equal its pain,
To reveal, let me be alone-
In divine torture of my moan,
Of my inner sanctum, my own!! …


~ Ellie ~
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To all those men and women
Who fought to keep us free
I give my heart to thee.
Some went as boys
And came back as men.
Some went as boys
And never came back.
And those families left behind
Pray and pray each day till
One day it comes a man with a letter
That says:
“Your son is dead.”
“Your husband passed away.”
Who could be so cruel
To let them die alone?
Where their souls never rest in peace
Because the war never ceased.

~ Ellie ~




Me, that fragile young girl
Don’t exist anymore.
My color is black and blue.
My pieces are in a black suitcase.
I am only one line of a poem
A line about my broken heart!

Today is today and I don’t feel good.
Don’t know what to do with black suitcase.
I still have it, it’s in the corner of the room
Staring at me.
I don’t want it anymore.
There is an evil inside of it.
I think of revenge.
I think of war!! …


~ Ellie ~
The pictures are from bing.com…