Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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I hear hiccups of streets…

Ellie belfiglio


Oh, you sleepless night-

How I love to be part of you;

Where all cafes howls-

My name, my heart!

I hear hiccups of streets.

Shadows are long, they stretch on walls!

So much noise!

All must (s) can’t cut!

I don’t think of all must not!

My heart aches, insomnia, sorrow;

Of the nights of no dreams;

To the house of panic and horror! …


[ Ellie ]

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Indigo Ocean (Oil)

Looking with bedazzlement at indigo sea;
A dead sea that is unmoving, eternal, content!
No breeze or wave bring the sea to dance.
No wind or storm makes it relax or breathe!
Eternal, indigo, heavy sky hanging over it;
Like a blanket covers it row after row!
Awestruck I am to look at this sea;
No sail of a boat, shade of a tree, or wing of a bird!
Layers and layers of silvery overlay-
Which blanket of sky inlays and covers it!
To a funereal, sends its ray, the absent sun;
And like an indigo net, moon is in daze!
Leave half- open their eyes, the countless stars;
And look at sea, look at world, or skies!
Oh, how admired am I with this affluent-
What a confluent am I of water which fills the sea!
Or perhaps water falls from mountaintop;
Or it boils down from depth of earth;
Or perhaps it rains from height of skies!
Assuredly sea is filling with flowing tears of my eyes!! …

– Ellie –
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Ingenuously on horizon abstraction,
So much time I spent to rid of my sorrow.
Amongst the street of feeling,
Where I’ve seen your shadow.
Growing dread suddenly fills my dreams-
Your lovely face breaks in stream’s water.
Oh, how time passes for lovers’ hearts,
Where they were caught in autumn’s leaves.

I see in water your image,
When I yearn spring flowers!
Hearts in bends of no rain,
Are caught in lanes, so cloudy!
In my wretched sight of past,
the angle’s love save me of misery!
The beginning of your endless face,
The flowers you plucked for me, I forsook.
Now in horizon’s garden, I see the moon,
Swimming in the waves of your eyes with blaze!…


– Ellie –
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Heavy Downpour

My world has become waiting and to nowhere going.
FOR the rain tumbling down and not slowing.
FOR breeze softly blowing,
FOR my face caressed and glowing.
For flowers in the garden growing!


FOR me to float away in search of knowing.
FOR thoughts of yesterday come and floating.
FOR all my aspirations are fulfilled, not slowing.
FOR my world is complacent land and glowing!
FOR evermore I flee to be myself in this showing!! …


– Ellie _
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To the rhythms sounding sweetly at dawn-
I awaken, dance lightly and resolutely!
All songs of dawn I hear and take them to my heart!

I listen to morning music, the tempos fall and rise!
I sing along, joyously, despise, no!
Renewed, energized by all!

I sing arias, cantatas, adagios, I must.
I join other voices who sing.
We’re all in harmony’s thrall with no envy!


Poignant melodies calm me gently into evening.
I lay me down in bed for sleep.
The music I hear cradle me to eternity!

Teacher shows his face, music dims, I am in daze.
I touch his hand, see his face, my raise, I utter.
His great symphony was played for me all these evenings!! …


– Ellie –
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