Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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Do return, my Mina…


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Remembering all the smiles we had.
Remembering all the songs we sang.
Remembering all our love that wouldn’t go away.
Remembering all people who would leave.
Remembering all the touches, ah, the caresses.
Remembering all our love that was supreme.
Remembering all the care and wanting the best.
Remembering all delight, how awe I was.
Remembering all our struggles.
Remembering all our nights.

Remembering how you changed one night.
Remembering I wasn’t sure you would stay.
Remembering we talked and loved.
Remembering I knew I’ll be alone when you walked away.
Remembering how it was over, but not the end.
Remembering the final best and worst!! …


[ Ellie ]
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Branches of weeping willow,
Touch the ground in squares of war zone.
They make us unable to choose;
Or to write a poem about horror!
The one we dreamed about is dead;
The one made our hearts ache near weeping willow!


And then we saw BOASTFUL WAR!
We saw dead people for all over squares;
On squares, under ice or sun!
Their bodies had turned to skeleton.
The odor was pungent, unbearable,
All over the place, lay the dead.
Animals and small children, only,
Inspect the square of dead!
A mother with her black dress-
Next to her dead son cried blues.
She wept for her dead son and more.
Watch what terrorists’ bomb had done!


Or perhaps a backward Muslim extremist’s man-
With a black ideology, so vain.
The branches of weeping willow tree,
These days are depressed!
Slowly, slowly the wind, so vicious;
Among branches of weeping willow,
Swing back and forth!
While the dead on squares forever stay!! …


[ Ellie ]
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Bring me the sun,
So I can plant it on my inner soul;
Nothing but brackish ground!
And you with your yellow face-
In the dark blue mirror of sky,
Open the darkness-
All internal colors invite.
Colors that become song.
Change destiny from be to be not!
Give me a flower, so the rays shine;
Since they boil colors to nothing,
When life like an indigo veil-
Vapors the fog caused by rain.
And it shows the way, so stark!
Similar to an enchanted sun ray;
That brings me the light of the day!! …


[ Ellie ]
The images are from bing.com…