Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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Ellie belfiglio


Your wealth is real.

Your wisdom is deep.

Your knowledge is supreme.

They call you GOD!

Sometimes you take our blood;

And give us gray cloud!

You take us to mountain of pain,

And to the sea of suffering;

And to the depth of tallest sorrow!

And tell us: “It wasn’t me.

“See you tomorrow!”

Let’s be true…

Is it devil’s rage?

But aren’t you more powerful than devil?

You, the great God,

With your real wealth,

With your supreme knowledge,

With your deep wisdom,



[ Ellie ]

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Ellie belfiglio


Dimly lightening, flickering briefly in sky-

Like thoughts that touch consciousness as spy,

And they’re gone…


Softly thunder rumbling in the distance;

Bringing closer the clouds to dance-

Of its sound…


On the window tapping light rain;

Insistent to announce thunder’s arrival again-

Of the storm…


Brighter the lightening, louder the sound!

Rain is now silvery ribbons that on window pound!

The crescendo at full…


Then… Fewer the flashes, further the sound;

The fainter the drum roll beat on the ground.

Senses returning here…


The storm overwhelming everything near.

Else… Here, then moving to touch another soul, dear.

Leaving stillness behind out of fear;

Along with the soft summer rain, so clear…


[ Ellie ]


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Sweet rose, so proud, so vibrant hue,

All the garden rave reviews.

So beautiful, beyond compare.

What a fragrance, fills the air!


Shy violet, you’re shy and lush.

Early dew drop makes you blush.

Sun comes, beaming with smile,

Violet lifts her head with crown of purple…


Forsythia you are, a golden bell.

As tiny yellow flowers of garden.

You brighten the garden for a while;

And sparkle like a happy child…


Tulip, you are, a lovely lass,

So outstanding in your class of field.

You just sit in stately splendor;

Your color will for long remember…


You pansy, you love the winter snow;

With your velvet beauty, you’re aglow

Your black eyes smiling up to say,

You hope that all flowers have a lovely day!! …


[ Ellie ]

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