Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…




They are carrying my dear-

Out of his home.

He is wearing his casual clothing.

His hair is shinning from a fresh bath!

he is wrapped in a white sheet.

He is in a box!


A door with small window-

Is between me and the wind.

The glasses are sheeted with dust.

The unseen wind has a howling today;

Though I can’t hear it.

I try to listen to its howling.

Dust accumulates on glasses,

More and more in front of my eyes.

I come out of my hallucination-

When I saw my dear is dead;

When I saw I was making love-

To a bird high in fly.

To see that it was the wind,

The howling wind which put me to sleep.

Then I close my eyes to see!


But the bird insist on making love;

And I want to follow the trace-

That my dear has left behind!!!!


[ Ellie ]

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When the tears flow,

From the sooty cloud, dark, and somber!

When the azure color sea,

From anger howls, savagery!

But what is storm, what is cry?

A silent night for lonely all around!

A man sings in the farm;

A sad song of lost charm.

The other lonely is me in abyss;

Who opens a storm of tears with hurt…


[ Ellie ]

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The sun’s furnace is not lit today;

Just like my warm lamp’s flame.

And as my light, no rays glow.

And the frozen moonshine has vanished,

         In a cold winter night!

I lit my lamp for the lost one with fire.

And wind was howling among oaks, very dire!

And in the company of the mysterious silent huts in dark,

Someone was lost in the gloomy wold.

          In a cold winter night!

And we still remember that story.

And we talk about the poor lost face.

Who lights the lamps, who is lost?

Who recalls the story of returning?

          In a cold winter night!!!!


[ Ellie ]

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Crisp cold disdains the power of land;

Ferocious earth, an unscathed seed and a sun- burned hand.

Inherent reminiscence arrives uninvited.

Earth bows, then turns to rest.

Fruit flourishes out of a bloom!

Magnitude appears with the dusk.

Up there, in horizon, day and night collide.

Down here, on earth, it echoes like a thud!

Far, very far, sky and earth connect.

The magnificent colors are without defect.

Azure is blue, orange is red.

In the quarrel  of sun and moon, no one has won.

A single delicate bloom of a fruit tree,

Graces the governing dusk like a dream.

Any breather brings joy and sorrow.

Tangible entity praises today  and eternity.

Tragedy is not the beginning, but the end!

Dire sound of awareness kills the mood!

When disappointment is at the rise,

The good earth takes us all by surprise!!!


[ Ellie ]

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A withered reflection of hesitation and fear-

In oscillating water appear!

An indelible solace caresses the face.

A tempting whim disguises the grace!

The weary image shines with power.

Despairing confusion rises as a tower.

The bitter disdain of one’s heart-

Mocks the broken promises far apart!

The variant emotions a treasure;

But the mortified lives, what we measure.

Separation makes a gloomy fright!

Wisdom fails, but hearts unite!

The broken face in the water glows.

Illusion is what Illusory knows…


[ Ellie ]

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What is return?

Is it the end of a turn;

Or the beginning of a hurt?

Or is it just a rebirth?


And here and there;

A fake love affair,

When it becomes rage-

That makes weed surge!


What is ambitious?

Is it maturing or being vicious?

Is it using addiction;

Or is it the start of a fiction?


What is rainy life?

Is it well- thought rife;

Or a life free of dirt,

Knowledge, discipline, or hurt?


What is trust;

A life free of lust;

Free of responsibility or learning;

Or living life of no life, or burning?


What is a dream?

A without focus stream,

Ora love without hopes,

Or who cries, who copes?


What is cry?

A baby’s tear in her eye;

Or a sound that is devilish-

Of what make us feverish?


What is bless?

To be quiet in stress?

To catch a thrill in death;

Or carry a baby till birth?


What is end?

A beginning that send?

The end that greet?

Or lives that cheat?…


[ Ellie ]

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