Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…



Your wealth is real.

Your wisdom is deep.

Your knowledge is supreme.

They call you GOD!

Sometimes you take our blood;

And give us gray cloud!

You take us to mountain of pain,

And to the sea of suffering;

And to the depth of tallest sorrow!

And tell us: “It wasn’t me.

“See you tomorrow!”

Let’s be true…

Is it devil’s rage?

But aren’t you more powerful than devil?

You, the great God,

With your real wealth,

With your supreme knowledge,

With your deep wisdom,



[ Ellie ]

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I waited all these years to feel!

To feel the warm flow of desire!

To feel pleasure,

That run from my head to toe!

To feel I am wanted.

To feel I want.

To feel missing.


To feel a strong ache of wanting in my body.

To feel ecstasy, understanding, honesty.

To feel pain in my breast.

To feel dancing.

To feel music.

To feel beauty;

Beauty of nature, sky, stars, trees…

To touch!

To be touched.

I waited all these years to feel!!!!


[ Ellie ]

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With all the aches and pains, my hands automatically opens my computer and goes to Word Press. I can’t help but to write. For now I am searching through my old writings and reblogg. I guess through all my health difficulties, writing is my savior and the only thing that gives me pleasure. So I can say that I am HALF WAY BACK. I love to read my friends’ posts. They always inspire me. I have so many friends in Word Press that is no way I can say all their names; however I can say that I love to read your poetry and love all of you! Friends, I am almost back even though with my situation which is not delightful, but very hard and excruciating! I am very determined to get better and working diligently towards it…


[ Ellie ]

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Do I reveal my secrets from my inner-self?

Or hide them on the upper most shelf?

Do I accept or make a fresh start?

Or wallow in sorrow, let it tear me apart?

Do I forgive all mishaps and forget?

Or let them take control and live in regret?

Do I kill the birds of prey to right the wrong?

Or embrace them and love their song?

Do I think of others and things in my past?

Or forget all, and run from this place fast?

Do I care what others in me have seen?

Or make peace with myself for what I have been?

Do I step aside, yet I don’t know where to begin?

Or see the child standing there, thinking of her sin?

Do I judge her for the wrong she’s done?

Or remember her smile when she had fun?

Do I condemn her for things she’ll do?

Or pity her for what she’s been through?

Do I guess that she is insane?

Or feel only her excruciating pain?

Do I judge her for her thought?

Or see the battles she has fought?????


[ Ellie ]

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