Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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Sitting in the yard on a lawn chair-

Drinking my second red wine in fresh air.

I hear neighbor punishing his stepson.

I close my ears so I hear my fun.

Wearing my thoughts, as they ooze;

Telling me the truth of life, not neighbor’s abuse.

Hearing the man’s screaming rage.

Thinking suddenly of college years’ urge.

What a hardship they were to endure;

Working, raising my kids, becoming mature!

“Do I want another glass of wine?”

Never say no to blood of Christ, that divine!

Neighbor’s rage goes on with scream!

Some shirts are too small, I deem.

Hand me down, are the boy’s wear.

We did it, too, we had no choice but share.

I feel dizzy, is it wine or disgrace,

Coming from alley for that boy’s case?

That boy must be small, him, I haven’t seen!

Not once in their house I have been.

I assume he must be too small.

His voice hasn’t reached maturity at all!

The man screams nonstop at boy and his wife!

Once I found his letter in alley, I froze!!

I looked at it, a prison seal expose.

I didn’t open it, yet I yearned it.

These kind of things never go well with.

I know in future, near or far, in a day-

Darkness falls, the prisoner does something gray!!!


[ Ellie ]

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Days pass, yet I remember the day-

The day that is always in my mind, it’s here to stay.

A part of me, no, all of me in a hole, no sign of life;

A part of me gone, like my heart stabbed with knife.

Days come and go, that part is gone forever.

Sunrises and sunsets pass, that part is nowhere!


I have no friends, no one is part of me.

I want to share a lot and be always free.

To lose part of me is hard, it hurts;

Almost like losing a friend on earth.

I was there when a part of me took its last breath.

It was like losing a child to death!


Each day that passes, I still remember that day;

I can picture it in my head, it’s here to stay.

That special day which I always remember-

I lost part of me, it made my heart tender.

Till today I don’t want to see that piece;

That piece of me is gone, how can I have peace?


This poem is inspired by me falling in a hole and losing my calcaneus heel, which came out of my skin. I still have that piece that I lost that day. Now I have a piece of metal instead of my own heel in my foot…

[ Ellie ]

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To the sacrifice, here,

We made our youth with tear.

To the punishment, here,

For being uncouth, not dear!!


Uncouth, undisciplined, wild-

Growing up as a child.

You even became malicious,

Outrageous and vicious!


Wild, frantic, even did roar;

That you reached out for more;

And collected hatred and soar-

Then permanently closed up the door.


You locked it with hurt;

Then confessed your sins with alert!

You showed them your fire-

That burned you so very dire!


So here’s your world’s urge,

And the truth of your rage!

Here’s to your youth’s memory-

Of a past with youthful tragedy!!! …


[ Ellie ]


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Ellie belfiglio


As they danced round, your eyes smiled!

The mounds of a silhouette.

She is hungry… yet you tremble as you do;

Drinking of the essence of her core.


Hands exploring…

Her breasts creating…

Launching waves that radiates across.

At their end, sand castles…

Her fingers find the wetness,

As they disappear into the shoreline!

Her hands move up and down to find water line-

Stroking… Throbbing… Entwined, they merge.

A volcano ruptures, spurting…

Love flows slowly, glower, fairly….

Ever so deep down the heel-

Into the sea of being, engulfing…

The pounding now has less intensity-

Until the sea returns to the calm shore.


[ Ellie ]

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Yesterday was the Persian new year. The beginning of the new Iranian calender. Christians also used to celebrate New Year on the first day of spring; however Caesar changed New year to January first because March is the time of the farming and he didn’t want people to celebrate at the time of the farming. So he was the one that changed the Christen calender from first of spring to January first, in winter, that there was no farming was possible. Being depressed of not celebrating the Persian New Year anymore, receiving many phone calls congratulating me for the event, I wrote a poem this morning for my lost heritage!!!


It is the first day of spring-

Twentieth of March, how it does sting-

For it’s Persian New Year;

Which brings to my face tear!


Through sadness, appears-

the sorrow and tears.

I think about years-

I was there with my dears.


I’ll never know why-

I can’t forget when I said bye-

To all customs and “HAFT SEIN!”

Gifts exchanged and seen!


Now Christmas is my bliss.

new seeds I sow with peace.

Bliss and tears in silent-

At home with no celebration is spent.


The pain I feel-

For today is New Year, I must deal.

I remember the happy day-

Of Persian New Year, now gone away!!!


This picture is traditional”HAFT SIEN”, which means seven items that start with the letter S. Haft means seven and sein mean s!
[ Ellie ]

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