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When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…




I think of you as the rain play-

Upon the roof, beating out a calm gray.

A rhythm like a soft- tuned piano in dim-

“CASABLANCA” love scene, attention’s beam-

Drawn by the melody to an unheard music,

Louder than what I heard in the lyric.

The THUND’ ROUS roar of my heart-

Softer than dawn! To you, beauty is art.

With the gentle flick, you compose a wonder-

Of your heart, then repaint the sky with thunder.

Your smile, endearing, even the falling leaves-

To your favorite glance, this, it weaves;

That I can not but hunger and thirst for more!

I think of you and your smile that allure-

Softly inside, and hear your name, so pure-

In the wind with a sigh and lure!!! …


[ Ellie ]




Dear friends, I returned only a few hours ago from a trip that was both full of joy and sorrow. We all knew this was a good bye. My mother is in a very bad shape. In the last minute in the airport before separation, I took her scarves and wrapped around my neck. It smells of her. I will never wash this scarves so I can have her smell with me for the rest of my life.

Lots of cry, very few laughter, and a good bye that was so heart wrenching that words can not describe it.

The entire ten days, I had only a few hours sleep; nevertheless, I slept next to my mom in a same bed, first to be close to her and second to take care of her just in case. This way I gave my dad a little break. The young ones like my sons and nieces did some sight seeing and shopping but I never left her side and stayed in hotel the entire time. My father brought food for us in our room.

Hopefully when I feel a little better, I will begin posting my poems, perhaps more sorrowful than before.

I want to thank all my WordPress friends for their support and their empathetic comments.





Today is Valentine’s day! People all around the world, even in Muslim countries nowadays celebrate this day. Imagine that some extremist who kill other Muslims, christians and jews and they hate America and western world, celebrate Valentine day.

St. Valentine’s day began as a liturgical celebration of early Christian Saint named Valentine. St. Valentine of Rome States was imprisoned for performing wedding for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians. He was imprisoned under the Roman Empire. He healed the daughter of his jailer, Asterius. Before his execution, he wrote a letter to her signed, “your Valentine” as a farewell. The Roman executed him on AD 496.
He perhaps never thought that people in future are going to make a mass out of this beautiful Sainthood, who at the end lost his life.

Many boyfriends break up with their girlfriend so they don’t have to go through a lavish dinner and gift. I’ve seen and known couples that their life is in shamble, fighting, disagreeing, even hating each other, yet on this day, they pretend and exchange gift.I heard that average cost of this day for couples is about $500.00; not considering that some spend a lot more. We have commercialized this day and even Christmas.

Like Christmas, Easter, and many other special days, we have made a mess out of something so beautiful! These days have become about commercialization of stores.A saint, a man of God, who is in prison for a crime that that he has not committed. He is killed in prison. Now this day has become all about who spend what! Perhaps St. Valentine is turning in his grave, Think about it!!!

This is my two cents about Valentine’s day that I felt I must get it out of my chest. Now I can go and write my poetry…



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Not so far ago, not far ago at all,

Was the day I did fall.

A painted smile on my face, not true, as often do;

The mirror looked at me, I wondered if it was true.

What a smile, was it lie or true.

But it took away my fear.

I said, no one ever could get me near.

My heart had a look, not real, I saw that lie.

But nothing was beneath me, inside I could die.

I held on to mirror, like a prison cell;

I had no thought, my thought was in hell.

I yelled and yelled, my life was in my mind;

But I wanted my life to be present, not behind.

I could not understand if I am to blame.

Everything that was my life or in my name.

Now I want to close my eyes to see dawn again;

But I haven’t planned that far, what would I gain?

The angel said, “You, I’ll never leave!”

But I am drowning deep, she can’t believe.

If you ever remember me, you know me well;

Someone who tried hard, lived, on the day I fell…


[ Ellie ]


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Our mother, THE EARTH-

Is crying for giving us birth.

“Why must the greed destroy me?”

“Why must they close their eyes and not see.”

In their unfelt rage and pain-

I came for their need, but didn’t gain.


Your mother that gave you birth.

Without me, you are mo more.

Open your eyes, may be you soar;

And embrace your unfelt rage and pain.

I hold you with my arms of earth and remain;

And bathe you in my perfumed air;

And my energy come alive and flair.

Your heart without me-

You’re no more free.


That gave you birth…


[ Ellie ]


The pictures are from bing.com…