Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…

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I give you a rose and said we’re through.

Stood there watching, then walked away from you.

I ran home, a child, for sure, you would call.

Waited by phone on the hall wall.

At last the phone ranged. “I love you!”

Tears welling up in my eyes, “so sorry to break up with you.”

“Hello,” A man said: “Your mom I want.”

I heard the low sound of phone dropping, how daunt!

Smile left mom’s face, frown came to her forehead.

“I am sorry darling.” She said, “He’s dead!”

Flashbacks of memories ran through my head.

The man said: “There is a strange thing to verify!”

I stood frozen there and did cry.

He said: “In his hand, there is a rose!

“The mortician can’t open his hand, it’s close!”…


[ Ellie ]


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His shaky hand touches the wall-

Of the hospital in a silent night.

His mother wakes up by his call.

Her lifeless eyes search with fright.

“Stop the torture for you poor mother.” She says.

His humming brings a glow into the room.

Her old body fights her spirit to stay awake.

His mourning pierces her through in gloom.

She sees a stormy ocean, so rare.

“Sorry for the burden, sorry you don’t have a brother.” She says.

His feet suddenly slid when he climbs.

Rocks rain from the wall on the ground.

He sings sad odes with rhymes.

She breathes his song, hear his voice.

“Relief me son, let me shudder.” She says.

The still and silent night in hospital creeps.

A police car speeds on the highway.

Moonshine peeks through window and sweeps.

Her innocent eyes in her withered face sees gray.

“Sign the paper, I miss your father.” She says.


[ Ellie ]

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“FOUR As…”


AWAKENING murmured and cried.

No suitable reasons stayed by my side.

Feeling awful, awestruck, awkward,

The false, sweet dream I had was marred.

I saw normal people with their devotion.

I was a slave of my unruly emotion.

AWAKENING came at the dusk of my dream.

The inquisitive reality was the theme.

A dismal AWARENESS entered as a friend;

Opened my weary eyes to comprehend.

I became aware of my present and past;

And many other things that never last;

And what I had missed and lost;

With a great pain when I crossed-

A border of hatred and ambiguity in my soul.

Watching poor me in half, not whole.

Then I watched me in the mirror of glass;

Didn’t see anything but a world of mass.

Two eyes full of hatred in human face,

Shocked and fearful of that disgrace.

A blind, directionless anger, not feeling sorrow;

Damaged by dampness of never lasting tomorrow.

A universe of unreality, solitude, and fire;

A fatigued, angry soul prayed to retire!

A despairing frenzy I was in the wood;

An ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of what I understood.

Being delicate, fragile, and weak,

A painful ACKNOWLEDGEMENT as we speak-

Of the things in my life I didn’t get;

Like ice that sometimes sun doesn’t melt.

Now ACCEPTANCE is a solution to call;

Like a glow of colors in fall.




[ ElliE)…

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Pain is my fellow dreamer-

In the world of agony and gleam er.

Tears are my living water-

With all the mess in clutter.

Heart breaking is my everyday task-

Among people who all wear mask.

Disappointment Is something I know well-

In the jungle of creatures in my cell.


Betrayal! What can I say?

It always covers my sun ray.

Tolerance is not today’s culture;

My being begs for some rapture.

Rambling goes on everywhere.

I am losing hope for my share.

Agony is the story of my life.

How can I fight something rife???


[ Ellie ]





Storm rolled quietly that almost unnoticed went.

I don’t know why trees, storm didn’t bent.

Picking up the leaves of emotions, tossing them about;

I’ve taken by the beauty of skies with no doubt.

Not aware the devastation caused by storm,

I find me fortunate of solace of rain, not a norm!!!


[ Ellie ]


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I’ve seen sun pours on my body’s land.

I’ve seen dark clouds change their stand.

I’ve seen moon light brightens the night.

I’ve seen rain shower which is just right.

I’ve seen variant ideas cause friction.

I’ve seen revolution loses its conviction.

I’ve seen people who elaborate their belief;

And lose revolutionary wars to their grief.

I’ve seen many things, bad or good;

But I’ve never seen a nation so polarized in mood.

Blacks, Whites, Indians, Democrats, Republicans-

Have forgotten they’re all Americans.

Their clashing ideas collide with uproar.

They accuse others who came before.

Some hates Columbus, some despises Southern Flag-

Which they consider it worse than a rag.

Years past, dividing ideology made me fly;

I came to this nation of practicality to try-

And to become a CITIZEN, AN AMERICAN,

With little ideology and a clean plan…


[ Ellie ]


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