Ellie belfiglio

When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…




After posting many of my poems, I thought it is time you know a little about me.

This is my world, welcome!

First let me tell you about my name. It is a very long name. I don’t know what I was thinking! So I just use Ellie Belfiglio!

I am a professor, an immigrant, a poet, an author, and survival of many political and economical hardship. I’ve gotten my formal

education ( PhD )in my native land, Persia. I also have a MA in English which I obtained in America.


The picture above is a new picture! My daughter in law made it to look like what you see. I like it and use it a lot!

I am a proud U.S. Citizen and reside in Dallas, Texas. My autobiography, “THE RAIN STOPS IN TEXAS” was published in 1997 and still is available in Amazon.com. It is my first book that written in English language. In it I write about many things: Like how the parting from my family was the beginning of a friendship than the end of our Fridays!

I write about our flight in this book, like: Life, death, eternity which are simple matters for anyone who has faculties enough to comprehend them.

I write about: ” It is not my strength that needs nursing, it is my imagination that wants soothing.”

I write about:” One should absorb the color of life, but one should never remember its details. Details are boring.”

The memory of my flight and separation from my family has left such a deep scar on me that I constantly hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered nightmares.

I’ve written six novels, and a book of poetry. As Ernest Hemingway says, write about something you know, my novels are all fictions; however one can recognize the characters as people in my life. I manipulate their personalities and they become the

heroes of my books.Image

The first time I picked a pen to write, I was only ten years old. Now I realize how odd it is that I never learned the art of enjoying life until I picked up the art of writing. Now to end “A LITTLE ABOUT ME”, “If I disturb your thoughts, you influence mine.”

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“DO RETUEN” To Rocco, my beloved cat…

DO RETURN, without you the sky

Doesn’t open its clouds for cry.

It never exposes a flower’s branch

which wrote love letter with pang and wrench!

In it, told me to be patient, not in fire;

Didn’t know the dust on my heart’s desire;

Didn’t know the dust must go!

DO RETURN, without you I have no glow.

All windows are open, yet, there is no breeze.

Now, It is always waiting, nothing I can seize.

My broken heart shelters in your eyes, blue sea;

Not every heart learns to be free.

Sleep, you son of moon light;

Maybe you dream of some delight;

Or dream of the sunrise;

Not of the tears I shed for your demise;

Before the everlasting sleep took you to bridge of rainbow.

A velvety gown you wore, oh, my woe!

It’s shade reflected in your eye!

DO RETURN, Don’t ever say good bye!!!


Rocco died in my arms due to an incurable disease at very young age…Image



SOME WORDS ABOUT THIS POEM: The night before immigrating to America, I was left with no choice but burning all my writings from my early youth to that point of my life. You can find the story of this BURNING my poems in one of my published book, “THE RAIN STOPS IN TEXAS”. NOW ENJOY THE POEM…


Luminous, unreachable star~ Oblivious you are and far!

You permanently lie ~ On the roof of sky…

My world you see ~ Because you’re free!


In this silent night ~ You see me from that height.

You see my writing I burn ~To only get in return

A peace in my mind; ~ Before I couldn’t find!


Poems of love were among. ~ They were my secrets for long;

And my treasures for ever; ~ Strangers could read them never.

Your help I need, ~ For my soul to feed

Nourishment of your delight ~ In this dark night!


You can flawlessly decide ~ That I am crushing my pride.

I am leaving my ease ~ Which only pained my breeze!

Because I was naive, ~ Now I must grieve!

This is a better way ~ Not having listeners who betray!


My star, you well know ~ That my eyes are filled with woe.

Joy, thrill, and song ~ Died for his wrong.

My star, you can tell me ~ What will happen to my sanity?

My poems are gone. ~ I burned them with fun!


On my empty bed,~ Where I have suffered,

I finally retire; ~ Knowing my poems are in fire.

Where before I lay~ On those lines of dismay!

Now I am in rage ~ImageFor burning that long page!


Do you also know ~ That cruelty never go?

Earthly people sting ~ Hurt they bring!

You hide in sky; ~ Where you’re far and high!

For you despise ~ All earthly surprise!


Now I turn my face ~ From is or is not of this place;

For I burned my heart ~ By burning my art!

Those pages I miss ~ living in this abyss.

Cruelty of this crowd ~ Boils my blood!


My star, at night ~ You look like my tears of spite.

Upon roof of sky ~ You can’t hear my cry.

My star, open a door ~ For me to soar

To your eternal world ~ To your eternal world…

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Those three eagles who flew

To the cross and only in my eyes, slow;

And sink into puffy cloud

With disturbed thoughts, but loud!

Their sound like a lance

Traveled into horizon trance!

They all know

That I saw the garden glow.

From my cold, stern abyss,

They saw me plunk apples with bliss!

Everyone is afraid;

But I am joined with no dread

To water, sky, and light;

And I am not afraid of any plight!

The gossip is not about my look;

Or reading an old holy book!

The gossip is about my hair;

And the flowers flourishing from my air!

The color of my skin, nude.

My feeling have different mood.

I ask the jungle dark,

The wild sea of indifference and lark;

The pearl inside the seashell opens its lips, what a miracle!

The young eagles on the cross finally turn-

What is there I need to learn…

They all know

The dreams of the eagles have no woe.

In the garden I find the grace.

In the shy eyes of flowers, I see embrace!

The gossip is not of dark;

It is of day and spark;

And of open window, fresh air;

And of vain things by fire’s flare;

And of completion, pride, and birth;

And of discovering the light-

Into Christianity with delight!!!