When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…


This poem won the best poem of the year in 1999 by the Library of Congress…

When I lie down in the bed of dream,
I hear the melancholy, yet mellow tone of a bell.
The dawning day in my heart gleams.
The sound of awakening children knell.
They slowly and solely sing my sorrow.
A music, not, but harmonious verses of sad eyes.
Should my fire of life lasts till tomorrow,
I worship that fire which in my heart lies.
At night when skies lit by stars;
And I listen intensely to hear-
The war of planets which has left scars.
The fading music in my ears is so dear!

Years of tension have come, years of stone had gone.
And strangely for those years I long.
And lying on the bed of dream, I have none;
Neither tension, nor stone, what have I done wrong? …


{ Ellie]
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To see there is a spring on the other side…

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I turn the pages of book of life.

Every page has its own plight.

Now I am on the last chapter.

All other chapters look indifferent.

One day was about Youth’s memory.

One day was about dry leaves of fall.

One day was about blossoms of spring;

With a child’s lips like a bud-

Sucking the nipple of her mother’s breast.

One day was autumn not fall.

One day was green branches in tall trees;

Were climbing the green walls.

In the winter of life,

Searching for the black hair;

And brown eyes that once was filled with desire.

I decided that life span-

Is nothing is nothing but always missing;

And tears were the tongue-

To say of sorrow!

Things you could never write-

In the book of life.

Eyes filled with tears.

Realizing you can never fly-

The walls of life-

To see there is a spring on…

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In a cold winter night
A sleepwalker I was in dread;
Waging through a barren place-
Void of life, love and fire!


Felt the truth of my heart.
Watching my moves like spies.
My heart was a stone,
Voices whisper into my ears.
A crystallize in each stare!

Destiny was a chance,
I took in in my hand to look.
I was chained to a door-
Hatred in face, stared to blackness!


This sleepwalker’s blood-
Felt no danger in the blues;
Only obsession in that room!
My soul glanced to a mirror;
To passion in evil dome!

Crying, laughing, calling fire!
All around this sleepwalker of many nights!! …


[ Ellie ]
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Can you see that blind, innocent wave?
Falling in tramp like blackness,
Of the confused intimacy’s blues!

Touches that bruise!
Leaving a footprint on sands-
That never be wiped out by waves!

Taste the challenges of sunrise.
Wanting to fulfill one’s desire.
Leaving aside the ends.
Dominating thoughts of the waves!

Sounds that yell.
Intensity screams.
Penetrating the pores of sky.
Humidity becomes smoke!

The silhouette bares the touch.
The truth quells.
Scenery in loving, oh, my heart!

Past time of a lost heart-
Lays awake to see the dark;
Inside a bloodless soul!! …


[ Ellie ]
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Her coffee is getting cold. / Her eyes growing old.
Her smoke burns her eye, / As she is heard another lie!
The quickening pace is due. / The pain is turning blue.
She sits there with tears. / What the hell about all these years!

She has no clues, / Or self denial blues!

The girl is still very alone. / All her friends moan!
School days were blast, / Though today they are past.
Her heart bleeds her caring. / Her head says of her daring!
A fool as a child, / Needed a fix to keep her wild.


She has no clues, / Or self- deprivation blues!

She has no flame to kiss, / Of what was a sweet bliss.
Believing people have the chance / If they pray for romance.
But always help needed / For situations that are seeded.
Patience is no virtue, / With leaving with pain, so true.

She has no clues, / Or self withdrawal blues!

Her coffee’s gone dead. / Her eyes grown red.
Her smoke smolders low, / As she digest lie and woe.
Pain has quickened in pace. / Now it shows on her face.
She watches TV’s rerun, / And later she is done.

She has no clues, / Or self- inflicted blues!! …


[ Ellie ]
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“Who are you my eagle friend?”
So endearing in my eyes, I wonder and wander!
As you circle high and round over my head,
In your mysterious way, we will go to the end!

With the rhythm of your wings,
My heart beats violently.
Your sweet cry rings out in my ear.
Do I know you my feather bird?
But why can’t I quite recall?
Who are you? Seems I’ve forgotten your name!
It is on the edge of my mind,
That I recall!

“Are you calling someone in the middle of night?”
“Do you want me to join you in your soaring to cloud?”
Is it my spirit that you desire?
But I am drifting off to dream world!
I feel that your feather brush my cheek!
And we glide and glide, and fly and fly!! …

[ Ellie ]
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With love we’re born slow / Maternal in its glow!
So guided with passion show / What beneath I now bestow.
My hands sometimes pretend / Our generations transcend!
Evolving together with friend / In this time that we spend!

Each new dawn’s tale / Our children unveil.
Creation unfold detail / Upon our forebear’s trail!
Pass on future’s aid / One’s parentage laid.
Instilling vitality which stayed / Generation that we made!

Sedative will part with byes / Amidst life’s aging skies!
Progressing us so high / In one’s younger eye!
Sunset we witness serene / In this evolution kin.
Shall live eternal in the scene / In our hearts bred within!

The last of my elders stray / deceased to this day!
I rise with sky’s display / See their passage will convey.
Cherish my love with delight / I shall hold the night.
Enlightening youth and sight / In all its might!

Bare not these nights known / Only to me alone.
Embrace the sky of own / The one our family has grown!
My youth now matured in this brawl / within its call!
Now that is I after all / who is the eldest of all? …


[ Ellie ]
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