When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…



If I knew love’s depth,

I would know the unmeasurable sea…

If I knew our love is true,

I would know the sun is not a mist…

If I knew love’s core,

I would stop infinity! I give up…

If I knew love’s grace,

I would see a glimpse to eternity!! …



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There is a wall in front of me!

It blocks my passing!

Sitting beneath the wall,

I think:

“Have I reached my destination?”!! …



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Sands of hour glass spun!

Fast, faster, you run!

And when sands are gone,

And time, no more, none…

Is there dark plight?

Is there light?

Beyond my hour glass sight?

Lots of sand in glass,

Drop, yet not matter, relax…

Does it not? Let’s dance!

With little left of sand,

Now it matters to strand!

How I watch!

How I treasure! Not much!

Each speck that drops!! …



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When the world ends,

Can we make amends?

Where will we be?

You and me?

Before we meet fate,

Before it is too late,

Can we go to our old ways?

Before the end of our days!! …



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Oh, why can’t I do,

What I know is true?

Why can’t I invite,

That would guard my future right?

Why can’t I overcome pride?

Feeling blue inside…

Things that overflow my tide,

And reveal my foolish pride…

Why can’t I fake my fate,

And complete my task, not to be late?

Why can’t I live for now,

And to no one ever bow?

Why can’t I accept the truth,

And hope for a better fruit?

Why can’t I seek the day,

Instead of hiding away?

Why can’t I conquer many foe,

And stop my weary eye to overflow?

Is it because I have no glow-

A purpose for my woe? !! …



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I collapse-

On your open arms!

Moon pierces;

And spills into your sealed eyes…

… A single white sheet-

Lay buried,

Beneath the bed’s wooden frame!

A curled husk…

… My hand raised, they sing-

Of a fading crimson sky,

While we melt into white!




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Why don’t you accept totally,

The monument of joy around you?

Use your eyes only!

Taste the colors and shapes!

Is the sky blue or aqua?

TASTE: Night…


The mountain, is it green,

Brown or black?

… TASTE: Winter…


The ocean, is it restless,

And jovial?

… TASTE: Frozen…


The small child, innocent,

Immature! Growing…

… TASTE: Decendent…


Man and woman, essence of life!

… TASTE: You and I !! …



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