When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…



SLASH! Congratulation, your end is here at last!!!

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Open your eyes;

See the blue skies!

You see a crystal, beaded sky-

Or a raging sea up high!

In the horizon above-

Do you see hate or love?

Beneath the deep sea-

You see a corpse resembling me!

If it is the sky,

Do you ask why?

If it is the sea,

Do you think how could this be?

Questions we ask-

When pondering the task.

Just before it’s done-

Ask, was your life fun?

For one minute go to your past;

A second later make a contrast.

SLASH! Congratulation, your end is here at last!!!


[ Ellie ]

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Skies of orange and purple hue,

Soon gives way to higher blue.

Bright red disk that rules on high,

Now to yellow, it starts to rise…

… Stars soon leave the twilight skies,

Where the darkness once ruled, but no longer tries.

Flowers spring open to greet new light,

While birds sing merrily, to nature delight…

… Soft air brushes the grass of field,

Coming softly, while cool winds wield.

All in a moment these things I’ve seen,

Only to waken from my dream…

… This day started, yet too soon ends.

But for those who have watched, a new day begins.

This is the time that we call Dawn,

So night skies yield, and darkness gone!! …



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A lifetime of following footsteps!

Some antediluvian!

Impossible to decipher.

Old socks forming torturous channels;

Cotton footprints!

A circular tour of my esophagus and my duodenum.

A lifetime of fitting what can not be fitted!


Yours and theirs!! …



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It is very incorrigible to describe by name,

Where the fire is without seeing a flame.

SHE is abstruse for him to understand.

SHE is in love with the wit, the idea, the feckless man…

… He is so gleeful to be loved, but unsure why!

Is it too soon for either one to cry?

Should he be happy, scared, sad?

He is not sure it is good or bad…

… SHE knows What SHE feels and seems set;

But the squirms and continues to  fret!

Does he want her or is he unsure?

Is it love or is it something impure? …

… Why does SHE seem so at ease?

And he feels like liquid in a deep freeze!

Could it be SHE knows already,

That he normally is pretty steady? …

… May be SHE is not that sure right now.

But he feels that he doesn’t know how!

He will tell her all someday;

What he was doing when SHE went away!! …



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SEPTEMBER! I never knew it would be this way;
Without Friday’s crowd, endless, so lonely!!

Originally posted on Ellie Belfiglio:

Friday crowd in this poem means, the gathering I had with my parents and siblings on each Friday at my parents’ home when I was back in the country of my birth. They still have that Friday Gathering without me. I feel so lonely here…


How is it when I laugh, so guilty I feel?
For a moment others laughter, I hate.
I remember my eyes’ tears.
How can I accept the absence, this beast?
Silence of this tranquility;
Agony of conjuring up this contradiction…

SEPTEMBER! I never knew it would be this way;
Without Friday’s crowd, endless sadness, so lonely!!

Wherever I look,
Wild flowers, smell of autumn air, sound of water;
Flowing over rocks, the mournful sound.
Things, small or big, noticed or unnoticed.
Such humility, such poignancy death brings;
How defenseless! the death of your heart!
Have I noticed SEPTEMBER morning rays?
Or SEPTEMBER sun, never was…

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I remember once a long time ago,
On a motionless rock I sat and glow.

Originally posted on Ellie Belfiglio:


I remember once a long time ago,

On a motionless rock I sat and glow.

It was total sunlight in that gentle place.

The warmth was delicious on my face.

There was no noise, all was silent murmur!

No agony, no separation, no despair.

I couldn’t hear any of my foes.

It was voiceless air, now my cup overflows…

… The grass was cool when on it I lay.

There was gentle breeze on the way.

I felt content every hour.

In blueness or cloud, I wanted to soar.

Rain or shine, underneath that sky,

My childhood moments was passing by!

Not being aware to cherish that life;

If I had known how it was rife.

If I had known one day it would end,

It world become only a glimpse of old friend…

… Ah, how special was always the moon!

How I smiled often to that tune!


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Welcome to the world of rhyme, touch the clocks of ticking time.

Whiplash wind in circled mass, colored wheat field made of grass.

Rippling rain in moon delight, sweetness comes within the night.

Van Gogh’s starry night up high, dripping thread of white to tie.

Wanting her through tall dark trees, covered brush in kneeling knees.

Dance with fire, night ablaze, wanting him to touch the rays.

Darkened passion, fits of flame, darling, he has called her name.

Dark black hair that fondles waist, drape of fury that is his to taste.

Moon lash droplets, shadows sigh, reading love poems to make her cry.

Nymph in silk and angel dust, Darling cried in fits she must.

Angel shrieking wild pain, touch her fury, drives her insane.

Laughter in rainforest air, endless whirl without a care.

Tent flaps shaking, canvas wide, feel the love from inside.

Dance in flame with satin white, Sanctify crime in the night.

Sparkle more her dreamy eyes, shatter forth his moral ties.

Drown in mad moon sky above, read her love poems and make her love.

Palm branch hanging on the rose, how it ended, no one knows!! …

gypsy den tent


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