When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…



A cry, a moan, I hear out yonder.

The plea of my soul, cold out wonder.

If I’ll be there, I shout out thunder;

But where is she, my despair in slumber…


Rumbling, shoring out yonder!

A fight of weakness, to be free and wonder.

If I’ll be there, I shout out thunder;

But she is gone, I despair in wonder…


Hearing a voice, her sound out yonder.

It is for her to stay asunder.

If I’ll be there, I shout out thunder.

Where is she? I muse and ponder!


Voice returns, I can’t fathom yonder.

It’s a voice of a child screaming thunder!

A voice of grief, pain, wonder-

That chills my soul, beats my heart asunder!


God, tell me why women suffer yonder?

It is not from greed, blindness, but thunder!! …



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On the rooftop falls sheet of rain;

And the sound of wind in my brain!

Restlessly counting my gene-

Of where I’m going, where I’ve been…


Slowly forward the clock moves in scene,

As if wants the dawn to win!

Thoughts of phantom demean-

Of where I’m going, where I’ve been…


Memories work yet remain;

And sleep eludes again!

As I muse life’s routine-

Of where I’m going, where I’ve been!! …



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I lie awake thinking of peace;

To capture its essence is unreal.

Yet it is all I live for.

The poetry within me seeps through my every-


The muse is my destruction.

My dreams are my fetters.

Escape seems endlessly-


When I close my eyes,

The light once illuminating-

Fades away and disappears!! …



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Life is a risk.

To try is to risk failure.

To reach out is to risk involvement.

To love is to risk not being loved in return.

To be honest is to risk showing your true self.

To be an individual is to risk standing out.

To learn is to risk wisdom.

The greatest risk is to risk nothing-

For the human with nothing to lose, has nothing to gain!! …



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Originally posted on Ellie Belfiglio:


Clouds nowadays encompass the world.

Their filmy pearl hair are wildly unfurled!

They float on a rotating silken sea;

Balmy as a blowing sheet could be!

So smooth, so unchurned, like a pitcher of milk;

Their textures as fire, as woven silk!

     Was this my dream of color and light?

     See! Nothing shines brighter than a cloud of white!! …


[ Ellie ]

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We kneel in a forest glade

Trees cathedral above us

And the sun flows prismatically through leaves

All our ancestors are open to our mind

The earth, the sky spinning

The connection to everything

All the dancing creatures of our Home

So commanding, so moving, so powerful

Yet we feel this lightly, like the touch of a spider

Or the breath of a lover

A true communion,

A melding souls into the swirling of life…

… You sing to me

“PEACE”,  from our log

Pew! In the prayer,

I don’t even say

“AMEN”!! …


Originally posted on Ellie Belfiglio:


How is it to walk through  the everlasting waves of pain?

How is it to cry for the vanished power to live?

Not wanting to take this tempest soul back to grave;

For the burning blast comes from the cosmic!


In the heat of summer, climatic soul burns;

Like that of human flesh in far places!

Would you know then who you are?

Would you know then where you go?


When you speak to me, forever be true!

Do angels or demons rip your soul?

There is no naked thought left in you,

When your soul endures to give you the last test!


As body shakes not, and mind quivers,

Crying in vain for love lost, life wasted!

Awaiting hell that you glimpse;

Knowing the soul has closed the last book!! …


[ Ellie ]

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