When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…



crashing waves-

My getaway raves!

Deep blue sea-

Green seaweed like a tree.

My world of underground-

Holding treasures around.

As I walk on the sand,

Feeling to escape, but I stand.

Pulling at my legs, the wave,

Wants to play, but I am not brave.

In my thoughts, the tide roll,

It is me and my soul.

The currents shift-

To the bottom, me, they lift,

To a dark pool of hope!

yet, I am not taught to cope!! …



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Lonely eyes

Make believe cries

Come to me

Happiness of sanity

Never you…

Never true…

Never hope…

How to cope?

Look at you

You look through

Leave away

Not much to say

Another time

Another rhyme

Some other face

She knows her place

Never you- never me

Just remember me!!…



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In the arms of the wind’s dream-
I was rocked to sleep beneath moon’s white beam.
A friendly ghost from a time long past-
Whispered, sighed, its grace she cast!

Shadows played below moonbeam;
Chased by the restless wind in their gleam.
Little lullaby, a lovely song;
Kept its meaning nice and strong…

Yearning, things yet unseen-
Sang to me so serene.
Whispered fragments of old broken shield;
Rode on the strange, haunting field…

Lured from my sleep, I danced with greed;
Entranced by music and light indeed.
Then suddenly I knew my aim;
The likeness of night and flame!

She winked and smiled beneath the cloud.
Her song grew soft, not aloud.
Her secret was discovered, she floated away,
At the shimmering, faint touch of gray…


~ Ellie ~
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Warrior Woman Silhouette

How did I enter this war?

Is it not enough I’ve lived this far?

Is my struggle always in vain?

Each generation feels my pain.

Each statement I say must be validated.

Are my words so complicated?

I guess it is because of pitch of my voice-

Or my inclination is a different choice.

The shade of my skin, when you see,

Do you believe it’s not me?

As the wind, will justice allude me?

Or will it come Armageddon’s dree?

Who and what am I? Do you not know?

I am a female, a human, now let me go!! …



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My eyes have been the struggle on my face.

Of one so young, innocent of trace.

Depth of soul mirrored through their eyes!

The yearning, the longing, the bewildered sighs!

So young and precious, challenges they face;

Yet their hearts sing with music of grace.

Their souls shine aglow.

They’re uplifted to height of their grow…

A high filled hope and desire.

Each day is soared and held to inspire-

In the palm of their hands,

With such embarrassment brings forth and expands.


The brightness away to future, now new light,

As each passage clears the night.

The warmth that circles and touches their very being-

engulf into flames that flicker and sing.

The screech of laughter, the gleams-

Echo their enchantment, it seems;

Because will bring new triumphs and hope.

The clouds that threaten to damper with rope-

Are mystified by serenity’s rain-shower.

The peace and tranquility bestowed , but not cover-

Upon them to cope-

In the name of hope!! …



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Ignorance is bliss!

That is what they say.

In what way and where this statement did originate?

To what degree does it influence fate?

So let’s speculate the words “IGNORANCE AND BLISS”!

If we don’t know something, we are better off!

If we know, are we better off?

What information is amiss?

Again let’s defines this word “Bliss”!

“Ecstasy of Salvation, spiritual joy.”

But to what degree this extreme does employ?

Unaware or uninformed without knowledge.

Synonym with Ignorant, illiterate, untaught;

With the single word, “Oblivious”?


Out of birth canal, we’re blind, deaf and dumb.

Then deeply embedded through eons of time.

Indelibly imprinted on the DNA in our minds.

Without knowledge some fruits are content-


To those amiss, hum-m-n-n;

Does this mean that “ignorance is bliss?”

Oblivious means that something is amiss.

To be aware knowing the knowledge of choice.

To be able to evade pain is bliss!

To not be informed of choice is ignorance!

To be able to evade the pain of choice is bliss!! …



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Congealed autumn air in a sunken park.

Silhouettes emerge under a silent specked sky!

… Cigarette smoke and rebel youth soul

Searching for inspiration they assemble.

Birthing profound redundancies…

Hatched of the Night HE emerges…

Tangled mass over glazed eyes!

Intoxicated with knowledge!

HE is SAGE of the dew-kissed grass…


Ceded kindness beckons a visit from an

Unwanted stranger!

Feeling fear replaced by melody of wisdom.

Slurred verses from Cather in the Rye,

Intimate words seduce the soul…

“All killers know poetry!”

Then let us fall victim.

Thriving on each drunken revelation,

Share your fancies- Ignite our dreams…

Out of one shadow and into another,

The phantom is gone, but the spirit remains!! …



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