When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…



WITH VOICELESS MOUTH, in this dusky night!!!!

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Night and silent fiction,

Full and gloomy with abstraction.

Miles of skies and forever alive,

Somber and thick, always thrive!

The growing man, the aging woman-

The weary lives, minds full of plan,

Big empty homes, roads with frost,

Sunset that fades, dawn we can’t trust.

Sky so eternal, but sometimes full of offense-

Showing aging woman nothing but suspense.

Youth that had flamed like a wild thing;

It had bloomed like a rose of spring.

The wasteful youth, its harsh blow,

Or wild desire, with color like rainbow!

Now I hum, I hum with fright-

With voiceless mouth, in this dusky night!!!!


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Heavy Downpour

My world has become waiting and to nowhere going.
FOR the rain tumbling down and not slowing.
FOR breeze softly blowing,
FOR my face caressed and glowing.
For flowers in the garden growing!


FOR me to float away in search of knowing.
FOR thoughts of yesterday come and floating.
FOR all my aspirations are fulfilled, not slowing.
FOR my world is complacent land and glowing!
FOR evermore I flee to be myself in this showing!! …


- Ellie _
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ALWAYS AWAKE, how moon is full and bright!
ALWAYS AWAKE, How thrilling is the chorus of night.
ALWAYS AWAKE, hear the song of my sister’s praise.
ALWAYS AWAKE, watch the warning of my brother’s blaze!
ALWAYS AWAKE, joining in everyone’s crying song.
ALWAYS AWAKE, I hear, yet never forget all that is wrong!
ALWAYS AWAKE, you may say a word of years;
ALWAYS AWAKE, no one left to watch my tears.
ALWAYS AWAKE, music are made for my ears.
ALWAYS AWAKE, they let it be heard for years.
ALWAYS AWAKE, the reason to be heard is to survive.
ALWAYS AWAKE, can I go on like this while drive?
ALWAYS AWAKE, the time has come to a halting end!
ALWAYS AWAKE, I can even see the end of the bend!

CAN I SLEEP, help to save someone being awake?
CAN I SLEEP, so deep, real deep, with no break!! …


- Ellie -
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How can you alter your balance;

And soar on the wind?

How can you abandon your mind;

The soulless, searching mind?

Riding and falling-

Swirling, calling out;

Reaching for completion!

Aimlessly wondering-

Like a feather…

Finally float to the Ground;

And hit ROCK BOTTOM!! …


How can you swim the sea of impossibility?

Isn’t that discouraging;

Even for strong- heart?

Everyone must succumb-

To their desires!

When the world rots its seams;

When the world returns to dust!

You know nothing-


Can be destroyed!! …



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As the wind caresses my face,
As the gentle whispers in a sacred life,
As the never ending sea stays around,
As it rolls softly upon the sea!

At times, sands appear light years away.
At times, untold stories have so much to tell.
At times, with all memories of yesterday,
At times, to be fresh and alive, stay forever!

So happy, a child’s laughter fills the air.
So happy, knowing no pain, no care.
So happy, to be with you with no woe.
So happy, bring me back my childhood of years gone!

To hear the sea and its thrill.
To hear how I ran over the sands.
To hear how constant was my past.
To hear how childhood was so fun!

At times, there is no guarantee of seeing the shore.
At times, the sound of sea comes to my ears!! …


- Ellie -
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To the rhythms sounding sweetly at dawn-
I awaken, dance lightly and resolutely!
All songs of dawn I hear and take them to my heart!

I listen to morning music, the tempos fall and rise!
I sing along, joyously, despise, no!
Renewed, energized by all!

I sing arias, cantatas, adagios, I must.
I join other voices who sing.
We’re all in harmony’s thrall with no envy!


Poignant melodies calm me gently into evening.
I lay me down in bed for sleep.
The music I hear cradle me to eternity!

Teacher shows his face, music dims, I am in daze.
I touch his hand, see his face, my raise, I utter.
His great symphony was played for me all these evenings!! …


- Ellie -
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Originally posted on Ellie Belfiglio:


My eyes have seen the struggle on faces-

Of one so young, innocent with traces.

Depth of soul mirrored through their eyes;

The yearning, the longing, the bewildered sighs.

So young and precious, challenges they face;

Yet their hearts sing with music of grace.

Their hearts shine aglow.

They’re uplifted to height of their grow.

A high filled hope and desire.

Each day is soared and held to inspire..

In the palm of their hands-

With such embarrassment brings forth and expands.

The brightness, away! To future, now! New light-

As each passage clears the night.

The warmth that circles and touches their very being-

Engulf into flames that flicker and sing.

The screech of laughter, the gleams-

Echo their enchantment, it seems.

Because will bring new triumphs and hope;

The clouds that threaten to damper with a rope-

Are mystified by serenity’s rain shower-

Peace and tranquility bestowed, but…

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