When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…


Originally posted on Ellie Belfiglio:


Waves crash softly against the shore.
A seagull screeches as he dives.
Behind a distant mountain, the sun slowly setting.
The sky turns to passion red.
Walking, walking along the length of beach.
Sands squish between my toes with every step.
Evening air-
Ocean’s gentle breeze…
I feel goosebumps up my spine.
What if someone is with me-
For stealing a kiss.
When waves crash against my ankles,
They stand locked in a passionate kiss!
No troubles,
No worries,
No cares for life,
for being alone!! …

toes in sand

~ Ellie ~
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Originally posted on Ellie Belfiglio:


In a field I stood, where dandelions glistened.
I felt the warmth that summer wind blew.
Clouds had different billowy shapes;
While lily pads in willowy water shone.
A buzzing bumble bee could not fly.
A girl danced amid shimmering trees.
A shimmering soul she was with flaxen hair.
Once she was a broken Vessel, now she was whole.
She was mended, now danced in the breezy air.
Gold sunlight, she gazed at, her journey began.
It was the loss of innocence that she mostly missed.

Now I weep for her leaving!
I also weep for me and my dread.
I am off to the sunset!
She dances… Dances, free and light!! …


~ Ellie ~
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Darkness forever!

Sea, so endless!

Against the sun, THE SILHOUETTES!

Her majestic beauty, beneath!

Night will come with love.

Time and day wash away.

Feel the ambiance!


Stars sing a song-

For me, as I belong;

Running to their stage!

An endless dream, can I stay?


Closing my eyes, opening my heart-

In the night!

Walk with me, hold my hand;

Souls never part!


Words I seek, softly utter!

And I always follow you.

An endless tide, be by my side!

And dreams of living come true!! …



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OPTICAL ILLUSION, or is it delusion?
Pattern so infinite, a false conclusion!
Perception so selective, no exception!
I see nothing and believe deception…

My temples in fire, pounding like flames.
Eyes lose focus, ears hear hurricanes!
Nerve slight, dense, transmitting pain.
Would it be over soon, the pain is exhausting?

OPTICAL ILLUSION, or is it delusion?
Pattern so infinite, a false conclusion!
New sense of pain and frustration!
Resistance’s mental, ahhh, the isolation!!

Swirling pattern of illusion,
Streaming colors in my head!
Angry red, longingly white, sanity hangs on a thread!

Flashing, flashing, lightening, all fly!
Behind my eyes, pressure, ahhhh, the pressure…

OPTICAL ILLUSION, or is it delusion?
Pattern so infinite, a false conclusion!
Charade of light and shade, perpetual!
A ghost in layers of brain,
Behind eyes,
Into ears!
Fire pounding!


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So amazed! A lily cling to the shear!

Looking out over horse tailed surf, slide to cliff.

Driven by the wind strikes, the light drizzles.

Watching the clouds race by, a young woman’s face!

Her weary eyes, droplet soothe as rivulets of tears;

In reddened eyes, find their source.

A lonely place, this always be!

A place where a young woman could care;

By the wildness of nature, to sit surrounded,

To dream of what future lies beyond the horizon-

Of what have been, to dream!

She left instinctively that absent friend!

A place where she felt, wasn’t really gone!

Soaring with clouds, forever spirits!

Surf and bejeweled, an intrinsic part of wind;

Dewdrops on the harsh spines of the DYING GRASS!! …



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Originally posted on Ellie Belfiglio:


Pain screams.
It aches!
Hate gracefully breaks!
Wails, claws into flesh!
Tearing skin with its nails.
People wail,
Seeing their flesh aches.
Falls and breaks!
But ignoring the aches!
A silver of severed skin-
Slips, I’ve seen it silently-
To the soft ground it falls;
Then amazes with aches;
Explodes around!
And not found, Ah-
Till death finds the aches!! …


[ Ellie ]
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Originally posted on Ellie Belfiglio:


If I knew love’s depth,
I would feel the unmeasurable sea…
If I knew our love is true,
I would know the sun is not mist…
If I knew the love’s core,
I would stop infinity, I give up…
If I knew love’s grace,
I would see a glimpse of eternity!! …


[ Ellie ]
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