When I hear this sound that awakens me, intimidating its way into my cloistered night, I write…


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The color of dusk wraps around sun.

A lonely tree in the vast lawn-

           Craves water and finds none.

From the gloomy sky, flees light-

Towards the far horizon with spite.

           Rain of light pours from red tulip of night.

The gray night opens its wing-

To carry life on its ring.

           Wild winds run and swing.

To a silent humming, cities retire-

On the roof of night, stars inspire.

           The wine of moon light, I desire.

It is midnight and cloud in vast sky-

Abuse the moon with its threat and sigh.

          And the old crow mocks beautiful butterfly.

In the bosom of this night, I get a surprise.

The glow of your eyes becomes a prize,

           Like sun of tomorrow that I never despise…


[ Ellie ]


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Originally posted on Ellie Belfiglio:


That monstrous evil, that unjust fear, the dying;

That daring love, more fearless than a reason.

Pouring rain frightens the earth, oh, that crying!

But stone delightfully smiles in that rainy season.


Why can’t we find the stars at night?

Why only a seaman see where they lead?

for us, stars are beauty and delight.

To them, are study, life, and deed.


In daybreak, the sun brings tears with its fire.

It carries an honorable, glowing redness on its wing.

At dark fall, our souls long a desire-

When the stars smile like a king.


Each person’s life comes with poison and benediction.

I can drink the poison if the person is a friend;

And I only taste the sweetness, abstraction;

A clear taste of sun and stars to the end…


[ Ellie ]


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I broke the chains today;

And stood under rain!

The only thing I saw,

That I was naked,

And rain was wet;

Just like me!!!


[ Ellie ]

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Do I rest amongst flowers and stars;

Or in a big square?

Where my first memory of growing up-

Is buried!

Each night, instead of stars and moon-

The words that storm has scattered-

Fly out in my wandering soul.

The moonlight gives light to the words!

But the words are in a prison cage!

Calm never finds them in living!

They never be released from prison cage…





I must take a journey through a revolving door.

It’s a journey I detest and abhor!

Seeing a dervish’s spinning trap;

For a fool like me that takes crap!


I journeyed over rough terrains;

And crossed countries on decrepit trains!

Did I blithely step into a source-

Of eerie meteors on my coarse?

With fear, now I must declare,

When I see revolving doors, I won’t be there…


[ Ellie ]

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Is it some way to put smile on your face?

Not competition, nor rhyme, not even a race!

          Is it a GUESSING GAME? Is your battle can be win?

          Not a prize! That is mine with all my sin!

I have a secret admirer, can’t you see?

Not if you guess well on nights that I am free!

          Will I fulfill everyone’s needs, wants, desires?

          But when I hear the crescendo at the top of spires!

Can you guess my name, then come to my door?

Not leaving me a note, or I’ll be free more!

          So you must choose well and chose fast!

          Not that I wish this prize to last and last!

Do I want whatever I want, and you receive?

Not if I am sincere, do believe!

          … Do I bid then my last farewell?

          Not until that SPECIAL NIGHT, no one can tell!!!


[ Ellie ]

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Originally posted on Ellie Belfiglio:

Again, the dawn awakes!

Again, the moon greets sun!

Casting reflection of admiration~

Upon the rain and wind.

The water knows exactly _

Where a river meets the sea.

The currents always knows~

How to soothe the throbbing shore!

When night comes, it always whispers.

Whispers gently to stars…

The WILLOWwill ride on the breast of wind!!!


How is it with me,

That I can’t find my own way??

My shadow never dances in the sea;

I’ve never had the strength~

To soothe my own shore!

Throughout all my journeys,

Even stars dare not to whisper!

I’ve gone from night to day, day to dark, to light, to night again;

How come I’ve never met the dawn??


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